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Strange circle cloud formation over Sedona, Arizona

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Energy vortices at Mount Tam and Garden of the Gods have been added to the new vortex map. - J


Paranormal vortices at the Stanley Hotel, Eastern State Penitentiary, and Bird Cage Theatre in Tombstone have been added to the new vortex map. - J


I like your website, but it’s VERY difficult to read white-on-black text. I have to copy and paste the text into a Word doc. I’m sure I’m not the only one who has this issue. - anonymous

Thanks for letting me know. I was trying to be mysterious. I will look into changing it. - J

Update 01.12.17 - I changed the new vortex map to a light theme. I cannot alter the theme of this site easily, but I did change the blog page to a white background. I hope this helps! - J


The following paranormal and UFO locations have been added to the vortex map: Queen Mary vortex, Warminster England UFOs, Belgian UFO wave, Roswell New Mexico, Mexico City UFOs, Area 51. - J


Area around Mt. Adams in Washington State is a fairly well-researched location, famous for UFO activity, Native American mythology (its located next to a reservation), and more.

Very cool, thanks! The Mount Adams Vortex has been added to the vortex map. - J


House of Mystery On Hwy 2 between Columbia Falls MT & Hungry Horse in Montana.

Montana Vortex and House of Mystery link. - J


I live in NY State and went to high falls ny. Do you happen to know where I can find vortex location in upstate ny? I saw you have one listed in Brewster but I am pretty sure there might be one in high falls ny. - Tee

Sorry, I could not find any reports of vortexes or extreme paranormal occurences in High Falls, New York. - J


Hi I am planning my first trip to Sedona to visit the vortexes there . Was the total time hiking 3/1/2 hours each way or there and back to starting point. Thanks patrica

3.5 hours there and back. It was a guided tour, so the time was pretty much fixed. Please let us know about your experience there. - J


Hello! Me and my fiancé had taken a trip to Japan. We went to mount kurama in kurama Kyoto . It was such a wonderful experience. While we were there my iPad mini took between 60 and 70 pictures of swirly trees and things . It seems to look like something someone posted before. Please tell me what you think about this and if there is anything you can help me understand about these pictures.. none of them are the same.. they are all pretty cool . I hope you guys like! thanks.

We LOVE the pictures!!! Thank you for sharing them! Mount Kurama is the birthplace of the Reiki practice. People have sent us similar images from other vortex locations. We have no guess as to what it might be, since it seems to happen on many different types of equipment. - J


I wanted to add to your Oregon Map. There is another vortex in Oregon - The House of Mystery. I was there last year and it definitely distorted reality (as I understand it) like nothing I had ever seen. It is located between Medford and Grants Pass. Just wanted you to take it into consideration. - Joey

Thanks! The Oregon Vortex has been added to the new global vortex map. - J


the cahokia vortex in illinois. there are mounds there from an old civilization and a wood stonehenge like formation. i havent been in a long time but i remember i got a weird feeling near one of the mounds. - cara

Thanks, Cara! The Cahokia Woodhenge Vortex has been added to the new global vortex map. - J


Thompson Park Watertown, New York Vortex - I never found it myself. I heard the rumors about its existence while I lived in the area. Some say you will walk through it and be in another period of time. I have a growing interest in finding these vortexes. I can't explain why other than a gravitation I feel towards them and the dreams about them.


I hit a vortex in Scotland with a stone circle while visiting there this fall. The healing was amazing. Was attempting to find one here so that I may take my children to receive the same healing. Would like to know where exactly on Blackmountain the vortex is so that we make hike to it.


Would you happen to know concretely where a vortex is either in the Denver metro area , (my brother lived in Elizabeth , and we never saw nor felt anything out there, nor in Kiowa where i saw mentioned on the blog) we had worked out there quite a bit, but then again we were not looking. Same as castle rock, where i worked quite a bit....looking to find one. even within say 200 miles of the denver metro area, or even Colorado springs? was curious to see. much appreciated! - mike

Hi Mike, we have not received the exact location of any vortex in Colorado Springs, just general reports from the entire area. But something seems to be going on there. We receive more reports from Colorado Springs and the surrounding area, than any other location (except Sedona). - J


I am just wondering if there is usually an audible sound to a vortex. I moved into a home about a year ago, and I have been hearing a specific sound that sounds like movement around my head. I hear it most of the time...just thought I would ask. thanks! :-) - bp

Audible sounds (buzzing, pressure in ears, etc.), from a vortex have not been reported until recently. Reports of sounds connected to a vortex have went from zero in the last 12 years, to nine in the last 6 months. I'm not sure why that is. - J


mesa vortex

Credit: Http://thedook.com

Vortex at Mesa Verde National Park - I found your information while researching what I captured in a recent photo when visiting Mesa Verde National Park in Early October. Attached is the photo. As you can see above the middle mountain you can see a vortex. This appeared when I increased the 'sharpness' of the photo during post processing. It is very strange and has me completely baffled. Maybe you can help. Thanks so much, Cathy


Chapel of the Holy Cross Vortex - I visited so much that day...I felt all the energies. When I walked into the Chapel, all Mothers, Grandmothers, Grandmother and Auntie Ancestors, Angels and the Blessed Mother were with me. The voices seemed to say 'We love you. Speak for us!' Which is the work I do and I sometimes wonder what in the world am I doing? It feels as though I have their support...JOY!!! Thank You, Theresa


i walked to my house and my dog did a back-flip, a normal occurrence despite he is 200lbs - Anonymous


Everyday twice a day here in SLAVE LAKE ALBERTA DARK swirling clouds form above my home with sunny blue sky in the middle....it eventually fades off but returns in the evening. ...im pretty sure - Anonymous


Pavones, Costa Rica. One of the most powerful vortexes I've encountered. Especially by the river mouth. Miracles are such often, that when a local would hear you tell the most surreal story that just happened to you, the local will just smile and say: 'So Pavones...' - Anonymous


Some time ago at a certain place a small wind vortex would emerge and start coming toward me and merge with me. It happened for some time but it would not happen anymore. what was it? any idea? - Anonymous

It is hard to say without more information. Most of the reports of wind vortexes we have received over the years have been related to spiritual events, not natural energy. - J


Gentlemen, I am the inventor of the vortex power plant (http://www.tour-solaire.fr/autres-variantes-de-reacteurs-meteorologiques.php) and although my site has been specifically deleted, I would very much like to associate your map with places of natural energy vortices with the ability to use my invention for perception of new, unknown energy, which might indicate new avenues for the development of unconventional physics of nature.

We are always open to new ideas. Please let us know what you have in mind. - J


Doorway to other dimension. It's in my backyard. - Anonymous


ALL OF THE ABOVE! I see orbs EVERY night outside my home. I have MANY pictures of them too. They respond to me & show up in my pictures when invited! After 2 years of seeing them in my pictures I began seeing them with my eyes. Now I'm seeing white whisps & black shadows. I also see Energy everywhere. I see these things in low light. Although I have several daytime pictures of orbs. When trees were taken down next door I got 40 pics of BRIGHT RED orbs! I also have a picture of a bush lit from inside & only in ONE pic. The bush is NOT THERE! I'm guessing another dimension?? I would LOVE to speak to someone about all of this!! The Sufon folks came up a month ago & we saw all kinds of things! - Anonymous

Please send us your best evidence, and your permission to post it (if you don't mind that we share). - J


A friend reports vortexes at Red Rocks Amphitheater here in Denver. - Anonymous

We have received many reports of energy, UFO and paranormal happenings at Red Rocks Amphitheater. We look forward to visiting there soon. In the meantime, Red Rocks Vortex has been added to the Global Vortex Map for others to share their experiences there. - J


Hello, I live in North Augusta Sc. I just heard about a vortex in McCormick Sc in the national forest from a lady. I don't know exactly where it is...have you heard of this vortex? This lady says that she will take me there after deer hunting season is over. Oh and she mentioned an old volcano in that area. Thanks!!! - Denise

Hi Denise, we have not received any vortex claims in this area. Please let us know what you find! - J


Sarasota, Fl Vortex - The best way to experience the vortex, is to attend the Drum Circle on Sunday evenings (before sunset). I was just there 4 days ago, and I'm still vibbing with the energy. Great people there. Note: bring a chair, water & drum (if you have it). Love & Light to all. - Cat B

Awesome! Thanks, Cat B! - J


does anyone have any info about needle rock in crawford ? We have land there and the energy seems intense Thank you - stan

Hey Stan, thank you for contacting us. The Needle Rock vortex was registered in April, 2016. Looks cool, hope to get there some day. - J


alaska triangle. people and planes go missing like bermuda. - Kevin

Thanks Kevin! The Alaska Triangle Vortex has been added to the new Vortex Map. - J


Pending further investigation, unsure of full details. Possible doorway to another dimension, natural/native vortex... but not a dark portal. Area is suburban but more regional. Many birds and native animals inhabit the area. During journeying I came to this part of the street - (I have lived down the road from there for about 6 months and that 6 months my spiritual gifts have developed exponentially and had closed off a small dark portal in said house when I arrived) - there was a window, square shaped where enormous beings (dragon/phoenix like, gold in colour) were coming through it. Checked it out and it definitely can't be closed with whatever tools are at my disposal, and I don't think it wants to be. I double checked, and it actually is around the corner of Box Hedge Court and Lewins Rail Avenue, where there is an empty block of land. - Perrie


Lido dei pini, Anzio Italy. place is named La boa beach - Anonymous


Hello, Are there places in the United States with a Negative vortex. Meaning the energy is extremely low or even covers or masks the good energy? Thank you for your time. - Myli

Greetings! Bell Rock and the Airport Vortexes in Sedona, Arizona are both said to be negative (masculine) vortexes. - J


Hello there! My name is Philippe, I currently live in San Marcos, California. I have eagerness and desire to go out and search for vortices. I will be going to Joshua Tree in the near future in search of something. I wish to share to the community of any findings I will take multiple trips if it must be done. I am here also to ask if we know of any helpful information? I do not have a set where specifically to go I will simply follow my intuition. I would appreciate any help! Blessing to all. Thank you!

Hi Phillipe, all the info we have on Joshua Tree can be found on the Joshua Tree Vortex page. We would love to hear of your experiences there. Let us know when you are going and we might even see you there! - J


We moved to a house on Patterson Mountain in Meadow Bridge, Fayette County, WV. We lived there from October 2009 til December 2013. A lot of things went on there that would have never thought possible. Story link included here. - David


Elizabeth, Colorado (South of Parker/Franktown) - possibly further south - encompassing an area further to the east (Kiowa) and west (Castle Rock) was often talked about as having a vortex when I was high school out there. The portion of Elizabeth suspected most often of the vortex is often referred to as Russellville and Deerfield (a development out there). It's tough to tell because distances can be deceiving, and that's where things could be observed, but not necessarily where things were actually located on a map. I was surprised the vortex map didn't show a vortex out there; however, there isn't much on the Internet at all about them, which was also surprising. - Anonymous

If anyone else out there has a personal experience with this area being a vortex, please let us know. - J


Got unexplained portals my backyard,you can see them with my IR security cams,Thanks - Ed

Hi Ed, please email us your evidence or send a dropbox link. - J


Vortex Land in Santa Rosa, CA. - Anonymous


Captured incidentally by my wife last night at full moon while photographing a kudu in the veld while returning home. Nelspruit, South Africa - Anonymous

Darn! We did not receive your picture. - J


Montana has an amazing Vortex west of Glacier National Park."The Montana Vortex is considered the most dynamic vortex of all the known vortex attractions in the country. The sensory feelings and the energy that many people feel in their bodies will amaze you. So come and experience this natural phenomenon for yourself." - Anonymous


I am the current caretaker of a monument called Bald Knob Cross of Peace in Alto Pass, Illinois. I've been here for 4 months and my journey to get here was interesting. Let's say I was definitely lead to this location by energies greater than myself. I also know that this location being the highest elevation in the region was home to Native American spiritual activity. I feel like I'm supposed to research what may have been a powerful spiritual vortex which needs to be re-awakened. The physical address is: 3630 Bald Knob Road Alto Pass, Illinois 62905 Any help getting started would be greatly appreciated. I'm thinking it's no mistake that this land continues to be of a spiritual nature with a 111 foot tall cross. Although it's a cross the main mission is for "Peace" vs. Christianity. This is a very remote and sparsely populated area. We are surrounded by the Shawnee National Forest. I know I'm here to help this site be re-discovered for the Native American history and strong spiritual energy (possible vortex). Some Native American artifacts were recently uncovered during a renovation of the cross at the highest elevation of the property. Any help would be greatly appreciated. - Jeff

Hi Jeff, thank you for contacting Vortex Hunters. Your location sounds very interesting. Can you send a picture or two, so we can add the Bald Knob Cross to the Vortex Map? Then, other people can go and let us know what they think of the vortex there. We will definitely let you know when we are in the area for a visit. - J


Hi there, how do you locate and verify a vortex in America? I grew up in the UK and spent a certain amount of my youth chasing around the country seeking out Ley lines. I assume that they are one and the same. - Robert

Hi Robert, check the vortex map and the vortex page for vortex locations and verification methods. Happy hunting! - J


I believe that Boone, NC and the surrounding locations is just as much, if not more, a vortex as Asheville. - Anonymous

Boone, North Carolina Vortex has been added to the New Vortex Map. - J


I live on a mountain in Costa Rica. It is bordered by a huge piece of rock known as "The Rock" and a ridge line know as 'The Sleeping Indian' - a well endowed pregnant Indian woman. I have lived here on the farm for 8 years. I have witnessed and experienced injuries that heal rapidly, I hear a subtle hum at night, and even the locals comment on the feeling of 'pura vida' when inside the farm. I've always been a fortunate person but here, it is like my good fortune is on steroids.

Sleeping Indian photo


Pocahontas, Illinois. Ask locals about the vortex; they're aware. Sometimes it's good, sparkling and energizing, sometimes it is negative. I was told about the vortex when I was a child by my father, and when it is active, the energy is palpable and transcendent to a level above one's current situation. - Anonymous


I never believed in vortex's before but exploring one of the underground rooms in chaco canyon I backed into a corner and felt electricity through my body. My girlfriend felt the same thing.


