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    Vortices or vortexes appear in nature in many forms. A vortex can be described as a swirling mass around a center point.

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    Many different types of vortexes are claimed to exist. From paranormal portals that act as doorways to the afterlife (or other dimensions), to spiritual spots near the convergence of ley lines.

20 March 2017

One day I was walking by myself in a very peaceful local bushland park and a funnel shaped vortex began to form at above Australian gumtree height and to then descend from above me. I watched it without fear, but amazed. Then a second one began to form alongside it and to also descend. As I watched them a woman appeared to my left and I turned away from the cloud funnels and said to her "can you see those cloud tunnels ?" and she replied totally unruffled "sometimes that happens". I turned to look at her and when I looked back at the funnels they had disappeared. I recall, feeling as though the first funnel had tried to communicate with me and I felt that I was asked if I wanted to go into the tunnel. At the time I did not remember that communication and I felt that the women was a somehow present so that I would forget the experience. I also felt that because I had turned away from the funnels, somehow I had offended whatever was trying to communicate with me when I broke communication. I have never seen her or the cloud tunnels again. I want to emphasise that they were enormous and several meters long. The interesting thing is at the time I had just had a recent heart attack (followed by three more) and am the parent of four children. When I tried to focus on the experience it was very difficult to concentrate on it as though some way the woman's presence was meant to block the memory. I do recall communicating to the cloud funnel that I couldn't go "because of the children". As a result of my first very bad heart attack I had and recalled a near death experience, that I only remembered many months later. During the heart attack experience I remembered being healed by some type of light beings and therefore avoiding death. I remembered that event only because the memory was triggered by something someone said. I feel very strongly that the two events are very strongly linked. I have tried to find if anyone else has had this type of experience as it has been very baffling to me. I hope someone else can help shed light on this for me. Thanking you kindly. Debbie

18 March 2017

ive seen sight strange lights at mountain lake on orca island, washington state i couldnt explain it.

13 March 2017

Our property may have a vortex/port hole (?) Very weird property. Strong energy, The wind will blow around this area, you can step into the center, no wind, step out there wind. We set up trail cam facing the house, we had a picture that makes no sense, its square over lapping a square with bright light it does touch top of house nor bottom of ground. We see lights, orbs, white and color's. Not sure whats really going on here. But its weird. sincerely, Donna

11 March 2017

I believe that my community is a vortex. Brusly, La - Leslie

Hi Leslie, why do you think your community is a vortex?

09 March 2017

I live in south Baltimore, Maryland in a rowhouse built in 1890's. I have had a significant amount of electrical interference in my home... too many, too clustered to explain. Cell phone, computer and mice, cable, furnance, power outage. I felt drained. My cat stares into corners and my dog would yelp and jump off the floor. I reached out to spriritrelease.com and they detected a paranormal, negative energy vortex near my house. They were unable to close it so instead screened it and created a positive vortex to attract the spirits.

However, the ley lines around my house penetrate one of the corners. A dark, negative energy, a "shadow" is attached to the ley line and cannot be removed. It drains energy and lowers frequency vibrations. I am attempting to use crystals to bend the ley line so it does not penetrate and to increase my vibrations so I am not so susceptible.

I've attached a picture from my phone before entities shut it down the day I went to my first medium and a ghost and dark entitiy attached to me were cleansed. After the cleansing, I had a vision of Christ and an angel. After the cleansing, we realized that elements, now we know from the vortex, were in my house. They did not live in my house but rather came from the ground. Our belief is that the images on the phone are some of the elements.

I also attached a photo with a purple haze above the light but it could be the way the light hit the camera. My house was cleansed a second time the following day. Crazy times! Donna

Hi Donna, we did not receive any photos with your submission. Please resend.

05 March 2017

Possible vortex in Calif Monterey Bay?? I know very little about this sort of thing. However I thought I would ask if anyone has reported a vortex in the Monterey Bay Area in California. I started doing a little research after some experiences and there really isn't anything to explain it. It is a little difficult to describe so that could be why as well.

I live here between Monterey and Santa Cruz and visit the shore frequently. Lately I have become aware of strong energy when I'm on the shore of the Monterey Bay. Several times recently my cell phone has malfunctioned. At first I thought it was my phone. But then I started noticing a pattern that it would work fine as soon as I'm away from the beach. Cell service is usually spotty along the coast for some reason but this had nothing to do with signal.

