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    Vortices or vortexes appear in nature in many forms. A vortex can be described as a swirling mass around a center point.

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    Many different types of vortexes are claimed to exist. From paranormal portals that act as doorways to the afterlife (or other dimensions), to spiritual spots near the convergence of ley lines.

17 March 2018

I have been an energy healing practitioner for over 25 years and enjoy exploring high vibrational locations. I have had a series of mystical experiences on the grounds of the Shrine of our lady of La Leche in St. Augustine, FL, on the banks of the Matanzas River. I have experienced a deep sense of peace and had profound visions while on the grounds. It is the site of active archeological excavations and has a known history of over 400 years. I sensed active spirit presence, and although I think atrocities may have happened in the area, I felt protected and peaceful. Recently I went searching for a vortex. While the energy of the grounds is pretty active in general, I did find one spot that reacted to my pendulum and divining rods, at the edge of the path about 35 feet from the entrance to the chapel. I took pictures of the latitude/longitude coordinates and of the view of the chapel from that spot. While sitting on a bench near this spot, I had a spontaneous feeling of spinning/rotating. - Heidi

Thank you for sharing your experience Heidi! This location has been added to the vortex map. Hopefully others will visit there and send us their impressions to build a consensus.

14 March 2018

I own and guard a vortex site in Malibu ca that has been used for the last 25000 years, lemurian and Chumash tribes - Fred

Hi Fred, we would be interested in hearing more about this vortex site.

13 March 2018

where r the vortexes in colorado? - pamela

Greetings Pamela, here are the Colorado Vortexes that have been reported to us.

28 February 2018

I must inform you of the portal in Vermont it has been closed I had no choice. I opened an exit only for them to either go or not exist. It will happen this year and if I’m to be tested let all who come at me see the light, love and happiness I have in my heart. Thy will be done. - Chichi

26 February 2018

This is where to submit a possibility for a vortex. I have no idea if the ley lines match this or not, in fact, that's what I was kind of looking for but can't find. But I've had a strange experience here. I moved to this apartment about 8 years and 9 months ago. The entire time we've been here, we knew it was haunted. Like people have had experiences of touches, feelings of a weight on the sofa or bed next to them, etc. The toys go off on their own, and one time my husband at the time asked the entity to push the blue button and it did, then the red button, and it did, and that went on for 20 minutes. Two of the 3 kids played with a "little boy" imaginary friend up until they were 3 years old. In December of 2012, I started feeling things touch me when I try to sleep. From there, I started hearing things from the ceiling. I don't know why I think it's a portal, like I can't remember where that came from, like it was either a dream or something a spirit implied somewhere, and it seems like A. I've learned from this place that portals look like little tornadoes. I see those in my dreams a lot, and some have bus stations near them on the spiritual side. B. They say it's right over my bed in my bedroom, but either there's more than one or these things are bigger than they look in my dreams, because there's a larger vicinity of unusually strong energy. I know one border is at a creek, like once you cross that creek, it feels eerie and creepy. Mysterious fog often rolls over the street at the one location. I've seen orbs along this street frequently. The farmhouse about a 3 to 5 minute walk away from my apartment has been rumored to have serious hauntings and a priest frequently goes in to bless the place regularly. But here, in my bedroom, only in my bedroom, I hear a lot of weird things. The neighbor right below me hears the same things. It sounds like the TV is on in a neighboring apartment. But it does that when nobody is living there and the apartment is empty. When I can make out the words, I have heard, "Get into heaven! Act Now. Call 1 800 69 .... " like an infomercial for getting into heaven. I've heard radio dj's. One even made a joke that they hope earth doesn't find them, and I forget the exact wording, but it was implied that America would come in and force them to create a democracy. Sometimes I hear big band music. Sometimes I hear Elvis. Sometimes I hear the devil. Sometimes I hear angels. One time I heard a woman say something louder than if she were actually in the room in another language that I can best describe reminded me of Harry Potter's Parcel tongue, like a lot of sy athhhhh sounds. When I capture EVPs, I pick up some subway bus sound occasionally. I have a woman's voice saying, "Satan wants your soul." But she pronounced it Say ten. From another spirit, his real name is Sy Tan, meaning three sixes in a very ancient language that is almost archaic in hell. Sometimes i hear people looking for a spirit guide. But the woman below me too has heard infomercials, big band music, and a radio play. I don't play a radio or have a TV in my bedroom, so it would never be from me. She assumed it was from me, but nope. The ONLY thing I play in my bedroom is the kids will watch from their phone during the day, and sometimes I'll play Brother Carlos doing a house blessing, curse breaking, demon kicking out 6 hour prayer from Youtube. Meanwhile, physical symptoms that appeared since I moved here include cataplexy, lots of sleep paralysis, horrid nightmares beyond imagination, depression, more fatigue than usual, and I struggle to be human here. The kids fight more here. Sometimes the kids see apparitions. Usually they see lights in the ground/yard at night outside the windows, like a glowing half circle spawning from the ground. My middle kid saw a guy I have been dreaming about for 4 years now who is one of the faces of the devil. They've also seen women and little girls. This apartment wasn't built until after the year 2000, and nobody has died in it. I do frequently bless the place with sage, but I do it differently. I may have blocked the vortex here because I don't just do the four corners of all the walls, I also mid-square make the sign of the cross with the sage smoke and bless the wall, and then I do the ceiling and floor. Ever since I've done that, I've heard some spirits say about 3 times that they can't get through the portal anymore. But it doesn't totally seem like the answer, like I may have trapped spirits somehow with it. And it only seemed to work on the demonic ones, not the pagan gods ones and those ones are worse than demons sometimes. I've also seen 2 UFO sightings ish here, and I can find exact locations of what I saw. But they come with a story and I'd want to draw on a map. But I can email that if that matters for lay lines at all. I almost think the big thing I saw has like a smaller scout that flies a lot. The scout is a very bright blue light. The big thing is the Chevron that hovers, like a small city of lights in the sky. And it was hovering over a place near a landfill. Like that's all that is there, a landfill and some buildings along the access road. And at the risk of sounding crazy, I also heard a voice in my head saying, "We mean you no harm," like it was an energy being emitted to anyone who could hear it, like I don't think it was directed at me at all. - Michelle

Hi Michelle, thank you so much for sharing your story and for the detailed information. I do not know of any recorded ley lines that run through your location, but that doesn't mean there are not any. However, most of these events seemed to be paranormal and may not be related to ley lines, but perhaps to an event that happened in the area in the past. Also, moving water can increase paranormal activity, so if the creek is flowing near you, that could stir things up. The geology of an area, like large deposits of quartz, limestone or iron ore, is said to attract the paranormal and UFOs. That farmhouse looks very interesting btw (from Google steet view)! Do you have any physical evidence such as photos, video, or audio?



Vortex at Mesa Verde National Park - I found your information while researching what I captured in a recent photo when visiting Mesa Verde National Park in Early October. Attached is the photo. As you can see above the middle mountain you can see a vortex. This appeared when I increased the 'sharpness' of the photo during post processing. It is very strange and has me completely baffled. Maybe you can help. Thanks so much, Cathy

Image credit: http://thedook.com