I am a Psychic Reader in Jerome, AZ. Since being in the space that I chose solely due to the energy feeling it gave me,my abilities have increased as well as anyone who comes in my space...not necessarily even for a reading. Many people have been drawn in by the energy and hypnotized with a calming peace. I have been here for 2 years and it is just getting stronger. Renee Johanna, Intuitive Consultant


Hi my name is Kevin. I recently had a seizure and afterwards now I have these things all around me all the time. I dont know what to do. I also can touch them. I dont feel in danger. I also sometimes see like outlines of people at night. Thank you


Okotoks Erratic - Anonymous

Big Rock, Alberta Canada has been added to the New Vortex Map. - J


Hello! My name is George, I'm from Argentina, Córdoba Capital exactly. I write you looking for some help, i believe in the energies and the vortex points are exactly energy areas. I see the blog and im interested in found vortex points in my zone, to colaborate with the vortex world map. What kind of material things i need for start? I have some kind of energy perception, and i will wish use it for positive objectives! Sory about my english! Good luck and i wait your answer! Thanks! :)

Hi George, thank you for writing. Use your perception to find the vortex, test the vortex with your feelings, compasses, pendulums, dowsing rods or other tools, then document your experience with a camera and GPS coordinates (or good directions). - J


As a decedent of Captain James Cook I have traveled and explored Canada. In all my travels I have found that Kimberley, BC Canada has something quite unique! Interestingly enough, the city sits on a mountain that has been mined underneath and is no longer operational. Basically what has happened is a mountain, like a pyramid, has water filled in it and is running through it like veins. Miles and millions of gallons of it underneath the feets of the locals. Its quite powerful! If you believe that water has memory this is quite a place to be. Definitely a vortex! Three mountain ranges converge here. The Kootenay River which becomes the Columbia River in the United States runs right along here :) - Renaissance Man

Thank you for sharing this location! Kimberley, British Columbia as been added to the new Vortex Map. - J


Hi Everyone! I would appreciate info re: accessible vortex locations in 3 state area. - Donna

Hi Donna, every location we know about is on the new Vortex Map. - J


Hei we had a visit of a men in "parquetematicodamedeira" a few years a go and we don't remember is name this Parque is placed in the island of Madeira and he get in the Parque because he said there was a big spot of positive energy was near a weather mil , we are trying to know who he is is name but we can get there can you guys help? In that time we looked on Internet he had a lot of blocks published he ad a web a lot of things he said good things about that point, any help we appreciate thanks

Hi, sorry I did not find any information. - J


There is a very popular vortex by a wall in the city of Krakow, Poland at the Wawel castle. People line up to stand by wall daily. I'm not sure what type of vortex but I think it's an energy one. - Diane

Hi Barbara, thank you so much for recommending this vortex! The Wawel Chakra Vortex has been added to the new Global Vortex Map. - J


I dont see the Montana Vortex listed on your map. Outside Columbia Falls on the way to Glacier National Park. It is one of the strongest and many have had pain relieved by being there. It is worth your while to look into it. - Diane

Hi Diane, because it is a business location we need their permission to post the Montana Vortex on our map. But we agree with you! Here is a link to the Montana Vortex web site. - J


Chapel of the Holy Cross Vortex - I was there on May 31, 2016. As I started walking into the church I felt chills of overwhelming emotions of gratefulness, love,hope and reassurance of my faith and the presence of mother Mary was so so strong. I lite a candle for my daughter Bella(with special needs ) and felt my heart on fire....and earth of my tears running down my cheeks. I truly believe my prayers were answered. I have no doubt just complete peace my prayers were heard and will be revealed very soon. I will never forget the feelings at this church. It has strength my Catholic faith so much more. ~ Blessings ~


Here is a vortex taken in NH what happens if I walked into it? Is it a gateway? - Dorene

Greetings Dorene! I don't know, different vortices do different things. Do you have other evidence that this is a vortex? Sometimes, digital cameras can do this. - J


Aloha, I've been trying to find any info on this 'fissure' here in Kipahulu Maui. I've had plenty of my own experiences as well know of many people whom have fled the island after 'occurrences' as well. I could go on and on. I've been told it is a portal that was opened thousands of years ago by other world beings. As well I've been told that the vile vortice in Hawaii is actually four miles away from where we are then out in the ocean between Maui & Big Island. We are 1/2 a mile from Haleakala Nat'l Park Kipahulu and the 'Fissure' is less than 300 yards from where we live. Any info on where to find more info etc would be appreciated. Mahalo Nui!

I also would like to add that it's also common and accepted out here that devices, motors machines etc act up or quit working at times and everyone is used to it. This is a very powerful energy, no electric lines out here only phone, remote as you can get on Maui. The dark energy that emerges from the fissure has affected many people whom lived right next to it in what I feel is an obvious and dark way. I also once chose to view Kipahulu from a distance and above after a certain heavy dark spill and saw the entire mountain side bathed in what appeared to be black cotton candy. A very renowned psychic on the other side of the island also went down persay when this event happened, she couldn't work or barely get out of bed for a few days. I could go on and on. I'd love to find out more about what this is... more exactly - Kelly

Hi Kelly, thanks so much for writing and letting us know about this fissure of energy! Zach Royer wrote a book on vortexes in Hawaii, he might have more information for you. If you can send GPS coordinates or directions, we'll add it to the vortex map. - J


I have traveled to many places and many vortexes in the world and have spent a lot of time in Sedona and Asheville. My land and home in SC has a very palpable energy - healing, spiritual, animal, and paranormal, as well. Many people walk in my home and on the land and feel an instant connection with it and with something much deeper. It has a feeling of "home" for many. Several people - adults, children and many animals have said that want to live here. I would be very interested to learn more about ley lines and how to identify a real vortex. I am being led in the direction of making this a healing center and vortexes fascinate me. Thank you. - Lisa


I just arrived at Siesta Key Village. What's the best area that I should visit for the energy vortex? - David

Hi David, The beach is a good place to start, it is said to have quartz crystals. Please let us know about your experience! - J


I found a vortex in Halifax, NS. I felt a huge confluence of energy there and it was intense. The most intense point was just by Sullivan's Pond in Dartmouth. - Anonymous


Chapel on the Rock - This place was the only i have felt the energy. First i start to be sooo cold i dont know o jave put two jackets while different travellers had short sleeves !? There was sthg in the bottom and on my way walking to chapel from downstairs parking. I start to be sleepy and hungry when i have left and in the moment i went to my car i had headache. Not sure why But i remember the exsitment and cold i was shaking. - Anonymous


Are there any vortexes in Washington State? If so, where? Thank you. - Anonymous

At least 3 vortexes have been reported, you can find them here. Crater Lake is the strongest. - J


I'm just passing on this information about a remote viewing conference that's happening in Vegas June 13-16 in case any of your people are interested in RV. - Crystal


Hello, I was wondering if you have any more detailed infromation on the vortexes in Western North Carolina than what is on the page. Accounts on experiance, physical adress, lore, and such. Thank You - Liberty

Hi Liberty, everything we know or hear about NC vortices we post on this page. Please let us know if find anything more out. - J


Hi. What's the deal with Crestone, Colorado, regarding ley lines, vortexes, power, etc.? I'll be heading there in July. Thanks! - Caryl

I have not been there yet, but I have met more than one person that believes it is a very special place. It is on our list of vortex locations to visit. - J


Hi, I was just wondering if there is a vortex in either Ohio or in the (or near) the tri-state area of Ohio, West Virginia, and Pennsylvania? I'm very interested in finding one but I'm not sure how to go about it. Thank you - Kala

Try Point State Park, where the three rivers converge. Reportedly once a sacred place to Native Americans. - J


Bear Butte Vortex - Greetings, I'm emailing to ask you what is opposite this vortex? Meaning the other side of the planet? Thanks, Laurie

Great question! It looks like the spot is just off the coast of Madagascar, in the Indian Ocean. Here is the free online tool I used to find out. Map Tunnelling Tool - J


I have untreatable cancer which I choose to call Mystic Cancer because of all the truly amazing states of consciousness and grace I have found myself in lately. While traveling the back way in to visit a friend in Sarasota last month, I suddenly exclaimed to my husband that I felt a vortex; almost jokingly. I had been in a good place all day, but I was, at once, elevated to a feeling of Oneness that made me cry. Last night, three months after our trip to Sarasota, my husband, alerted me to your site and vortex map, and showed me that, indeed, it was the exact place I had identified that day. Trippy, huh? - C

For sure! I wish you best C! - J


I've had experience with the paranormal throughout my life . I have heard of these vortex portals etc. I was wondering two things are they visible with the naked eye which I don't think so if not is there equipment you can use? One of my friends thought that if they could they could go in it but I don't know if you can do something like that. I also saw that there were some in New Jersey but when I click on new jersey nothing shows up?! Maybe it's just a technical issue . I would love for you to answer my questions hopefully you have some time! I'm very interested in the power normal I've been told I am a clairvoyant medium I have seen spirits I have seen into teams etc. . I am also sensitive. But I haven't done anything with my gifts in the very long time ! Thank you so much for taking time out to read my message and hopefully I hear from you soon ! Thank you Cindy

Hi Cindy, if you are asking about vortexes that in theory you could step into, they are different than energy vortices. This type of vortex is like a portal or wormhole, to another time, place or dimension. Some people claim that aliens and Bigfoot use this type of vortex to remain elusive. Others say that there are paranormal portals that allow spirits to enter our realm. I have not heard of an instance where a person stepped into a vortex or anyone witnessing one opening.

Vortexes like Mount Shasta are said to be home to both energy and portal vortexes. In my opinion, portal vortexes are the most likely vortices to exist, as many physicists believe that wormholes are possible through the bending of space-time.

Here are some resources I found on portal vortexes:

Ghost Stalkers

Portals and Doorways


Portals and Vortexes

Hidden Portals in Earth's Magnetic Field (NASA)

Mysteries of Time Travel

Traveling Through Time (NOVA)

Doorway To The Gods: Mysterious Interdimensional Portal

How to locate your portal

I fixed the problem on the New Jersey vortex page. Thank you for letting me know! - J


There is legend that in ancient times, Shaman would travel in between worlds. Natives on vision quests would come back with tales of travel to different places. Near Asheville, NC is ancient ground for spirit quests. This land is federally protected today. However, some land along its borders also holds strong energy. The vortexes which you seek are traveled frequently by the Rainbow Tribe, and spoken of by our ancestors through 'visions'. The Rainbow Tribe is all people, all coming together to activate these portals for travel between space/time. They are not the ones whom call themselves such, for those 'Rainbows' have forgotten that it takes people from all walks of life to form the completion with which generates the power of totality. We remember. - Terina

Burning Man



I would like to know where the vortex in SD is and also where the one in CO is. Thanks...I want to take a trip to them. - Anonymous

Here are the South Dakota and Colorado vortex maps. - J


Is there a vortex in Pipestone,MN? - Anonymous

We have no reports of an energy vortex in Pipestone. I found a web page on Pipestone paranormal happenings. - J


Black Mountain Vortex - I've been called to this area and have just bought a property south of town at the top of the continental divide. Can you share information with me about the ley lines in this area, how to test for their presence/strength, and anything else I should know? I am a total newbie to this, but have been called to do healings and am starting down that path. Thanks, Gail

Hi, Gail! Well you certainly picked a beautiful spot. You can use a pendulum or compass to test for vortex strength, but what I gather from your post is that your own feelings and senses might be best. - J


Maryland - where? Great Falls National Park? Kilgore Falls? Thank you! - Vi

Here is the Maryland Vortex Map. It contains all of the vortexes that have been reported to us. Kilgore Falls could be a good candidate. Please let us know if you visit there. - J


There is a vortex north of Columbia falls Montana.

Please send directions or coordinates. - J


Hi, Just interested in joining a paranormal/energy group. I am from Ladysmith, BC on Vancouver Island. I am a sensitive and would like to meet like minded individuals. - Diana


I am a spiritual songwriter I was told by the Creator Father that the Gathering of his children is soon to take place music sound will be used to gather his children from the 4 corners of the globe.The Gathering is about to begin and his children will be directed to different points of the globe as they begin to awaken your spirit will hear and know when and where to go.


Palenque ruins in Mexico. Chiapas. Tikal mayan ruins Guatemala.

Palenque and Tikal have been added to the new Global Vortex Map. - J


Along with two friends, we visited the lavender farm there on summer solstice of 2008. I have 5 large Atlanta crystals that really light up when they go to Mt. Shasta with me. On this day in took the one in call "mother". My friend pulled in and parked just to the left of the building where you can purchase lavender items and it was the first out of the car holding the mother crystal which weighs several pounds. As soon as my feet touched the earth my body was over taken with a force pulling me downward. As I struggled to stay standing my body swayed all over pulling me ever down toward the earthworm my top half desperately trying to stay upright. I'm never let go of the mother crystal. People stood at a distance and watched. My two friends stayed in the car staring at me in amazement. I'm knew u had stepped directly atop a vortex. After a few moments of swaying drastically to and fro u was able to step away a few feet some how. The vortex had stopped. Then my friends got out and it was over. The energy field, the vortex had stopped. We went on with our trip, Amazed, a bit bewildered. I knew that was why the mother had wanted to come that day. They all wanted to come but I could carry only the one. - Karen

Thanks, Karen. I hope to get back to Mount Shasta and the lavendar fields this year. - J


Here in Belize along the Hummingbird Highway near the town of Dangriga is a spot (by Mile Marker 26) where you can stop your vehicle, put it in neutral, and it will begin to move uphill. We did it with a van full of 15 people. Stopped on a downhill grade, put the van in neutral, and it slowly began to move uphill, backwards! No understanding as to what is going on. Just strange energy!


Here in Belize along the Hummingbird Highway near the town of Dangriga is a spot (by Mile Marker 26) where you can stop your vehicle, put it in neutral, and it will begin to move uphill. We did it with a van full of 15 people. Stopped on a downhill grade, put the van in neutral, and it slowly began to move uphill, backwards! No understanding as to what is going on. Just strange energy!


Hi, I would like to know if you know any line in Costa Rica? Thanks, Fabio

Hi, Fabio! Check the waterfall at Nauyaca. - J


I believe the vortex is Pisgah Mountain in Candler NC. Just outside of Asheville. There is a company u who actually takes people on Vortex Tours in Candler. - Kim


Fort Mountain State Park in Chatsworth, GA. While inside the park, visit the area around the old fort at the top. There are signs with a version of what this area was to the Native Americans. The description is so wrong in my opinion. There are several areas of rocks that are indentions in the ground that make a half moon shape when you look at where they are located. My experience here is that this is a place of different frequencies implanted in the rock indentions. Stand inside each one, and if you are sensitive to energies, they each have a different feel, look and sound to them. Very high vibrations are emitted here. Go in early spring or late fall as it is hot and you will take chiggers home with you. Welcome to the South!

Thank you for letting us know about this location! Fort Mountain Vortex has been added to the Global Vortex Map. - J


I live in So. Calif. In my early 20's, while living in Carpinteria, I went alone to see the mission for the first time. I went on the walking tour inside the mission and when I got to the adjoining graveyard, I was overcome with immense sadness and grief. I don't know how, but I felt like I knew everyone buried in the graveyard. A span of time later, I had a reading with a psychic who proceeded to tell me in a past life, that I was a missionary at the mission in Santa Barbara. I was floored to say the least.