First, it happened in Moss Landing. The second time was at Point Pinos Beach in Pacific Grove, the area of beach in front of the lighthouse. This time my husband was with me and complained of the same issues with his cell phone, though he has never had issues before. Our phones suddenly gave an error that the battery is drained and shut down. However the batteries were not dead. The phones just simply did not want to stay on. My phone malfunctioned so severely that it reset my preferences when I continued to keep trying to get it to stay on. As soon as we left the beach, both our phones worked properly again with no glitches and have worked fine since. The fact that it was both our phones is what got my attention and got me thinking about the energy in these areas.

Other than the phones I have to say that there is an energy that seems to draw me to both these spots. I thought it was just the shore agreeing with me and the positive ions but am wondering if it is more than that. I do know there is a lot of history on those shores. I'm curious if anyone else has reported such things or if it is a possibility the energy is different in these areas. Thanks! Amy

We have received many reports about Monterey Bay in the past but nothing specific and nothing like what you described. I placed your suggestion on the vortex map so maybe others might share their experiences there. Thank you! Monterey Bay Vortex

28 February 2017

Ponce De Leon Hot Springs near Taos, New Mexico. I went here in the summer of 2016. It is located on Native American land. The energy is very tranquil, and my fiance and I sat in the hot springs for over an hour in a trance like state. Tracy

Taos New Mexico Vortex

27 February 2017

Hi, I worked at a place at Forest Lakes Shopping Centre in Thornlie Western Australia. The place was full of black crows and tiny little tornados always blowing leaves in circles. Time and Space warped and shapeshifted there, and I read later on that this is also what the crow symbolises. Felt like spinning in a whirlpool or swimming in a current like no effort of getting out or changing anything brought me anywhere, there was no ground or sense of up down or location of self. - Christine

21 February 2017

Hello and thank you for the site. Is there a way to find the exact location of the Hawk Mountain vortex. I'm thinking of riding up there this weekend. Thank you Dan

Hi Dan, we do not have a vortex center registered with us, but you can find GPS coordinates to sacred and paranormal locations on the Hawk Mountain Vortex page

17 February 2017

We own two rental cabins in the Smoky Mountains, 3 miles from the National Park: Owl's Hoot Chalet and Hideaway on the Creek. Both are in a small mountain hollow (small valley) that was once a sacred meeting place for the Cherokee Indians, before they were forced out. Our mountain hollow (Black Mash Hollow Rd in Townsend, TN) has been recognized by many people (shamans, psychics, artists, and ordinary guests) as a special place of healing and reconnecting with nature. My husband and I just returned from Sedona, Az, where we hiked to 5 different vortexes. We know the feeling of vibration and have always felt it in Black Mash Hollow. (Sorry but the vortex area is not accessible to the public; it is on private land, available to our guests.)

16 February 2017

Are there any lay lines or vortexes around Saint Augustine Florida?

I found information about an intersection of ley lines in St. Augustine and claims of vortexes and paranormal activity. Thank you!

13 February 2017

UFOS at Colle de Vence south east France - Thierry

06 February 2017

There is a paranormal vortex or portal in my home. You can see from the ley line map it goes through the town I live in. I am daily encountering the paranormal. It ranges from possible ghosts asking for help or just visitations, but there is something else, not one, but many, I do not think they are human. I was able to physically touch one, it reminded me of a reptile. But I have never seen them, only felt them upon my skin, on my bed. They have spoken three times in the last two years this has been happening. - Scott

03 February 2017

Where can I find the vortex in Joshua tree national park? Linda

We do not have an exact location. Here is a link to the spiritual center there. Some people say the vortex is there.

28 January 2017

Hi and thanks for being here. I and my husband have discovered very strange collection of boulders in circle with one in particular stone reading that this area was originally named DIANA for 3 yrs than name changed to current in the early 1800's. We have taken pictures and would very much like to communicate with anyone in our area interested in ley lines and such. We are in Birmingham Alabama.



Vortex at Mesa Verde National Park - I found your information while researching what I captured in a recent photo when visiting Mesa Verde National Park in Early October. Attached is the photo. As you can see above the middle mountain you can see a vortex. This appeared when I increased the 'sharpness' of the photo during post processing. It is very strange and has me completely baffled. Maybe you can help. Thanks so much, Cathy

Image credit: http://thedook.com