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    Vortices or vortexes appear in nature in many forms. A vortex can be described as a swirling mass around a center point.

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    Many different types of vortexes are claimed to exist. From paranormal portals that act as doorways to the afterlife (or other dimensions), to spiritual spots near the convergence of ley lines.

11 September 2018

Spirit Vortex /Portal in my home. I live on the Lakemoor Hills Peninsula just outside Knoxville Tennessee. It is on the Tennessee River. There is a spirit portal in my home. I have these entities on video and the portal filmed as well. In addition, there have been a number of paranormal events here. There are so many who come through every night. I would very much like to connect with someone who also has these experiences to compare notes and hopefully to better understand who is here and why. To Vortex Hunter: Am I on leylines here? Thank you in advance for any assistance. - Jeanine

Hi Jeanine, please send us your best evidence on video for review and let us know if it is okay to share it.

9 September 2018

I and a group of kindred spirits have found three vortices in our area, which is just outside the Hoover Dam in the Mojave Desert. I would like to see them entered into your map. What do you need from me to make this happen? - Sifu

Hello Sifu, to add a vortex to the vortex map we like to have: a location (GPS or good directions), picture(s) or video, and a paragraph or more about why you think the location is a vortex.

7 September 2018

In conjuction with the ringing rocks, Pa location, there's a town nearby called Bangor that's home to a megalithic site called Columcille park. It was a sacred site to the natives and the masonic also built a small (possible observatory) there long ago. It's privately held and very few people know about it. This could be some of the energy vortex that's being felt at ringing rocks or it could be totally seperate. Either way you may want to look into it. - Nichole

Thanks Nichole, looks promising. We will definitely research this location and its connection to Ringing Rocks.

4 September 2018

St. Ignace Michigan vortex. There is a vortex located in St. Ignace, Michigan. I have experienced it. It is turned into a roadside attraction. I took my personal crystal pendulum with me to check. The pendulum was pulled very strongly toward the center of the vortex. I also felt very disoriented while within the boundary of the vortex. - Mary Beth

Thanks Mary Beth! I have heard of this place. Hope to get up there soon.

2 September 2018

Anyone can feel the high energy level in almost any place at Yosemite. But, at Glacier Point or Half Dome, it is absolutely more intense and special. There are some spots where ancient people did their mistical rituals and it is also magic. - Pedro

Thank you for sharing your experience Pedro. We will be visiting Yosemite next spring and will report what we find.



Vortex at Mesa Verde National Park - I found your information while researching what I captured in a recent photo when visiting Mesa Verde National Park in Early October. Attached is the photo. As you can see above the middle mountain you can see a vortex. This appeared when I increased the 'sharpness' of the photo during post processing. It is very strange and has me completely baffled. Maybe you can help. Thanks so much, Cathy

Image credit: http://thedook.com