Thank you! Your comments have been posted on the Santa Barbara Mission Vortex page - J


In each country there are hundreds of leylines and vortices ?? thousands of them in each country .. Madeira Island is huuuge vortex , Ibiza island is a bigger vortex than glastonbury, Haarlem in netherlands is a Vortex etc.. check leylines.com ; ) nice communities like Damanhur are not necessarily Vortices at all , anyway a nice ambition this site, but looks like a very starting out project , good luck. - shanti

Hi Shanti, thank you for sending your suggestions. I would love to post more vortex locations in Europe and the world. Especially Portugal, since I plan to visit there soon. Could you send a more precise location of the vortices on the islands? When I search the internet for 'madeira island high energy', I find only 'Ronaldo'. ;-) - J


Santa Barbara Mission vortex - Hi, Yes, I have had strong energetic experiences here. I feel completely dizzy and feel ill when I have been on the grounds. My equilibrium is thrown off. I have felt it especially strong in the chapel and to the back of it, as well as in the yard and areas behind and directly to the side of the chapel. As soon as I leave the premises, I cannot stop burping to clear out the energy for at least 15 minutes. I have since learned that there are 1000s of people buried on the premises. And there was much severe mistreatment of the natives enslaved. I’d like to see more information on your site regarding the vortexes. All my best - Angela

Thank you for sharing your experiences, Angela. Best wishes to you!! - J


I would be very interested to see coordinates for Alaska vortex! Thank you for your work. This is very interesting. - L


Hello, Many visitors have reported the presence of a vortex on our property at the Isis Oasis Sanctuary in Geyserville, California. We certainly think there is an amazing energy here. This has been sacred land for centuries, for the local Pomo tribe, then for the Bahais who had a spiritual center here for about eighty years, and now, for the past 38 years, as a temple for the celebration of the Goddess Isis in her form as Mother Nature. We have a retreat center with some overnight lodging available and many birds and animals as well and welcome visitors. Isisoasis.org - Anonymous


Hello, I am a Sound Healer, Reiki Practioner and Intuitive who lives in Berlin, NH. Route 16 goes right through this small City of 10,000 people in the Androscoggin Valley. It is a valley north of Mount Washington, the highest peak in the northeast. The area has a lot of mountains, waterfalls, notches and peaks higher than 5,000 feet. The valley of Berlin has a huge ledge face that can be seen on the link below. I personally believe there is a specific type of vortex that resides somewhere at the base of Mt. Forest with the huge ledge face. I have done work on places throughout the city where things that appeared to be hauntings were actually alterations in the magnetic field here. I helped clear and balance the energy in these places. There is a lot of granite underneath the city and ledge face, which may play a role in the vortex. I also believe that vortexes can be found on Mt. Washington and notches to the south as well. Specifically Franconia Notch because it is where Betty and Barney Hill were supposedly abducted by Extraterrestrial's. I believe these beings used some form interstellar or dimensional travel through the vortex there. Interstate 93 goes through Franconia Notch. I feel that there are many portals located throughout the mountains of New Hampshire. Feel free to contact me, if you need to know more information. Looking forward to possibly hearing from you. http://images.fineartamerica.com/images/artworkimages/mediumlarge/1/mt-forest-and-berlin-with-autumn-colors-brett-pelletier.jpg - Anonymous

What a beautiful and fascinating area! We'll be in touch. - J


Twin Sisters Rock (Southeastern WA State). I've been there when the sky is completely overcast except for a circle of blue opening just above the columns. This is a sacred Native American site. High energy area. Most visitors feel rejuvenated when there. - Anonymous

Awesome! Twin Sisters Rock has been added to the new Global Vortex Map. - J


Hi, I see that you have two vortex's in Australia. One being Ayers Rock and the other one, I can't quite see where it is? It looks like it is more near Melbourne. Could you verify this please? Thanks - Anne

Black Mountain vortex in Queensland and Lake George in NSW and I'm quite sure there are many we have not heard about. Best wishes to you! - J


seems like there would be more in the hawaiian islands, south america and asia. also on the world map there are vortexes noted in china that are not listed when you click on asia. Also curious as to your criteria- example: airport vortex in sedona that drunvalo melchizedek has said is negative energy - Peter

Hey Peter, I only post the opinions of myself and my crew of how I feel in a vortex. I was just a visitor there, admittedly the locals have much more experience and knowledge. - J


Three Valleys Gap. Not sure if it was Alberta or British Columbia. Was on a tour so I couldn't stay. Only got to spend about a half a day and overnight. Energy was awesome - Anonymous


Hi, thanks for the great website! I live in crestone, colorado. Just wanted to let you know that the correct plural form of "vortex" is "vertices." I just love the word, so ive always remembered that. Cheers! - Chris

Good catch, Chris! I use as many forms of the word as I can; vortex, vortexes, vortices, (swirling energy), and vertex/vertices (intersecting ley lines). I do this so people can find my site no matter how they type it in. Cheers! - J


Aruba in the Caribbean Sea - Fredric

Hi Fredric, please be more specific on the location. - J


Pyramid Mountain/Tripod Rock Boonton NJ - Anonymous

Tripod Rock has been added to the Global Vortex Map. - J


Well known vortex in Shepherdstown, WV. Located where ley line, geodetic line, limestone lined water run all intersect. - Anonymous

The Shepherdstown vortex was on the map, but in the wrong place. Thank you for pointing this out! - J


There are innumerable locations in New Mexico that should be included. A brief list would include: Taos Pueblo, various points within the Taos Ski Valley and Wheeler Peak Wilderness, Chaco Canyon, Bandolier, Various areas around Grants, NM like Banderra Volcano and the Ice Cave, the Lava Tubes, etc. Also, Abiqiu and practically the whole road from there over to Cuba, NM, passing through incredibly powerful red rock areas like Sedona, Carlsbad Caverns, Tsankawi, etc. There are many places with high UFO activity all over the state and I have personally witnessed dozens of them throughout Taos County. - Anonymous

Holy mantra, that's a lot of suggestions! Taos and Chaco Canyon vortexes are great vortex locations and they have been added to the Global Vortex Map. I added the other locations to the research list. Do you have any images or video of your UFO experiences? Thanks! - J


I am living in Odessa Texas, can you guys explain to me what the vortex do to your body thank you - Roberto

Hey Roberto, there are claims that energy vortexes can effect a person in a vortex. And that different vortexes can affect your body in different ways, depending on whether the vortex emits positive or negative energy, or flows in or out of the Earth. For the most part, I have heard that vortexes make you feel good and that a few might even be able to heal your body and spirit. More than one vortex guide has told me that it is important to enter a vortex with the right intention and frame of mind to get the most out of the experience. - J


Roche-a-cri state park, 1.5 miles north of Friendship on State Highway 13, on the west side of the highway. The latitude is 44° 0' 3.8" and longitude 89° 48' 45.4". The 300 foot sandstone bluff is the center main point of a large energy web in central wisconsin, with other bluffs and mounds circling it in a natural medicine wheel. It has been used by native americans for ceremony for hundreds of years and has petroglyphs carved there. - Anonymous

Roche-a-cri has been added to the new Global Vortex Map. - J


Doorway to other dimension - Needle Rock, Colorado, Needle Rock Natural Area, 3.5 miles (5.6 km) east-northeast (bearing 68°) of the Town of Crawford in Delta County, Colorado, United States. It is both a dimensional portal and ET landing portal. - Anonymous

Needle Rock Natural Area has been added to the new Global Vortex Map. - J


On rte 23 in the Pompton Plains area is definately an area of energy. We saw a UFO there a few years back and the energy is just different. The weather is different in the area also. We jokingly call it the "abyss". I do believe there is something special about it. - Jodie

Hi Jodie! Is it possible you are sensing energy from Pyramid Mountain/Tripod Rock? - J


I just moved to Virginia Beach, Va. Home of the Edgar Casey Foundation. Said that he was the greatest psychic ever and the first holistic practitioner. I heard he chose Va. Beach to reside in because it is suppose to have a natural healing vortex here. I was surprised it's not on your map. Do you think I have heard incorrectly? Would love your thoughts. - Kim

Hey Kim! I am a big Edgar Casey fan. The location is not on the map because they are an organization and I would need their permission first.


Cool photos of Bear Butte vortex added to the map from a Vortex Hunters visitor. Whoo hoo! I love it when we get pics from a vortex location. - J


Yes, i be really interested in this, i live in Belgium Europe. So is there something like that in this area, please. Thank you eugenie

I found the resource below. I hope this helps. Please let us know if you find a vortex! - J

Hidden Belgium


The positive portal of the pair of neg/pos portals is in Pittsburgh city center, Point State Park. This link will provide one source of history but there are many other local accounts of the energy at the point. Work is ongoing to bring the area up to it's highest path of potential for all of humanity. It is a gateway that will definately be opening soon.

We did not receive a link with your post. - J


I see there is a picture of a location of a vortex in Kensington,MD. How or whete can I find the street address of this location? Thank You! - Kathy

Hi Kathy, that location is now private property and so it was removed. I will remove it from the map. Thank you! - J


44.108601, -121.159095 - Anonymous


In montana there is a very cool strong vortex, actually a few on site near hungry horse a place called the mystery house or house of mystery. I'm very surprised you missed that natural wonder. - Anonymous

I have contacted them, but I have not heard back yet. - J


I was backing by myself in Inyo National Forest, California, just outside Yosemite National Park on the east side out of the Saddle Bag Lake trailhead. Head north around the lake to the eastern flank of North Peak. Just off the trail to the west is a glacial bowl with a fabulous waterfall coming out. Walk up into the bowl where you’ll find a beautiful lake and incredible energy. You also might run into the spirit guardian. - Arrow

Yosemite has been added to the Global Vortex Map. - J


I've recently seen (through my 3rd eye) a vortex or star gate on a highly energized Site near, at the north Joshua Tree National Monument in California. It was glassy but crystal clear to me. There were 2 pillars of stone, on each side of a water vortex spinning away from where I was standing. It appeared glossy, silvery, it appeared alive, inviting me to jump into, I almost did but became so excited that the vision ended. The precise spot it happened was felt by Seers , Cannnelers, Shamens, and friends. Please let me know if anyone has had a similar experience in the region. - Joel

Hi Joel, Joshua Tree has been added to the Global Vortex Map, but if you have more precise directions, that would be helpful to those hoping to have the same experience. - J


Canmore Alberta on the very old hospital site. Lots of energy there and lost souls. - Anonymous

I could not find the old hospital site. Please send directions. - J


I am so Intrigued about the ley lines and the vortexes here in Utah and around the world. I'm also interested in other dimensions. I want to learn more I would love to get more information from you. - Sherron


Hi, I'm from the United Kingdom. Is there any known Vortex's in the UK? - Darren

Here is our U.K. vortex map. - J


What do you think about Pt Pleasant WVa/Vortex of Rivers, the Amazing/horrifying happenings in 66/Mothman/MIB's (?) UFOs and of course the Silver Bridge collapse b4 Christmas. have been in the region multiple times. A beautiful area all around, both sides of the Great Ohio. - Jeanne

I love it! The location, not Mothman. Point Pleasant has been added the vortex map. - J


I have several vortex's to report. Morrison Springs just south of Ponce De Leon in North West Florida has a lovely restorative energy. Maybe it's the negative Ions, or all the fresh O2, but a definite feeling of well-being occurs there. I have also traveled to several stone circles in England, Castle Rigg in Cumbria is magestic and I felt to be a very healing and charged place. It sits in the Shadow of Blen Cathra and Skiddaw a mountain where ghost armies have reportedly been sited. I have also been to Long Meg and her Sisters, also in Cumbria. A curious place, also felt very charged! But I am not certain the energy there was as nice as Castle Rigg. I had a mystical experience at Long meg while walking the site line from the rear to the portal before Meg, I paused at one point, only to realize that the exact spot I paused at was the center of the circle. A storm blew up right While I was there, rather suddenly. - Anonymous

Morrison Springs is a commercial location, but Castlerigg/Long Meg has been added to the vortex map. - J


Hi, I was just wondering do have an updated global grid system map or perhaps an pdf? I love earth, Universe, and spirituality... Just curious why I am attracted to certain countries over others. I don't know if it's ancestral or spiritual, but I am thirsty for Caribbean, South American, and Polynesian lands and culture. I feel pulled there. My family is from the Caribbean anyway, but this feels like something I am called to. Respectfully, Chondell

Hi, Chondell! Check out Vortex Maps for the best global grid map. - J


Hi, I just found your website. It is quite interesting. I have heard that Long beach in North Haven Long Island New York is a vortex beach. I am wondering if there is any truth in that..Also the caves in Montauk,Long Island ,New York that there is a vortex where a strange alien has actually actually entered our world..Have you any light to shed on these sites? Thank you very much. - Marylee

I could not find any vortex related claims for North haven, but I found that Montauk has many articles on strange occurences and the location has been added to our vortex map. Thank you very much for letting us know about this vortex! - J


Basye Vortex, Virginia. I took a group here a couple of weeks ago. I had low expectations, but it was definitely something special. There are springs (water), energy, there is a cathedral there so it's a sacred site, and it's very spiritual. - Anonymous

The Basye Vortex has been added to the Global Vortex Map. - J


I know of a very active stargate portal in colorado not mentioned anywhere on the site or the map, and it is a gateway to other dimensional realities and points in the cosmos as is said. I visited the site, and it was truly amazing, but i havent even entered the main vortex area yet. But this place is the most powerful site i have ever been to. - Shane

Thanks, Shane. I look forward to hearing about it. It would be great if you could get some pictures or video. - J


Hello, my friend visited Bell Rock in Sedona this past week and she brought with her my crystals which were pyrite and snowflake black obsidian to energize. Here are some pictures. - Anonymous

Great pictures!! Thanks so much!! I posted them on the Bell Rock Vortex page. - J


Can you tell me more about the Vortex in Cassadaga and Sarasota, Florida? Thanks. - Tanya

Everything we know is on this page. - J


I live in the upstate of SC. I have been told of an energy vortex in Franklin NC ( about 2 hours from me). Have you studied this area? How would one go about verifying energy/healing vortex in the area? I beleive my area also has "interesting" energy. Any advice would be appreciated. Thank you. Faye

I have not received any reports on Franklin, NC. While researching Franklin, I did find a labyrinth park in Otto, a city near there. I hope this helps. - J


Hello. Was wondering if cave creek Arizona was under any ley lines, or be a possible spot for energy concentration. There are lots of petroglyphs around, mineral deposits, gold, copper, silver, etc, and a cane that is a possible wormhole or time portal. Many incentive, eccentric, and energetic people seem to congregate here.

It's close enough to Sedona to be a possible spot for energy concentrations. I would like to hear more about this cane. - J


Would you like finding Bigfoot? Wisconsin Wildlife Watch is an effort to monitor forest wildlife year-round across a network of trail cameras. You could view photos from trapcams that no one else has seen. Search for Sasquatch from your home and help the scientific community at the same time. - J


Awhile ago I a program on TV (I don't remember the channel it was on and I don't remember the title either. All I know is that it was filmed in Algeria and involved a number of scientists. I would like to find a video or be able to watch it again on my iPad. Any advice that you can give me would certainly be appreciated! - John

Search for: History Channel Documentaries Season 2014 Episode 21 S2014E21 The Devil’s Graveyards.
Aired date: Nov 1, 2014 Plot: A scientist searches for answers to his son’s mysterious death in the Algerian desert, and discovers a vortex of unexplained activity similar to the Bermuda Triangle. I could not find a video link that was not removed due to copyright infringement. - J


Hi! We are at our cabin in Colorado. Our land is west of Trinidad between the Spanish Peaks and the Sangre de Christo mountain range. It was called Council Mesa. It was where all of the Council Chiefs met. There is supposedly pictures of them around a ring of stone. It is also said that they met here because there is an energy vortex here. They say is changed their mood and made them happy and that it also healed. We just found this out today but it totally explains why we always feel so chill here. I am part Cherokee and Choctaw so I have always been in tune with spirits of my ancestors. So now to you, please tell me how do I find that energy vortex? Thank you - Jennifer

How interesting! I suggest you follow the spirits you are in tune with to help find the vortex. I could not find any information on this location, but I am not done researching yet. I will update this post with any links I find. - J


Hi, I was wondering if anyone had any information on vortex springs, florida? Great site, thank you! - Anonymous

We have no reports of an energy vortex at this location. It appears to be a divers destination. - J


what kind of equipment is used to detect a vortex? thanks so much - Allan

Great question. If you are referring to energy vortexes, I have experimented with compasses, magnetometers, static detectors, EMF detectors, pendulums, and dowsing rods. You can also measure a person in the vortex, by using a heart rate or blood pressure monitor, electrodermal activity monitor (measures the conductance of the skin), or a brain wave monitor. Find out more here. - J


I am glad I found your website because it shed some light on something that happened to me a couple months ago. I was driving from Maine to Cn. To visit a friend and I thought I was almost there, when I realized I was driving North on the same interstate, which I had been traveling South on and I had backtracked to within 70 miles of Boston!!! I have absolutely no recollection of exiting the freeway and getting back on again in the wrong direction. After looking at your map, I realized I was in the Bridgewater Triangle when it happened. Also, vortexes do move, or at least the healing part can and will move if it is contaminated with too much sick energy. The first time I went to Sedona I arrived at 2am and did not have a map of the vortexes. I was guided to a healing Vortex and advised to sleep in it, which I did. My guide identified herself as the White Buffalo Psychic and she told me the vortexes had moved. The next day I got a map of the vortexes and discovered I had slept near bell rock, but not where the Vortex was on the map. There was much sick energy on Bell Rock. I walked down the trail and reached out and touched a tree - big mistake!! The jolt I received felt like hitting a metal filling with a fork!! Very unpleasant!! - Mary Ann


Hi, I just found your website. Angkor Wat in Siem Reap, Cambodia, ticks more than one box on Vortex type. I knew what a positive Vortex was from visits to Sedona. However, I was really surprised when I encountered such a strong negative Vortex at Angkor Wat. It is documented at other sites on the internet. This was where I first started getting the urge to check other vortexes. I am currently in the UK and came across your site and decided to contribute. I also found two small ones on the Big Island, one was a positive Vortex,but the other one did not fit my definition of a positive or negative Vortex; the energy went up my legs through my body and into my brain and made me feel very sluggish and impaired my speech in the manner of someone who is fall down drunk!!! It lasted about 10 minutes.

