The Planetary Grid



    This Google Map shows the lines and intersections from the Planetary Grid System as described by William Becker and Bethe Hagens in The Planetary Grid: A New Synthesis, Pursuit, Volume 17-2, 1984.

  • original planetary grid


    The EarthStar - Unified Vector Geometry (UVG) 120 Sphere



    The EarthStar is 3D map representation of the Planetary Grid. On it you will find 30 Diamond (or rhomb) shapes. Within each of these diamonds are 4 Basic Triangles. The diamonds and triangles also contain lines that are generated by geometrics.

    Basic Triangles


    About the Planetary Grid on Google Maps

    The Google map above allows you to zoom into any area on the globe to see what lies near the major lines of the Planetary Grid. Click on a red triangle on the map above to view the UVG lines inside a Basic Triangle.

    Recently, Bethe Hagens, co-creator of The Planetary Grid, wrote the following about putting the grid on Google Maps--"The New Synthesis article was written in 1984, and it is now 35 years later and I have made big shifts in my thinking. It was the first time that Becker and I made the leap from the Russian/Chris Bird model that was published in 1975. We added the pieces of line that turned the model into 15 symmetrical great circles. You can see in that early model how we thought of the 62 grid points as areas rather than exact gps points. Some of the most important sites I've been to (not reported in that piece of writing) are up to 80 miles away from the calculated point. It's just important to me to emphasize feeling, sensation, intuition are keenly important in what 'on a point' means."

    The Planetary Grid


    Although the 62 grid points are the exact coordinates provided by Becker-Hagens, the interconnecting lines cannot be displayed on a flat map with complete accuracy because the Earth is round. The best way to view The Planetary Grid is with Google Earth using the original placemark file. Right click on the KMZ file below and click 'Save as' to save the file on your computer to use with Google Earth.

    2006 UVG Grid compiled by B. Hagens.kmz

    My sincere thanks to Bethe Hagens for her guidance in creating this section.



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    1975 - Planetary Grid written by Chris Bird




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