Angkor Wat has been added to the new Global Vortex Map. Thank you for this excellent suggestion. - J


Long's Peak CO area vortex.

Hello, I am looking for some assistance to establish a triangulated vortex in the mid Colorado Rockies. Please let me know if there is anyone in your group that would be interested. Thank you Elaine

Long's Peak CO has been added to the new Global Vortex Map. Replies to your request can be made there. - J


I was wondering why Lilydale and Niagara Falls in Western New York aren't listed on the map. - Eve

Thanks, Eve! Lily Dale and Niagara Falls have been added to the new Global Vortex Map. - J


Hello I am curious about what you do for a vortex hunter. After you hunt it down can you close it? I have one in my laundry room confirmed by two mediums. One gave me instructions to close it. However reading on line sounds like this is a moot point. Thoughts? - Susan

Hi Susan, what type of vortex is it, energy, paranormal, etc.? Why do you think you have a vortex, and why do you want to close it? - J


Olympic Peninsula, WA state. - Anonymous

Please send related links and/or your own experience.- J


I have a vortex in my yard and have been trying to find out more for the past 5 yrs. I can feel the vortex as I do energy healing. My wife and a friend are both clairvoyant and they can see this vortex. They see it as spiral like in sacred geometry with roman numeral clock letters up to 12 in gold. My wife also sees water. Is this a time machine? Thanks...Raj Has any one seen a spiral and clock signs before. Its a spiral like a snail - Raj


Please could you confirm what energy lines the twin towers and tower seven were built on in New York? Was there a 'Stargate' or major crossing of leylines. - Jean

Great question! However, I did not find any major ley lines that crossed this spot. - J


There are several gates located on and around Heartwood Institute in Northern California. - Anonymous


Lake Michigan Triangle Vortex - I've sailed the waters on commercial vessels. It is a strange area with an odd feel to it. The main traffic lanes are on the West side of the lake. I never liked going down the East side after the first break down. Was a stormy night it was when the engine just stopped like the devil himself stuck his finger in the prop. No damage - couldn't have touched bottom. Just plain scary. - Anonymous



My friend and I visited the vortex on a cloudy morning on 11.03.2015. We stood inside it taking panoramic photos and admiring the unique 360 view for about 6-7 mins. As we began to exit we both at the same time felt a pleasant, light tingling sensation and a slight energy rush. It was unexpected but totally undeniable. - Anonymous

Thanks for sharing your experience! - J


I read a post about a Bandera vortex Polly's peak. I live downstream and strongly believe there is a cave system under my land. i was told there was by several people when I brought property and unfortunately had to cover and fill in obvious entrances so no one would accidental fall in them and break legs. I am certain that activity is coming from underground now. I live on a 60 foot solid foot bluff overlooking the horseshoe bend in the Medina River. There are springs coming from underground. There is an incredible water grotto 4 lots away with a 40 foot open cave surround the water grotto. I hear things constantly now underground that sound like slamming doors. Several years ago a vortex came while I was gone and took out two enormous trees and missed my home by 6 inches. This is a very unique piece of property and I am looking for someone to discover the cave system. Especially now that I am hearing constant activity underground. I think I am sitting on a treasure. Who can use equipment to sort of do something like a sonogram...for lack of the proper word before digging blindly? - Cynthia

Hi Cynthia, it does sound like you live on a unique property. If you do an internet search for ground penetrating radar in your state, you will find places that you can rent this type of equipment. - J


Middleton top high peak trail matlock, I have found what i believe is a vortex in the above location, i have a photograph of this. - Yvonne



Last night as I was taking photographs of a bunch of paper bits my cat had ripped and left on the dining room rug, I noticed that through the viewfinder I could see all sorts of bits flying though the air. There was nothing flying through the air. Often when I photograph in my house orbs and swirls appear in the viewfinder yet rarely caught in the photo. Last night I repeatedly snapped shots and had one where there was a calm "eye" like a tornado off center and the rest of the photo was a smeared tornado. The next photo had no strange happening and appears as reality. A photographer friend suggested that perhaps I had moved the camera and created the image of the vortex but I was unable to do anything that looked remotely like this one photo. In another photo the scene appeared very much like normal except I caught some things floating through the air. - Janel



Crabtree Falls the title of tallest vertical drop in a waterfall east of the Mississippi River. Twenty-nine people have fallen to their deaths from leaving the trail to climb too close to the waterfalls - so stay on the marked path. - VH134

Thank you! Crabtree Falls has been added to the vortex map. - J


Try Writing on Stone in southeast Alberta. I live nearby in Lethbridge. The energy there is magnificent! - Anonymous

Great suggestion! Writing on Stone has been added to the Vortex Map. That whole area is special for sure. Milk River (the town) is seriously one of my favorite places on Earth. My friends tell me I need to get out more. - J


Middleton top high peak trail matlock, I have found what i believe is a vortex in the above location, i have a photograph of this. - Anonymous

Please send your photo and directions to the vortex. - J


Hi, I am headed back to the territories tomorrow, specifically Yellowknife... I've spent my younger years in these areas with the eastern arctic.... Considering the northern light phenomenon enough to arouse the soul... Consider where earth has produced her rich deposits of gold and diamonds... The Yellowknife area as above so below, as below so above the old axiom tells a story. I found your site one day as i intuitively felt the energy in Cochrane Alberta... I was staying in a hotel along the river... I could not deny the energy in this area, there was a pool in the basement, being aware of the grounding of the area with the leaking pool water..... I felt amazing in this pool. I got curious and researched energy in the area and found your site Thanks, Greg


im not sure what type of vortex I have. I just know My water runs backwards. There has been electrical problems..light bulbs are known to explode. My son has owned this property for 14 years, it has always been a vacation cabin. I now live here all year round. So far only 2 spirits have made their presence known. I'm sending this letter on the off chance you might be able to give me, or direct me to finding out more info. - Eve

Please send us an address, GPS coordinates or a Google Map link to investigate further. - J


www.golakehavasu.com, search vortex energy sites, print pdf map. Nine mapped and more in the area. - Holly

Thanks! Lake Havasu, Arizona has been added to the Vortex Map. - J


Hi there, I am very interested in the post from August 18th from someone on Vancouver Island where I live. Did they ever write back with GPS coordinates or anything... - Ashleigh

Me too, Ashleigh. I haven't heard anything back. - J


1330 Eddowes Rd, Warminster, PA. This is a unique Healing Center, it is supported within the community. There is a powerful family with clairvoyant and energy healing gifts. The eldest has proclaimed this site as an Energy Vortex. I was unsure of what that was, until I found this site. - Anonymous

We need more information about this vortex claim. Please email photos, audio, video or internet links.- J


Please help me celebrate the release of my book - The Wonder of You: What the Near Death Experience Tells You About Yourself. And if you would send this on to others I would be most grateful. - Lynn Russell


I found so many of your blog entries interesting, why is it that you have stopped writing for the last 3 months or so. Will your group continue to work on it research? - Anonymous

You're right. People have sent in some really interesting emails since May, that I have not posted until now. You will find them all on the blog page.

I have been working on a new site, exclusively for the vortex map. It's almost finished. Please check it out if you get a chance.

I'm also working on updating this site as a paranormal and vortex blog site that is more self-maintaining.

Thanks for caring. It has a huge impact on this end. - J


Your list of vortexes missed one in northern CA just south of Piercy. It's called Confusion Hill. I've been there a few times. Pretty convincing. - Fs

Thank you. This vortex has been registered on the new Vortex Map web site.

All future vortex location suggestions should be submitted here. - J


I sent a mssg to your page I hope you read it. I know exact location of vortex on vancouver island. it isn't a place you would want to be when the sun goes down. There you can observe strange rock formations. it is the highest point in a place called the Highlands it over looks the main hwy that connects victoria and the rest of island (Duncan and onwards) when sun goes down the energy shuffles the grass and has been heard breaking branches while moving. friends and myself do not enter area after dark anymore. it's very overpowering energy in this area. I must add the area has been for sale for years.. it is not habitable. Noone has bought it. old century homes remain and the strange rock formations as well. Noone can live there. - Anonymous

Interesting. Please write us and explain how to get there from Duncan Meadows Golf Course (not joking) or send Google Map link or GPS coordinates. - J


Hi, my name ********. I am from the salida, CO area, my family has owned property in the San Luis valley for many years. I recently visited Crestone, CO for the annual music festival and experienced VERY VERY unusual energies. I am very concerned as to the possibility of there being a gate to hell on my mothers property in between salida and poncha springs. I would like some insight as to what is surrounding the area that would cause this. If you could please get in contact with me for further discussion I would greatly appreciate it you can reach me by email at...

We sent you an email regarding this matter. - J


Are there any vortexes in Washington State? Thanks! - carolina

Hey Carolina, no one has registered a vortex with us in Washington State (that doesn't mean there isn't one). - J


Shepherdstown, West Virginia -- Ley line, Geodetic line and town water run intersect. Also adjacent to a lot of limestone. Shepherdstown is in the Eastern Panhandle of West Virginia near where Maryland, Va and WV come together. This Vortex is known as a calming and attracting presence located on the spot where the town founder built his home, a fort, the court house and the university. - Anonymous

This vortex has been added to the new Global Vortex Map. - J


I believe that Melville, Louisiana is a vortex: spiritual, UFO/ETs, energy, etc. During the year 1973 or 1974, I and other school children have witnessed an enormous amount of angel hair falling from the sky out in the field of the school. This was during the day and there were no clouds. When the angel hair touched anything, us, the grass, the trees, etc. it would immediately disappear. Also I have photographed orbs and sometimes unusual sounds. The unusual sounds could be coming from telephone or electric wires, but the dog's would bark just prior to hearing it and the dogs would continue to bark while the sound continued to progress. - Anonymous

Hi, we need more information about this vortex claim. Please email photos, audio, video or internet links.- J


Watertown, New York Thompson Park Energy Vortex - Anonymous

Excellent suggestion. This vortex has been added to the new Global Vortex Map. - J


Just visited the rock (bell rock). Parked in the vista area and headed up the trail I felt the energy agonist immediately and right up close to the rock from the trail side it had a definite pull down Anyway that was my sense of it. Thanks for your web site Bob


Please do you know somebody in europe that could study a huge vortex in south spain? thanks. - noa

No, but maybe a vortex researcher in Spain will read this and write in. - J


Where: Outside the Springhill Suites Hotel located on Main Street in Grand Junction, Colorado. When: May, 2015 Who: A female in her late 50s with no medical condition that would cause this. What was felt: While on the hotel grounds, several times during the week I was staying there I noticed a strange physical sensation of gravity beneath me greatly pulling me to the ground - like the area had an extra-strong gravitational pull towards the earth. I only felt this sensation through my feet and lower legs -- the intense pull of gravity. I have never felt this occur in my life until that week in Grand Junction. Almost 2 months have passed and I have had no physical sensation like that reoccur. I wondered if perhaps there could be some sort of underground facility in downtown Grand Junction beneath where the hotel is situated. And wondered if perhaps there could be some geological explanation i.e. condensed minerals of some sort in the region. Lastly I pondered the possibility of perhaps there could be an energy vortex at that site. One wouldn't expect to discover a vortex near a hotel entrance in a downtown area of a city. My research as to underground regions, geological possibilities etc. for that area turned up nothing. The sensation did not affect my sense of balance, did not cause my head to feel light and I felt no spinning sensation. I simply felt a strong gravitational pull beneath me with my feet on the ground. - Anonymous

Thank you. When we are in the area, we will check this out. - J


When: In the early 1980s Where: southeast of Gillette, Wyoming Who: Woman who was in her late 20s when this occurred. What: While working in sagebrush covered land, our crew walked up to a slightly sunken area where there were several trees. With few trees nearby, the shade from them was welcome with the summer heat. We sat down on the ground and were drinking water, taking a break. The area was only about 200 - 300 feet in diameter. I got up to walk around and felt an odd physical essence about the spot. It was like there was a coolness/dampness/something compelling about the area that I could not put my finger on as to what it was that made me feel drawn to it. It was not the shade, not the trees. It wasn't a scenic but was a rather plain spot. What attracted me was that I felt there was something beneath the ground there. The Black Hills of South Dakota is several hours east of that area, and I know the Black Hills has caverns. However, I am not aware of any caverns in eastern Wyoming. We then went back to work, and it was with reluctance I left the spot -- I sensed the sunken spot held a secret, within the earth that lay below it. - Anonymous


Red Rock Thermal Hot Springs in Monroe, Utah. Lots of energy and link to spirit world. Feels sacred.

Hi, we need more information about this vortex claim. Please email photos, audio, video or internet links.- J


I recently visited the UFO Watchtower near Alamosa, Colorado. There are 3 dimensional vortexes said to exist on the property just outside the visitor and gift center. While never "feeling" anything during visits to vortexes in Sedona and on the Queen Mary, I must confess to sensing/feeling something at the Watchtower vortex - like a swirl of soft serve ice cream coming out of the ground. Have you or will you be investigating this particular event and area? Thanks, Tony


I found a vortex in Bailey, CO. It is up a dirt trail on the top of a mountain. It is on a property where the house is for sale. Very cool. The people I have taken up there get dizzy and sick stomachs. I always get a swirly stomach and goosebumps. Get back to me if you want to see pictures. - angel

We ALWAYS want to see the pictures. - J


Please investigate Orange Park, FL for Vortex energy. I have lived here three years and have witnessed first hand storm after storm going around the area just before the doctor's lake bridge. - Anonymous

Hi, we need more information about this vortex claim. Please email photos, audio, video or internet links.- J


Are their any vortexes in the areas in the area round the poconos mountains? What if someone inadvertently tapped into one, if that happened. What are the possible implications? - Anonymous


West Yakima, Wa. ***** This is my sons property and for the past year I have consistently experienced a powerful vortex or magnetic pull on his yard. It pulls me off balance and makes it very difficult to walk. (similar to Gold Hill Or) have been there twice. Heat and needles come up into my feet if I am sitting on a chair. Walking across it becomes more difficult the longer I am on the area about (20 minutes) They do not feel anything. What do you think this might be? - Lola

We sent you an email regarding this matter. - J


Hi My name is Naomi and I saw some golden orbs floating in my room, this is in daylight time I don't take drugs. I had a photo of a friend he passed away not along ago. Do you want to hear more?

Of course! - J


I live in Florida but have been drawn like a magnet to Pilot Mountain, NC since 1997. There is a feeling of peace and tranquility at the main observation point, and on the trail around the dome of Pilot Mountain. Not to far away in VA on US 58 is Lover's Leap. There is a park there loaded with rose quartz. A very strong energy field comes from here. I go to the Pilot Mountain area every year, and feel renewed when I return to Florida. - David


Over the weekend I visited Black Mountain, NC and Camp Rockmount Just west of town. I experienced a Feeling like I had only once felt Years ago in Sedona, Az. Just trying to see if Camp Rockmont At Lake Eden is on a vortex? - Elaine

Hi Elaine, thank you for writing. We have not received any reports of a vortex at Lake Eden. I will add your comments to the Black Mountain vortex page. - J




Hi, i think mystery spot in Santa Cruz, California is a vortex. Been there twice and unable to explain the strange things happening there. It is a privately owned famous attraction site in the middle of Santa Cruz forest. Going up the hill seems like there is a force pulling you down, people's heights changes at the edge of vortex depending if you are in or out of vortex. Non metal objects like cigars roll upward instead of dropping down, you see yourself standing straight on the hill but actually you are not if you look the angle of your foot to your leg. please check out this site or come for a visit. People usually spend hours there and they give you a tour also. Very nice people running the place. Can not wait for your thought on this. Thank you for your informative great site. - Nadi

We hope to visit/investigate the Mystery Spot soon. - J


Nor Sema vortex, Alabama is no longer there... was removed by construction. - Anonymous

Thanks for letting us know! - J


Can you do an investigation on Vermont has a huge energy vortex over it. - David

Hi David, we would need more information to go on. Can you send us some pictures, video or links to web sites on localized Vermont vortex experiences? - J


I wanted to ask if there is a group of vortex hunters in New Jersey? I would like to explore some of these interesting vortexes, but I don't know anyone local who knows about them! Maybe you could help connect me to some people in my area. Thanks! - Danielle

If anyone out there knows of a vortex group in New Jersey, please let us know, so we can forward it to Danielle. - J


I will consider showing the location of what I feel is a vortex to a researcher. - Anonymous

I will keep an eye out for a researcher during my vortex investigations. - J


Located at Mounds Park in St. Paul Mn Right next to the 3 native american burial grounds and overlooking a huge cliff. It is marked in the cement, but is not widely known or talked about. When you stand in the center circle your voice surrounds you but only you can hear the difference. It is mind blowing!! Feels as though it reprograms your brain into being able to believe in all types of things you never thought were possible. in the concrete is a spiral pattern surrounding the circle, and when people move around and stand in different sections, it changes what the person in the center hears too. It made me want to sing at the top of my lungs but my mind was so blown i couldnt remember any songs! I definitely get the feeling that singing or chanting with a group here would trigger something incredible seeing as it is the perfect tool to tune yourself with. - Anonymous


Hi, I'm trying to find a map of let lines that are near or around Pyramid Lake, Nevada near Reno and just outside of Fernley, Nevada. Can you help me with this? - Thomas

For ley line maps visit our friends at Vortex Maps. - J


When I visited the chapel last April I was moved to tears and fell to the floor moment I entered. I have wondered why this happened and learning that this is a vortex finally makes it all understandable. Thank you for making this information available. This year I went every day this last week to meditate and even more amazing things happen to me. So thank you thank you thank you for this information and I wonder if you could recommend any other sources of information regarding this for this vortex. Thank you and blessings. - Ann

Hi Ann, all the information we have on the Chapel of the Holy Cross Vortex is on this page. Thank you greatly for sharing your experience. - J


Lafayette and West Lafayette, Indiana have a tremendous amount of energy. - Anonymous


ufos are living in the mountains around ojai ca 93023. i shot a video of orbs thet came to study me in the night. youtube ufo encounter lion st 330am. its in down town ojai at 330am.ufos are so strong in matilija cayon.all the way to lockwood valley to black mountain. they live in thease mountains harvesting rocks to brush. i see ufo ships come and go all in the day time. when i find them parked in rockformations with in 1 hour they cover up with what looks like wire mesh then some form of brush till its gone camoed into the mountain so many times iv seen this. now i have a way to film them. every day i study them. - mark


Energy as powerful as Sedona. Sara's Crack in the rocks... S.A.R.A Park off Hwy 95 South of Lake Havasu City, AZ. Amazing Grandfather stone formation as you enter the crack in the rocks. - Anonymous


I live in Jacksonville Beach Fl and have felt a vortex pull in south jaxs bch along side of some other activities I saw you're map of vortex but was unclear of where that is Florida can you elaborate thank you. - angel

My apologies Angel, the dots on the map are not exact. We have not received any reports of vortexes in South Jacksonville Beach, Florida. Please let us know if you find one. - J


Black Mountain, NC at the top of it has a powerful energy emission. There is a sacred Triangle of energy under the ground. - Anonymous

Black Mountain has been added to the Vortex Map - J


I am surprised that Glastenbury in Vermont isn't included. Some very strange goings on in that ghost town...disappearances, natives avoiding it, and so on... - Joyce

Thanks, Joyce! You put Vermont on the map. - J


Hi there! I was looking for info on Pyramid Lake in Los Angeles...there's no doubt in my heart that it's a vortex. I feel it every time I drive by and literally have to stop and get out the car and go spend time with the lake!! Just wondering if you have any more information on it? Energetically, it feels very similar to another lake i stumbled upon in Peru...I have no information beyond my intuition that there is some kind of connection and would love to hear if you know anything else about Pyramid Lake! Thank you for all the beautiful work you do. - Nicola

Thank you Nicola, Pyramid Lake, California has been added to the Vortex Map - J


The search engine says you provide GPS coordinates, but I don't see them on your website. I'm just not finding them. Where are the GPS coordinates for the Vortex positions? - Toni

We used to post GPS coordinates for visitors to use on the GPS tracking devices, now we link to Google Maps and Google Earth. When you click on a Google Maps link from Vortex Hunters, look in the Address Bar for the GPS coordinates. - J


In Google Maps, search for the coordinates found in address bar, in this case 36.3938349,-93.7465908, for coordinate conversion.



Hi! I live in antioquia, Colombia , South America. I want to search and find a vortex in my area. There are a lot of mysterious things happen. (Sorry for my english) Can you help me? Please say yes. - Luisa

Hi Luisa, what mysterious things are happening? - J


leylines in boulder colorado? - Anonymous

For leyline maps, contact Dan Shaw at VortexMaps.com


Vortex creation by dipolar vortices (may be suffering from bipolar syndrome). - Anonymous


Black mountain in Australia may be a doorway to another dimension since a lot of people have gone missing here. - Anonymous

Thank you! Black Mountain has been added to the Vortex Map. - J


Ellington, NY - Ellington Isle mystery the town folks in this town say the town is built on top of the remains a once airborne island. a strange monotonous buzzing sound has been heard on FM and AM radio stations here which happens randomly about once every 10 years, if you take a stethoscope to the ground on a very quite, clear, and windless day and you have good hearing, you can hear a odd humming sound sometimes in the summer. local psychics say they have seen a strange vortex over the town that is not like any other they have seen before and it feels strange to them. - Anonymous


I would like to know were it location is in Santa Domingo, Dominican Republic. - Tammy

Hi Tammy, no vortexes have been registered in Santa Domingo. Please let us know if you find one (or more!). - J


I am sending this message to let you know that I believe that I know where a portal/hotspot is. My place of employment is built on an ancient Indian burial ground. The alarm on our back door is continually going off by itself, an award plaque flew off the wall once, toppings have projected outward from there sitting place, the batteries in my headset often drain ridiculously fast, I was shown video footage of our lobby where a 'see-through' dark shadow passed in front of the camera, sometimes, when I'm taking an order and I haven't yet started entering it on the computer, I turn to the screen to hit the button to start but the order is already on the screen (which is electronically impossible without someone actually hitting the button/unless, of course this particular thing is happening due to telekenisis - a skill I actually possess, although, the same thing happened to a coworker a few days back, so it's probably not me), and the diaper changing table in the restroom used to buzz in random, sporatic intervals. When I started to speak aloud to this buzzing, it came on more strong and eventually wouldn't usually start buzzing until I engaged it. One time I asked it where it was because it wasn't buzzing and within 2 minutes, there was a response. I mentioned this to a friend of mine who told me that I shouldn't speak to the spirits because they might follow me home. Well, I don't want that, so the next time I used the restroom, I didn't engage them. However, they slowly engaged me and I ignored them causing them to buzz stronger and faster. I decided to treat them with consideration and gently, politely, and firmly told them that they are dead and that they need to go to the light and it will be ok. There has been no buzzing ever since that conversation. And luckily none of them followed me home. I have worked in this establishment for 7 years. - Christian


Sarasota vortex - I've been living here for over 38 years now. It has gotten crowded with people, due to life have stayed away from the beach. I'm starting to revisit the sands of Siesta Keys and explore it's vortex. - Anonymous

Thank you for sharing. Many blessings to you! - J


I believe I have located a spiritual vortex, It is as a water source there spears there may be a Native American connection. Videos in this are do very odd things or fail. Infared cameras pich up strange cloud type activity. I have seen may example of peaceful tranquility and clarity of visions. Mediums have come by and have seen this as a protected site and when this site is disturbed sad things can happen but with warning first The place throws off good energy and the history is tied back to the witch trials. The problem is even though I have pics people are skeptical of what I have seen even with witnesses. This site is an emensely powerful healing place unlike any I have seen, I have been to Sedona and I know what is said but this place makes that pale, I just do not know what to so as I do not want to upset they energy messages but it getting over run with curosity seekers What do you suggest? - Anonymous

Native American vortex sites can be very powerful and in my opinion are best left undisturbed. If you do enter, approach it with an intention of respect (which it sounds like you do). I suggest keeping the location to yourself and selected friends, but please send us your video and pics to share. - J


I lived in Mtn. View, AR for about 20 years. My wife felt 'drawn' there as did I. How vain we, "The Masters" be. Could it be we over estimate our worth? Are we merely mites on a miniscule molecule called Earth? Could our 'Big Bang' possibly be just some colossal passing gas? I don't know, I just ask. - Bill


Hello, I think that the small town that I live in may be a vortex, but I have no experience with these things and thus I am unsure. The town is Eureka Springs, Arkansas. In the Victorian era it was a town of healing springs, where illnesses were said to be cured. Nowadays, it is home to many psychics and other related professions. Some people say it has an "Earth's Vortex." How do I proceed to figure out whether or not Eureka Springs really is a vortex? - Emma

This is a great question, for which I do not have the answer. I have been "energized" in places like Sedona, but was it an energy vortex or just raised adrenaline levels from the breathtaking views? I'm not sure. I've tried to detect a vortex with a compass, pendulum, divining rods and other devices and I have seen some anomalies, but is that really proof? To me, it comes down to how I feel in a location. If I sense something unusual at a certain place, positive or negative, and those sensations repeat themselves only when I visit there, then that place is an energy vortex to me.

There are valid reasons one might consider that a vortex exists in Eureka Springs. First, it is located in the mystical Ozark Mountains. Further, there was a very famous healing spring, radioactive springs and a magnetic spring that people claimed magnetized any metal object.

America's Most Haunted Hotel, the 1886 Crescent Hotel & Spa, is in Eureka Springs. Some of the best evidence of the paranormal I have seen was captured by Ghost Hunters at The Crescent Hotel and the Ellis House. You probably have heard all of that before, and if you have, I find it admirable that you are still asking questions.

I have added Eureka Springs to the Vortex Map with the hope that others might share their experiences there. It's also been added to our list of places to investigate on our next tour. Can't wait! - J


South point of Isla Mujeres, just west of the mayan goddess Ixchel temple, energy is sometimes positive sometimes negitive incredible view! - Anonymous


Lincoln County, WV - Anonymous


There is a huge Vortex over Enchanted Rock in Central Texas as well as Galveston Completing a grid triangle from Enchanted rock the Yucatan and Galveston TX. This area is Known as the "Heart of the Dove". I am a transmutational energetic alignment technician. peace to you and all our family on earth - Craig

Excellent suggestion! Enchanted Rock has been added to the Vortex Map. - J


I was googling the youtube and I saw a hindu guru saying that if I had a problem it could be resolved by going through a vortex then I saw this I One I sarasota. How does that work? Could you explain me better? Do I go inside only once? Do I have to pay? Etc.. - Monica

I have not heard of vortexes solving problems or I would be potty training my dog in one right now. You might instead consider looking at energy vortexes as places to relax and renew your energy, so you can see your problem more clearly and address it more effectively. The vortex in Sarasota is claimed to be the entire area, so you should not have to pay to access the energy there. Many blessings to you, Monica! - J


The parking lot of the White Spot restaurant on west Broadway in Vancouver. Might have just been a massive electrical charge exiting my car and using me as a ground, but it felt like a tremor, the ground felt worbley under my feet and I felt dizzy, nobody else felt it.


Could it be a possibility that the UFO'S use the vortexes as energy stations for refueling? I have just recently heard of vortexes but would it be a possibility that since they are aligned so perfect and all containg that ISO 26 thing or whatever it is that that could be what the UFO'S not only use as magnetic navigation but also to refuel. Almost how we take oil from the ground and over time it replenishes itself could the magnetic energy be used like that and if so is that why there are so many so that each has sufficient time to recharge to the needed level? I don't know much about this I'm really a newby but I'm very Interested - Austin

Hi Austin, I agree that this is one plausible reason why UFOs might be seen at some vortex sites. Although the magnetic field strength at vortex points can be low, alien technology might use the energy more efficiently or have the ability to store it. I've also read that vortexes and ley lines could be used by interstellar travellers for portals, location markers and directional beacons. -J


A friend of mine told me he bought property in Lake Country, British Columbia Canada because of a vortex energy field being on the property. So I went in the backyard to sit by the campfire site and took off my shoes to be barefoot to find out if it was magnetic and I felt a magnetic energy on my feet so it was a vortex energy field. Harald said they wanted to try to get a alien to land and were practicing a summoning at the same time the worldwide lightworkers groups and new age groups and others were doing the great invocation prayer for light and love and something landed where the vortex energy field was or it could have come up from the ground from another dimension but it was invisible so I don't think it was a alien that landed there. The man who told me about the vortex energy field built a bed and breakfast resort near it and has a store on the property. He allows others to use it including Harald who wanted a alien to land in Lake Country.


I've heard a lot about ley lines. How are they detected and intersections found? I doubt a compass is of much use. There's dowsing like water dowsing, but would that work? How can a leyline or node be identified? The body has such energy sources and flow, It'd stand to reason the earth would. Even biblical reference speaks of the earth as if it's a life cell itself? As in, "the earth will spue thee out". Where funny enough, the galaxy with the sun as a nuceus and planets like electrons is much like an atom. Where I'd appreciate what you can tell me. As I'd like to grasp the concept and identify it. I've also read ley lines travel out the earth and into from space. Similiar to maybe energy transfer of electricity in a transformer. Thank you for your time. - Bert

Hey Bert, thank you for writing. I've thought about these things as well. I am not aware of a definitive method for identifying the location of ley lines, though I have seen dowsers do some amazing things. My main question is that if ley lines are related to the Earth, wouldn't they change as the Earth changes?

Some claim that ley lines intersect at vortex locations, like Stonehenge, and that these vortex points are connected to each other via a straight line, linking Stonehenge to The Great Pyramids for example, creating a World Energy Grid. But the continents have been moving for thousands of years via Plate Tectonics. Are the vortexes still in the same place?

If ley lines were related to the Earth's magnetic field, woudn't they have moved, as the the magnetic north pole is currently drifting by about 10 miles a year?

As you, I, and everything in the known universe is made up of atoms, I like to think that the Earth is a living organism that we do not yet fully understand. Perhaps ley lines, if they exist, are part of that life force. -J


Do you know of any vortex locations (or similar) near the City of San Fernando, in California? Any reports of unusual occurrences, images, cloud formations, visions of angels, etc., in said area?

No reports in that area, but just north of you is where we captured a daytime UFO. Pyramid Lake is claimed to be an energy spot. There is also a place in Gorman/Lebec where the San Andreas fault is closest to the surface that is said to contain energy. -J


I will be visiting the vortex you mentioned near Birmingham Alabama, hope to get there tomorrow. I will email you pictures and my feelings from the site when I get back home. Thanks for making the website available Dylon

Thank you, Dylon! We receive a lot of email about this location. I am interested to know what you discover. -J


Hi - I grew up right around the vortex on your website… my street was right off of Rocky Ridge Road. I am curious as how a vortex is defined, validated and how I can find this particular vortex? Are there other people that know about Birmingham's and Alabama's energy vortexes? I am curious about these things and am not sure where to go for information. Thanks, Merrilee

Hi, Merrilee. Vortexes are validated by people visiting them and letting us know what they did or did not experience. To visit this vortex claim, click on the vortex link above, scroll down and you will find GPS coordinates with a link to Google Maps. -J


Vortexhunters have you a considered requiring those whom register a vortex to take a reading and include pictures of twisted trees to prove that these vortexes instead of sentimental spiritual sites. Nicole

Thanks, Nicole. I wish more people would send in pictures of their vortexes, like Jacki did below. Maybe if we call them 'vortex selfies'? -J


Hello, I visited Edgar Allen Poe's grave site in Baltimore, MD over the past weekend and took some pictures. Not until I got to my computer and downloaded them, did I see this one. I posted it on Facebook and a friend responded with "That's a vortex!". I googled Vortex and found your site. Now I've had this cell phone for a few years and have taken a LOT of pictures. Never, EVER has one come out like this before. Thank you, Jacki from Plantsville, CT

edgar allan poe's grave site vortex

Good catch! -J


Hey are you still around? I want to visit mt shasta to see where the vortex are can you please help me thanks

"There's a fascinating place to explore near Mt. Shasta if you're interested in this kind of phenomenon, where it actually looks like this kind of subtle energy field has imprinted itself upon the environment, effectively shaping, bending and warping it." -Dustin Naef


hi there are there any energy vortices near montreal (even if small)?

Oui. According to the book "Anti-Gravity and the World Grid", there is an energy vortex somewhere just south of Montreal. The hand drawn map is not clear about the exact location. Perhaps Pointe-des-Cascades? - J


Hello What makes someone think there is vortex in Kensington Md , And Where is proof ?? Thanks - Anthony

Hey Anthony, someone registered a vortex location with us in Kensington, MD. It does not mean that there is a vortex there (or anywhere), because as far as I know there is no way of proving a vortex exists, other than a person's feelings while they are in it. It is possible that some people are more in tune with vortexes than others. This particular vortex was investigated thoroughly by a reputible member and has been visited by several others who report strange feelings there. One person said they felt nothing but a little foolish for standing in traffic. That is what Vortex Hunters is about, getting a consensus from people who have actually been there. -J


Is there a vortex around turtle back mountain in Truth or Consequences, New Mexico? - mary

Not that we have heard about, Mary. Please let us know if you find anything. -J


I am fascinated looking at your photos. I do think there is an energy there in the photos. Great Catch Girl. - mysticnirvana


Was not able to send via your other page....have found a vortex in NYC.

Forest Park, Glendale, Queens NYC, NY (yes, New York City). Across the road from the band shell, in a natural gully about 20 feet down and across from band shell from the walkway and road way. Noted trees in the gully have clockwise twisted trunks: ash, oak and elm of a wide range in age all exhibit this growth pattern. No other trees in the area naturally have grown as such. Upon investigation, heavy magnetic field and energy coming from the elder trees, stronger energy coming from the center of the grove. Very accessible, quite surprising actually: feels like a class 2 with a female with strong yang guardian in our communal opinion. Grand central Parkway to Jackie Robinson Parkway, exit woodhaven blvd. Left @ exit towards Woodhaven. Bandshell will be on your left, grove will be on your right..... Two metaphysical practitioners/light workers "discovered" this vortex while hiking the area: we're both natives to Queens and have visited and communed at quite a few other vortex sites. Know the feel and communication there of. by the way, thanks for a great site....I send my students and fellow practitioners to you all the time. - b. ber

Thank you so much for writing and for sharing your expertise in locating energy vortices. -J


airport mesa vortex 1 airport mesa vortex 1

I took these photos from vortex Mesa 1. Wanted to share them with someone,,,, These were taking high noon....from the top of the bluff. Some have said there must have been headlights to cause these images...though you and I both know you can't drive up there...there were no cars, and it was a non cloudy day. I did not see these images as I took the photos...I found them after, while reviewing photos from my day in Sedona. I'm fascinated by them, and would love to know your opinion. I should also note, they were taken with my iPad. 4, so....no flash Thanks....

- Kathy


Hello, I would like to know how to get in touch with the people who found the vortexes in Kensington MD. Thank you.

- Anonymous

Sorry, we do not give any personal information out.


Hey, I've been asking some people I know if there's a vortex in Chicago and I keep getting a "no" or that there is a secret hidden vortex somewhere...I really would like to know for sure if there is a vortex here and it's location. I don't know if you're familiar with Steven Gibbs and his HDR Unit but I have one and I want to test it out. The only problem I see is that if the vortex is nowhere near an outlet I will need to get a portable generator to plug it into.

- Johnny

Hey Johnny, no one has reported a vortex in Chicago (yet). For energy grid points, check www.vortexmaps.com. I had not heard of the HDR before, thank you. I will research this. Take care, J


There is a place in Williams Oregon you can park your car on this hill and put car in neutral and you will roll uphill.

- Joe


I don't know if this is a vortex or not. It was taken at a gym in Santa Maria, CA. I was taking a selfie and I could not see my reflection. I had to wait about 30 seconds before it was clear.

spa vortex

- Martha


On Grand Island NY this city is between Buffalo NY & Niagara Falls NY. The vortex is at Buckhorn Island State Park. This is a nature preserve. It has walking trails on the niagara river This was all indian ground at one time. It is on baseline Road on Grand Island NY. I have 6 pictures that spin like crazy. I walk the trails with my friend & dog twice & I took pics for the fall foliage & when I got home & viewed them they were all spinning . As I went beyond the entrance the pictures became normal.

- cheryl


Curious about Tujunga, California. I am a very intuitive being and was drawn here in 1984. I knew it was the place I wanted to live and just seemed to pull me to the place we would buy. Even though it is in the city of Los Angeles, it doesn't feel like LA. I feel complete peace here. A little investigation about the area revealed it was a sacred place of the Tongva Indians meaning "place of the old woman" (Mother Earth). The Tujunga wash is the intersection of different creeks and rivers that make it's way down from the Los Angeles Crest Mountains notable Mt. Gleason. THE TUJUNGA CANYON CONTACTS by Ann Druffel and D. Scott Rogo talks about 5 alien abductions that took place in 1973, UFO sitings as well as other parapsychological phenomena. There are several ley lines that meet here, from Lemon Grove, Torrance and others. When I looked at your "Dragon Lines" it looks like it moves through here.

- Jackie

Very interesting! We drive by there quite often. And honestly, I get a vibe every time going through that La Tuna Canyon area. Anywhere in peculiar, oops I mean particular, we should look? - Jack


Doorway to other dimension


- Gia from Austria


We have an international campaign to make parents aware of the dangers of Ouija Boards and the fact that they can be downloaded and bought in toy stores. Could you help the campaign by sharing the link below?


- Finton


Is there a vortex in Florida ? - Kay

Hi Kay, thank you for writing. I found three:

Vortexes in Florida


Dillsburg, PA This area can feel so uptight, almost suffocating. People from here seem so fearful and have difficulty connecting to those not "from" here. A few years ago, equakes began outside of town, could be felt back into South Mountain hollow. SM hollow where the Appalachian South mtn takes a turn and a creek runs thru it - is very, very intense at times--not necessarily negative or positive....just super intense. Any insight ?

This is the first report of a vortex in Dillsburg. We'll keep our antennas out for more.


Subject: Bell Rock Vortex. I have been to that vortex. I had the same experience at giant rock. The wind seemed to go 50 mph around me while standing atop the flat rock between courthouse butte and bell rock. The same thing happened at giant rock where the rock split. - Kimberli


You may enjoy my website where I post photographs of the crystal skulls that belonged to the Chief of the Cherokee (now deceased) Two skulls light up and shows holograms that match pictographs, orb photos, crop circles and cymatic symbols on ancient Sumerian Documents. I have also photographed holograms of light created in Dolmens in Montana by the Tibetan Bowls. Don't miss ORBS-CROP CIRCLES PAGE or the time tunnel photo on STAR NATIONS PAGE. Enjoyed your site. - Julie Ryder http://www.galacticfacets.com/

Hi Julie, I found your web site quite interesting and I learned about a new type of vortex in a dolmen. Thank you! - J


Please tell me if there is a vortex near Tioga county pa. I have forest friends that appear to use these to travel, but I had to move away. Thank you! - sharon

Hi, this is the first report of a vortex in Tioga county. We would love to hear about your forest friends! - J


I was hiking on the Cathedral Rock Trail in Sedona that goes behind the back of Cathedral Rock from Hwy 179 and I took this picture. What do you think? - Traci

cathedral rock sedona

Nice shot! - J


i was looking at my pond and there was a vortex moving very slowly ...why is what i would like to know... it is pretty laden with algae and we do have natural habitat living there. I have been visited by a great blue heron daily for three days now. What would create a vortex in my pond? - tamara

Hi Tamara, a few questions please. Where are you located? How big is the pond? Can you send video of the vortex in action? (with the blue heron would be awesome) - J


Hello, We think we may have found a vortex. Please take a look at our website:

Our Adventures With Orbs and Mist


Two recent Youtube videos showing different anomolies found on Google Moon

Alien base on Moon?

Alien Base Found On Google Moon, August 2014


I dont know if you guys have heard about the bridgewater triangle in massachusetts where all types of vortexes you guys have listed on this site

Good suggestion! The Bridgewater Triangle has been added to the Vortex Map - J


My children and I were there yesterday (8/8/2014) and we were hiking around a bit. My oldest daughter and I really felt the energy. My youngest daughter was afraid of bugs, snakes and lizards so she refused to go to far up the trail. However, you really can feel the energy coming from Bell Rock. It was an amazing feeling and I can't begin to explain what it was like. One thing that was peculiar is my youngest daughter looked at the palms of her hands and they were extremely white and then we all looked at our hands and they looked extremely white. It is strange because we had differing activity levels and withe the heat they should have been pinkish. - Teresia

That's strange. There was another report of skin issues in Boynton Canyon on 7/22 (below). Hmmmmm. - J


Would you please tell me what area may be described as between Philadelphia and New York Cities, in the foothills of Eastern Pennsylvania, connected to intersecting earth ley lines and a location of significant energetic events in U.S. history? Also, near the Transcendental Meditation Center.

If anyone has an answer for this question, please let us know. - J


New geoglyphs found in Nazca desert after sandstorm

Nasca Astronaut

Nasca Astronaut 2007 08 by Raymond Ostertag - photo taken by you. Licensed under CC BY-SA 3.0 via Wikimedia Commons.


there is a hopi vortex that opens every 26,000 years at four corners in new mexico.

Four Corners Vortex has been added to the Vortex Map. Thank you! - J


Hello, I did not see any vortexes in Nevada? Carson city, Pyramid Lake, Las Vegas to mention a few???

Pyramid Lake has been added to the Vortex Map. Thank you! - J


unknown lights

More interesting photos from Arkansas.


I am told there are vortexs in fountain hills, az. Where are they? I see a mountain on Shea at the edge of town that always had large writings and numbers engraved in the dirt as I am driving. I ask my friends if they see this. They say No. I see this.

We have no reports of vortexes in this area. - J


I have been in arkansas since 2012 dec. long story short, I have been getting amazing photos of things that absolutely have to be from other dimensions! they are not visable to the eyes, but consistantly show up on my digital camera. It started with orbs,all kinds of orbs ,but the more photos i took it has progressed to much more and i go out in my yard sometimes several times a week just to take photos to see what pops in! - karen

arkansas vortex

See Karen's photos


Indian Wells Country Club [California] (The private older club). On the golf course area close to the mountain area. (twice while sitting in the cart, disliking golf;)...over a year span) I would just be feeling hot and ooky. When we drove to the end of the course by the only mountain area...I would feel cool and calm and totally peaceful. I embraced that spot and I know I am sensitive to vortex flows. I have also felt it in Ojai. Unfortunately in Ojai I was sensing first all the others negative energy that were living there for healing. I am blessed.


Hi, I live in Lovettsville, VA. I have been looking for a map to see if there are any Ley Lines or Vortexes near or around Lovettsville. I was wondering if you could point me in the right direction or provide any insight.

Only Runions Creek Bridge in Va. has been registered with Vortex Hunters. You can check with www.vortexmaps.com for ley line info. Please let us know if you find one! - J


My husband and I went to Boynton Canyon in Sedona today. When we came down, my husbands skin looked yellowish green, almost jaundiced. Have you heard of this happening before? I also am very shaky today after. Not in a bad way, just still effected. Any insight would be great. Thanks, Libby

I've never heard of this happening. It must have been pretty hot there today. Could it have been dehydration? If it is windy, maybe it was dust? I hope that you both feel better soon! - J


Didn't see Crestone Colorado on the USA Vortex map, here's some links on the area. This is truly a very special place. The Crestone area, which includes the Baca Grande and Moffat, Colorado, is a spiritual and new age center with several world religions represented, including: a Hindu temple, a Zen center, a co-ed Carmelite monastery, several Tibetan Buddhist centers, and miscellaneous New Age happenings. Enjoy, Don

Crestone has been added to the Vortex Map. Thank you! - J


The city of Denver manifested through the Boulder, Colorado (Flatiron Mountains) Vortex. When California, New England, and Gulf States are flooded by melting Antarctic ice sheets and rising sea levels, the Capitol will be moved to Colorado on the great red Mesa looking down across the Great Plains. A centrally located mountain Capitol guided by the United Nations chapter in Boulder will assist with disaster relief and move us into a new age (the fifth world) of technology and abundance. Add it to the map! - Melchizedek


I think you have forgotten the world oldest free standing Neolithic temples in the island of malta the vortex is on the whole island. - Ian

I didn't forget. I was spiritually napping. Malta has been added to the Vortex Map. Cheers. - J


Canadian Vortex in Ontario. In a hypnosis session I did, I inquired why the region in Prince Edward County was significant to me, and I responded that there was a vortex there. After doing some research I found documentation about the Marysburgh Vortex. - Anonymous

Thanks! The Marysburgh Vortex has been added to the Vortex Map. - J


Possible areas in Europe Mount Bugarach in France, Bosnian Pyramids. is anyone looking at these places? - Sandra

Thank you, Sandra! Mount Bugarach has been added to the Vortex Map. I did not see enough evidence to support adding the Bosnian Pyramids, but it was an interesting subject to study. - J


Hi, My name is Melissa. I am interested in finding out more about negative energy vortices and the records of missing people/planes/ships in these areas. Do you have any information on this topic?

All the information we have is on the web site. - J


NY Times article - Study shows humans can sense magnetic fields - J


Slide Fire expected to double before it it's controlled. What you need to know if you're headed to Sedona. - J


Are their any high point or vortex's in Cumberland , Maryland or charleston , SC? -Renee

I would think there are vortexes in Cumberland and Charleston, but none have been sent in to us. We have one vortex registered in Maryland: - J


I am interested in working with others to identify vortexes in New Mexico. As a physicist I developed my own private theory on the nature of vortexes. I am looking for others who can help fund research/trips to various locations to find periodic portals / vortexes in space-time. -reg

We will contact you when we are in the area. We have several investigations planned there. If any one out there knows of vortex locations in N.M., please post it here. - J


Hello, I am interested in any vortexes in the Caribbean, central america/ aruba tropical locations. Basically any vacation spots that are also high energy spots - I was recently in Tullum Temple in Mexico. Any help would be appreciated. Thank you! Supriya

I have heard that Belize and Costa Rica have high energy spots. Tikal is a location where a friend of mine had a deeply spiritual experience. - J


Hi.. I am trying to find good energy lines for washington state. According to maps I have seen there are ones that run up the whole west coast and alaska. I am in washington. I was hoping to be able to find one fairly close so I may go meditate there. If you know where I can find them here so I may spend more time meditating with in these energy fields Or if you can tell me how I can find them myself.. I would appreciate it. Thank you.

For energy grid maps try our friends at:



We passed this morning the visitor center in Marfa @ 4.15, just after the lunar exclipse and all the electronics went out in our truck. Right at the visitor center. Can some one explain pls ? We did not see the lights.

No idea. I've heard it is an interesting place. We plan to check out the Marfa Lights soon. -J


I was trying to take a photo with my iPhone at a place on my property that I feel is special. The photo I was trying to take were distorted. I thought there was a problem with my phone. Since that date I hired a dozier to locate water for a possible well on my property. When we got to this "special" area on the property he claimed it was a vortex! I had forgotten about the photos until the other day when I was pursuing through my phone's photos and came across one of the distorted photos. I would like someone to look to reconfirm that it could/is from an energy vortex. Thanks.

spiral energy

My camera however wasn't moving. I kept trying to take a photo and the effect I sent was all I was getting.


Pilot Mt, NC Native American and Early Colonial Landmark From Winston-Salem, take 52 North about 45 minutes

Pilot Mount, North Carolina has been added to the Vortex Map. -J


Asheville, NC has MAJOR healing energy Nearby is Mt. Mitchell, the tallest peak East of Mississippi

Asheville, North Carolina has been added to the Vortex Map. -J


I have heard it said that there is a Vortex in Virginia Beach, Virginia near the Edgar Cayce Center aka The Association for Research and Enlightenment (A.R.E.) - Dawn

I couldn't find much info on vortexes in Virginia Beach. Though every place I have been to in Virginia feels special to me. Love the energy in that state. I did find this quote in a blog. -J

"One of the things interesting about the Cayce prophecy about Virginia Beach being safe is the idea of there being an energy vortex around the 66-67th street area of the oceanfront. Apparently there was some controversy about where the ARE center could go as Cayce wanted it to be built on the ocean front where it is instead built about a block off the beach. There is a small mysterious military outlook station that is there directly on the beach at 67th street where as the center was not allowed to be built there because the military wanted that same space. I also do not think there is any coincidence that there is such a high buildup of the military in the Virginia Beach area."


I live near Benton Harbor MI. one of the points of the michigan triangel. in my area there are mutpul areas there time seems to change. - Alex

Thanks, Alex. The Lake Michigan Triangle has been added to the Vortex Map. -J


Mount Shasta's name meaning is Karuk. Úytaahkoo or "White Mountain".


I have a positive vortex on my land in boquete panama. I want to know if this will increase the worth of my land? and if it can be used for good things if i sell it.

From what I have read about energy vortexes, your intention is everything. If your intentions are good, then good things will come from it. Good luck with your property.


Large field at Fort Ancient behind parking area. Several vortices, some clockwise, some counterclockwise. They have have upflow and downflow points.

Interesting location. Please send directions.


Why is it that there are no known vortexes in Minnesota? Is this an exhaustive list, or is it still being added to? How would I go about locating one? Could collective Merkabah activation have any effect on these location points, in your opinion?

The Vortex Map is continually being updated. We add locations when visitors suggest them and share a personal experience, or evidence in the form of photos, videos or links. For vortex locations along the claimed World Energy Grid, try our friends at vortexmaps.com. Regarding collective Merkabah activation, I believe the human mind is limitless.


Lake Meade PA near East Berlin



The Marfa Lights have been added the the Vortex Map.



If people are reporting all these vortexes, why don't they show on the USA map? Why report them if they don't get recorded on the map? Also why do most questions go unanswered even by the administrator of this site? Yes I think this should be posted as I am sure others are wondering the same thing. Eventually people may not post what they find. Thanks very much! - Anonymous

Common reasons reported vortices do not make the map:
1) The person has not actually been there, they have only heard about it.
2) No picture or video attachment.
3) No specific location or directions.
4) No Pay-to-Visit vortexes.

There are many locations that visitors have suggested that should be on the map, with or without personal evidence, (like the well documented Marfa lights). I'll work on that.

In regard to answering visitors questions, just like in life, I'm pretty quiet and usually speak only when I have something to say. Having visited many vortex sites, I still do not have a clue how they work, nor am I certain that they exist at all.

Many of the visitors here that ask questions, especially those who are more in tune with the energies around us, know much more than I do
. I will work on making it easier to post and to comment on posts, so if I don't have an answer, maybe someone else does.

Thank you for writing!



Have you checked out the "House of Mystery" in Montana? Here is the link. http://www.montanavortex.com/ My husband is a good German and "skeptical" does not begin to define his determination to NOT believe in this site (or any other) Although there is a structure of "illusion" which is set up to entertain the tourists, trees growing sideways, for instance, are a natural phenomenon on the property. As soon as we entered the parking lot, my husband began feeling slightly dizzy. By the time we left he was nauseated and it continued well into the evening. He now admits that there is "something" strange about that place, and when I wanted to return with friends a few years later, he actually became angry that I even suggested it. I still have not returned. :) - Cynthia


Recently I sent a letter through the contact us option about Reedley California and I saw that someone else posted something about that area. There is something very spiritually wrong about that place...in particular "Reedley Beach" which is actually part of the Kings River. I don't know if it is a vortex, but the place drains you. I lived there for a while and listened to many of the locals claims and experienced many of them myself. The underlining theme seems to be the dead. Ghosts and spirits. I'm a budding psychic and would love to tell you what I've experienced, but to be honest the place is strong enough for every day people to notice. If you care for more information don't fear asking me for it.

We would love to hear of any experiences you had at this location. Thank you! vh1


I was hoping to learn why Fresno is on the list in California. I lived in a small town named Reedley very near to Fresno and strange things happened in that town. Some of the locals opened up to me and told me that the town is hiding something and that the cover up is supposed to be connected to the large number of churches. The place was toxic to humans, but the plants liked it there. I ended up moving to Mount Shasta before I knew what a vortex was to get away from Reedley... guess I have a sort of antenna for this. Anyways, what I saw and heard there has always plagued my mind since I left and was hoping you could give me more information on that particular vortex so I can put the dots together. Thanks for taking the time to read my letter.

Our friends at Salo Sounds may be able to give you more info on this vortex. vh1


There are several vortexes in Ohio. The most well known is the Area of The Great Serpent Mound in Adams County Ohio. The Serpent Mound sits above the site of an ancient Meteor strike. This is a very sacred area of Ohio. - Mike

Thank you! The Great Serpent Mound has been added to the global vortex map. vh1


Was in Alpine and Marfa Texas two weeks ago, I feel like these places are high energy, vortex activity for sure in the area where the Marfa lights occurs...Terlingua, and Big Bend are places to check out, Balmorea springs too....I am very impressed with west texas as a whole. - Angel


First of all, I love your website!I live in New York City, where I had no success so far to locate a vortex. However, I read on your past posted blog, that someone - named Z - wrote in April this year, that he found a vortex in Budaors ( Budapest, Hungary). I am planning to go to Hungary for the holidays, and would like to visit this location - vortex. The person mentions a photo of the place. Is there any chance you would be able to get the picture from him? - Sylvia

Thank you for your kind words. We do not have a photo of a vortex in Hungary. Please send a vortex picture to us if you find the opportunity. vh1


I am living near Asheville, NC. I've been told this area is a vortex but I don't see it on your map. Do you not think this is a vortex?

Thank you. Asheville, North Carolina has been added to the Vortex Map.


Basically, I am trying to figure out how to measure the area that I recently moved to in Pagosa Springs, Colorado. We have the deepest geothermal hot mineral springs in the entire world located here. There is an amazing, peaceful energy that is similar to other vortex sites that I have been to, like Sedona and in Glastonbury England. I believe we have many vortex sites here including Chimney Rock, (may be a portal) which is an ancient lunar standstill built by the Pueblo Indians. So I want to figure out how to measure the energy in order to locate exact sites. No one seems to be mentioning this area as a vortex site, yet the residents and people drawn here will tell you that it has a special energy that you can easily feel. We are also in an area that is sparsely populated. I know this area is special and I want to figure out why. ? By the way, we are in the same region as Mesa Verde but further East.

Thanks for your help! Dejuana

In regard to how to measure vortex energy, I do not know. Some have used compasses, some believe that a good pendulum will work, or divining rods. I have witnessed interesting results with a pendulum and divining rods.

The best results were with a biometer. A psychic wore a meter on her fingertips, which measures electrodermal activity. When she stepped onto the spot that was claimed to be the center of the vortex, the meter jumped. When she stepped out, it went back to normal.

So, if you are sensitive to vortex energies, the best way to measure vortex strength may be your own feelings.

This looks like an interesting location, thank you for suggesting it. I have added Chimney Rock to the Global Vortex map. If you are able to pinpoint any specific spot of energy, please let us know. We have an investigation planned for this spring in Durango.



What do you know about the vortexes around Nashville tn? I have found some. Some good. Some not so good . - Lauren


Hello I would like to suggest Slavs Magic Mountain in Poland. The name is Mount ???. Top was the center of Slavs Solar Deity - its origins are date back to the Bronze Age. This place was one of the biggest secrets of Nazis during WWII. Now we know that over there was tested Hitler Anti-gravity Vehicles There are many reported cases of UFO in this region, strange energy's and local legends -Arturo


I live in Kensington, MD and according to the map I have a vortex nearby. How do I find out where this vortex is and what does it do? thanks rick

Triskele vortex Scroll down. vh1


Thought you might be interested in these photos I took while visiting Bell Rock Vortex two years ago....If you enlarge #0160.....you will see Images........Any feedback would be much appreciated . ...John

Very cool. Thanks!


Thank you for your valuable time and information. I recommend Runion Creek Covered Bridge for further investigation. The ride was from the North through Winchester and South 81 to Rockingham County, Virginia RT259 to RT610 turning past a Chapel and narrow Rock Formation.

Our visit consisted of a short walk from a dirt road to the Bridge. No visible identification marked the Location or Structure. The secluded Structure stood suspended over Runions Creek's sacred flow undaunted by nearby children's voices and the occasional passing car.

The visit lasted for nearly an hour for picture taking, foliage and wildlife observations. Fallen maple leaves were large early in the Season.

The Event had been carefully planned and coordinated to coincide with the Journey home and sensory observations appear bias.

The remaining Trip through Mountain Ranges was showered in moisture until the State Line, where the Sky appeared and the Rain subsided to reveal the Largest and Widest Double Rainbow covering the adjacent Valley and North Carolina State Line.

Moments before Dusk, allowed a brief moment to ponder what eyes had seen and Hearts had felt.


I was told there is portal on the NE face of Mt Shasta at about tree line. Have you heard anything about it?

No, but we have no specific location for a vortex there. I posted your comment on the Mount Shasta page.


hi there, i believe as you do in energy vortex's and strongly believe that stone henge is a major energy vortex, i am also a strong believer of ufo and usos i would love to help in any way or even over see one of your searchs if possible.


I was wondering why Gold Hill vortex wasn't included in Oregon's vortexes. It is a place you can visit and feel the effects...A tour included. Can people visit the island on Crater Lake and the Vortex?

Big Jim

Fort Tejon, CA is haunted everyone in Frazier Park knows about it. As a matter of fact downtown Frazier Park is almost 90% haunted.


I sent you a note yesterday regarding my impressions of energy at Eureka Springs and Hot Springs, AR. Looking forward to hearing from you on that. I would also like to know if there has ever been any vortex activity near ancient Indian burial grounds. Specifically, Spiro Mounds in Spiro, OK or at Cahokia Mounds in Illinois. Both of these locations were both burial grounds and ancient centers of Native American worship.


I have been to Sedona while on a two week business trip to Phoenix. On the weekend, he and I drove to Sedona. I felt the energy starting to concentrate within five miles of the community. I've felt that way only two other times. Both in Arkansas. I felt the same Sedona type energy in Eureka Springs and in Hot Springs. I would be curious to know if anyone else has ever reported a similar phenomena in or near these two communities? Or if anyone from VH has ever researched this.


I have not been to Letchworth state park in NY but a friend who is an intuitive medium felt it. I have been to and felt the energy at the "PA Grand Canyon" in Wellsboro PA. It is in Tioga County, North Central PA about 30 min south of NY border.


Dancing trees around the vortex on property. Outside Kalispell montana


This pic was taken by 3 yr. Old nephew of me in my house. The light is coming from my t.v. PLZ tell me what this could be. I have not altered in any way . Thank you.



I am responding to the person who posted this photo and did not get one response.


I will be visiting Runions Creek Bridge, Virginia. Thank you for your information


Hallo - I have seen only once on TV - there was a special program on Vortex in Canada (I belive it was in B.C.) Du you know about this. If yes - PLEASE Could you send me the web, where I coud find it. Thank you


Meditation Mount, Ojai, CA I experienced an audio vortex and "Z" confirmed this siting many years ago.


i just came back from lily dale ny i was told that has a vortex can you tell is this true


would like information on the garden of the gods, coloradosprings, colo. have heard it is a vortex. thanks sharon


Joshua Tree, CA Vortex site.


Greetings! I have heard there is a Vortex around Sarasota or Siesta Key which supposedly has sand made up of quartz crystals. Any info on that?


Check out the sat view and map view:

View Larger Map


I have been to Bear Butte several times. It is a very beautiful place but it has had a couple of very bad forest fires. I have done pipe ceremonies on the summit three times now. Being up there I have felt like I'm on top of the world.

The first time I was on the top I started to walk south along the spine when a voice came to me and said: "take off your shoes, this is a sacred place". So I went back to the wooden deck and left my boots there then proceeded to walk.

Also on two occasions two different corn snakes blocked my passage temporarily. The first time the snake was huge and was across the road when I was driving out, and then it disappeared. The second time it was a smaller snake on the trail about half way up the mountain. I almost stepped on this one and then it too disappeared. (A third encounter with the same kind of snake was in the basement of a building I was renting for a shop here in Wisconsin. This guy was blocking the stairs. I finally got him outside.)

With the sacredness of Bear Butte I cannot see how a bikers bar could have been allowed to be built within site of the mountain. The noise of the motorcycles and the "music" disturbs the People doing Vision Quest or Sweat Lodge at the mountain.


Holy Hill, Wisconsin. About 25 miles Northwest of Milwaukee in Washington County. Highway 41 north to Holy Hill Road, then west 7 miles to the hill.

Holy Hill was a sacred site to the Native Peoples of this area for many centuries. The story goes that back in the 17th century a hermit in Quebec heard of this place and made his way here. It has been a Catholic shrine ever since.

Today stands the huge church, the Basilica of Mary Help of Christians atop the hill and a very large Carmelite Monastery. The hill is the highest point in southeastern Wisconsin. Many cures of illnesses have taken place here. Crutches and braces line the walls of the Marian Chapel within the Church. The place is tranquil, welcoming to anyone of any faith, and definitely sacred. Thank you very much.


Recently I've been reading more and more on the subject of Free Energy. What's your view on that? Do you have any interest in the matter?

Interesting subject, but I have not looked into it very much as there is a fee for free energy classes. -vh1


What about Enchanted Rock, Texas?


Hello, I am a subtle energy researcher and I am looking for assistance with a book I am writing. The book is about subtle energies with a difference. I have a new technology tool that reveals, in clear detail, the energy fields around people and other things/places. I need volunteers to send me digital photographs, taken under specific lighting conditions,of various subjects including energy vortices. To view the system in operation please visit www.biofieldimaging.com. Please advise your interest, thank you for your consideration.


Hello, there's a cave digger named Ra Paulette who is the subject of this documentary http://cavediggerdocumentary.com/about.html I've visited a couple of his caves and they are incredible. I won't devulge where they are, however they are in northern New Mexico which I think is definitely a location of major vortexes although it seems to be absent from the synchronic lines... This is a photo I took in 2008 of a chamber in one of the caves called the Tree of Human Kindness. https://plus.google.com/115619334077860534546/posts/1YgWVcxigPX


Hello,I have heard there are some vortexes in Hawaii on the Big Island, do you know anything about it?


in bandera county texas. at a old place called pollys chapel between bandera and pipcreek.




On the global vortex map, it shows 2 diamond shapes in WA state. But on the USA map, those don't show. I live where one of those diamonds are and the activity up here is amazing! What do those diamonds mean?

Not sure. Please let us know about any vortexes in your area. -vh1


The whole town of Riegelsville, PA. There are numerous sightings of paranormal phenomena. The American Indians warned the new settlers not to settle there. But they did anyway. Many people see former residents of the town.


looking for a vortex in southeast kansas area


Where is vortex located in Alabama? On map, looks like south of Birmingham, but where? Thanks

There are GPS coordinates on every vortex page. Enter those into Google Maps or other map service for directions. -vh1


I live close to the Buffalo Lake vortex. I have had a plan in my head for some time to build a magnetometer/GPS device to map the local magnetic field in that area. This has been done around Sedona but I have not been able to connect with the engineer who did that study. Do you know of anyone who has made a digital mapping device to measure and study the vortex phenomena?

Check out the Vortex Field Guide on this site - vh1:



Hello, I was curious how many people you guy(s) know that have traveled to every single vortex known? I have been so interested in going to as many as I can - not just for spiritual growth, but for healing as well ( I have an extremely painful tumor in my spine and 2mm bulge ). Anyways I won't write a gigantic thesis, but vagabonding and seeking these out has really struck home. Thank you for your time.


brownsdale rd...Renfrew pa..16059 between liesie rd...Renfrew pa 16059 sounds and reported object going down in October of 1970 in a long hollow intersecting these 2 roads and lots of stories through the years


There is a very powerful vortex in Burlington,WI. It is the Weinhoff Nature Preserve. It is probably even more intense than the major Sedona vortexes. I spent the last two Winters in Sedona and have had a chance to compare them. http://www.burlingtonnews.net/wisconsinvortexs.html

The people at burlington news do tours here and there, but I've only done the hike on my own. We usually laugh uncomfortably upon entry and end up feeling very "high" in there. We also ran into a large Tortoise on our path in one instance. That is a good omen from the elders. I found a second vortex at Harrington State Park in Wisconsin. The trees were all twisted and both me and my friend got dizzy and felt a heavy energetic signature. Next on the visit list are Rock Lake and Azlatan. Rock Lake has pyramid structures underneath the lake.Azlatan has burial mounds. Wisconsin is swirling with odd things. I'm surprised that you have nothing on your list yet. If you are interested, I can send some pics of Burlington. It is alive with energy


Drive to the distance 2 miles inland from Stoney Point on the Ft. Pierre, S.D. Side the Missouri River. It is near the residence building above the last bend before seeing the house.


I went on a tour to the southern most city in the world. There is a lake on a fault line of the Andies. The lake sometimes will be colored like a confluence. The unstable conditions don't sustain fish of I remember correct. The native people there may be instinct with no hope in that there was one elderly woman left 5 years ago. Another problem is the beaver population. The overgrown rodent was introduced into a ecosystem with no natural preditors and cause many problems. The place is certainly exceptional. I still have a very small rock that I plucked from ocean on the continents southern most point on the mainland. It has changed color over time also. Please let me know what you may know about there places if you research them. I'm inspired to do some research myself and hope my memory served me correct.


I am quite interested in learning where there are vortex on Vancouver Island???


Re:Forty Foot Hole Vortex. I am from Fort Worth, TX but my parents grew up in this area, (Comanche County). My dad has taken us several times a year since I can remember to go camping in the Wichita Wildlife Refuge. This was and still is one of my favorite spots we go. We used to swim here. I am still not exactly sure what a vortex is, but all I can tell you, is you feel an overwhelming sense of peace, content, and nature when you visit this location. It's perfect. I have attached a picture that I took a couple months ago!

40 foot hole vortex


actually i ddnt find it, it was here... http://www.theargus.co.uk/news/10414195.Vortex_to_another_dimension_reported_in_Brighton/


A posting from your website, "Many people have reported feeling or measuring unusual energies at Stonehenge, but no one has pinpointed the epicenter of any vortex. Orbs, UFOs and crop circles have also been claimed to appear in and around Stonehenge. Vortex Hunters will be conducting our own investigation at Stonehenge in the future."

I had it in my head that Stonehenge was on obvious (meaning: very strong and encompassing beyond the outer circle of stones) vortex? I went there one time and it was obvious to me.

Additionally, I've found 6 vorticies at the Serpent Mound (http://greatserpentmound.com/ ) at the 'head' of the serpent, 3 clockwise and 3 counterclockwise. These are very small in diameter, not bigger than a few feet in diameter.

Stonehenge is like a tidal wave, the largest diameter I have ever experienced.

I wonder why the Stonehenge vortex is not commonly accepted?


I am from Lesotho (southern Africa). I would like to know the location of the closest earth vortex point in my region.


The Sterling Hill mine in NJ sits on what is actually the strongest and largest vortex/portal on the east coast of America. It is also very similar to the superstition mountain vortex in Arizona in that it is always there but often hidden. Lately however it has been shifting and for lack of a better term amping up, the reason for the vortex type as being listed as other is because in reality all of the options apply and then some. The large zinc deposit (the ultimate manifestation mineral/stone)in addition to all of the minerals, stones, and crystals both in the museum and in storage (there are several warehouse sized buildings filled with nothing but various mineral collections) as well as the history of the place also add to the energies. In realty if you think of the vortex as a tornado The huge bottom of the tornado touches the mine itself and surrounding areas and is surrounded by 4 slightly smaller ones all stemming and joining at the top. The top itself actually covers the entire Sussex county area and parts of surrounding NJ counties as well as parts of Pennsylvania and New York state. Other smaller portals and vortexes some which are somewhat permanent others which are not, but all regularly touch down in these areas all joined up to a common top. The heart however is the Sterling Hill area.


I live in NE Oklahoma and on 7 acres up a hill. Weird things have happened here recently. My aunt, my father and I are psychic. I am an Indigo child. I contacted another well known psychic in the state and explained the situation and the feelings just by being near our land. She says we have a healing vortex on our property. Please help us find it and help activate it. My mom needs healed and my aunt and I are feeling the symptoms of the Ascension really hard and fast. We would like to activate and meditate and watch over this vortex to help the healing process.


I found a small energy portal a few months ago. It is located at the beginning of Ribizke street in the city of Budaors Hungary. Budaors is a town bordering Budapest the capital of Hungary. The portal is best enjoyable at that point which can be seen on the picture. I usually sit on the vertical root of the tree. As it can be seen on the picture this is a street so the portal is easily accessible for free to anybody. The energy is clean and light with calmness and kindness in it. Sometimes it also feels like having some water likeness in it even despite that there is no pond or anything like that there. I thought that maybe there is an undeground pond or something like that there but I dont know. You will see and feel what I speak about when I send you the picture. Some of my friends felt the energy coming through the picture.


Niagara On the Lake near Niagara Falls is the Whirlpool. The whirlpool location is very spiritual I feel like its a portal. I'm very connected and my energy makes me faint when I'm there. It's overwhelming so I don't go anymore. But it should be on your map. For people that it will help. The ancient grounds of native Indians have many totems all over this location. They also have a Indian site very close to the whirlpool.


Hi there! A few friends and myself recently moved into a home together in South Austin, TX. The house was built in the 70's and has an amazing backyard filled with layered decks, a pool, and a natural greenbelt behind the property. We often see many beautiful yet odd wildlife and most things are much larger in scale. Everyone who has come to see it say there's an energy here. Even friends of mine who don't usually talk about mystics, ever. Whatever it is, it seems very positive and we have all experienced a major spike in creativity. If you could give me any insight on this matter, I would be forever grateful.


Vortextype: Time travel. Hwy 363 ratliff, mississippi


I got a 404 error when sending a message using the report a vortex form. Are you mapping and publishing the results of your research somewhere?

Thank you for letting us know about the error message. Hopefully, this has been fixed. - vh1


This vortex area comprises the spring location on public property and nearby energy centers (one even stronger than the spring) extending on private property. Family members owned property here for many years, and numerous occurrences, in addition to "feelings" support the existence of vortices. It seems likely the caverns, springs, river, and many rock formations in the river valley amplify the effects of an intersection of ley lines here. The site also appears to intensify psychic phenomena, stimulate animal life, and produce an emotional response in visitors. This impact is masked - or supported - by the site's popularity as a recreational center.


I was told by a medium that I have an "energy Vortex" in my horse riding arena. It is really really making my horses spooky -- like running off. So, is there any way to close it or make it not scarey to my horses. I am way too old to be hanging off the side of my saddle.


I hope you go to Canaima, venezuela. Thats got to be a vortex. The energy of the hole parck it`s just amazing, plus the kind of things you see there. Another thing, are you saing there`s only one vortex in south america wich is located in peru?? wish the best for all of you.

We are not saying that there is only one vortex in South America, only that one vortex has been reported to Vortex Hunters. Amyone can report a vortex, just send the exact location (GPS coordinateed preferred, some pics or video and tell us of your experience there.- vh1


Are there any additional vortices in New South Wales Australia? I would like to know more about identifying them as Im sure there are more here in australia.


I have recently fallen into assisting in the healing of land, air, energy meridians, vortexes etc. Its not something I planned on doing it just happened to turn out this way. There seem to be more and more vortexes popping up here and there, but with that seems to be an influx of spirit activity. So far, the best solution has been to increase the vortexes vibration to the " Highest Divine Vibration " this insures anything that passes thru or around it receives a transformation of vibration. With light and love, the lost find their way to the light, and the land and the people living around it receive the peace they are searching for.


Here, on the Western border of Tennessee, in the Mississippi River, there is a gigantic sand island. During a typical low-water Summer, it is about 4 miles long and 1/2 mile wide. The river percolates through the entire thing. If you dig down to the current river level, the hole or trench will fill with COLD clear water, equal to the surface of the river. I've wondered whether the friction of the water moving through the mineral-rich sand and gravel has anything with the properties of this area. The sand island is situated about halfway between two parallel faults--3, actually. One is on the Arkansas side of the river and a recently-discovered pair on the Tennessee side, running parallel to the Ark. fault, and the faults also MAY have something to do with the energies there. They are not associated with the New Madrid system.

Anyway, all people that I have introduced to the island, immediately feel an energizing effect, and all make the same comment: 'powerful place', or '...feel a power here'. I have experienced several paranormal occurrences there, too. The one that forever stands out in my mind is, one morning I was standing on the riverbank, about 3 AM, looking across to the island and saw a good-sized fire burning a little over a half-mile away. About every minute or so a silhouette would pass in front of the fire, like someone was walking around it. After I'd watched this for nearly 2 hours, and a trace of daylight was coming on, the fire winked out as if someone simply flipped a switch and put it out. I waited about a half-hour for it to get lighter, then struck out across the lower beach to check it out and see who was camping up there. When I reached the place where I had seen the fire, there was not a trace of it. There were NO footprints, or ANY marks on the vast expanse of trackless sand that had very plainly had a lot of activity over the previous 2 hours. Due to the changing weather patterns, this place was accessible by foot last Summer for the first time in 5 years. It used to be accessible nearly every Summer. I hope to be able to return this Summer. The upper--approximately--one fourth, is covered with a gravel field that's loaded with petrified wood, amber, moonstone, carnelian, jasper, and Pliestocene fossils. There are also occasional "Fulgurites" to be found after the sand has been struck by lightning. It can be reachd by boat anytime it emerges from the river, but can be reached on foot only when the river falls to around MINUS 5 feet and lower. At that time, the highest point of the island stands about 30 feet above the river.

Sounds interesting! Please send a Google map link. Some pics or video would be helpful. - vh1


Has anyone ever had any experiences with "Lockeegee Rock" in Eastern Kentucky? I probably misspelled..... I felt some very strange energy there......Please share any experiences.


what about Washington State, I'm pretty sure that their is a energy Vortex here in the Puget Sound off the tip of Point Defiance Park In Tacoma. I have always felt it and the weather here on the North end is usually opposite of the rest of Tacoma. Are weather and energy Vortexes the same? I'm very sensitivity to energies and I literally feel mental withdraws when I am away from that park or the North end for longer then a week.


I need your assistance locating the vortex for Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic.


I love the town of Mascota, Mexico and a friend told me since I visited it that there is a vortex near it. I would love to visit it some time. Any information.


Have you had any accounts of the ashokan reservoir, in Hudson valley ny? Or any around the mountains of the shawongunks?


Where in the US is the highest rated vortex reported ? Is 7 the highest rating? I understand what vortex was in Sadona AZ is moving, or has moved, or moves all the time ... What say you on the subject?






Epping, NH. Previously known as Valerio Automotive. Scientifically IMPOSSIBLE HIGH ELECTRIC BILLS, circling clouds, unexplaiinablr emf (more than 300ut). Paranormal activity - physical contact, seeing ghosts, items moving on own, EVPS. Problematic for 30yrs. Many illnesses and sicknesses caused by whatever it is. If in house too long, youd fall asleep or have weakness, carbon monoxide detection (multiple types, brands, replaced etc) NEVER SHOWED ANY ABNORMALITIES. it has been expierienced by HUNDREDS OF PEOPLE. even after replacement of old trailer in 2000, it got worse. Feel free to talk to previous owner-it is unoccupied now due to foreclosure. House & business garage still present. Been trashed now but its still there.


Can you tell me where the vortex is on Vancouver Island BC. I have been asked to work with this vortex to raise its frequency. So far I do not have a clear picture as to its location. I am very grateful for your help in this.


Have there been any positive energy vortexes in Croatia or Macedonia ? Ecuador? Panama?


Burlington Vortex. Please check this out and let me know what you think.


Have u or any of ur fellow vortex hunters used steve hibbs hdr machine to enter one. will be getting on was curious if hdr reallyworks. if does will be trying to find plenty of vortexes.

We have not heard of this device before, but we will check it out, thanks! - vh1


Mission, Kansas now a suburb of Kansas City numerous tragic events have happend this past year alone that are generally on a 200 meter radius around a certain office building in Mission Kansas. me and others have seen paranormal activity and energy fluctuations here. Johnson Drive and Broodmoor streets.


I recently made a Google Earth map of North America and plotted on it many sacred sites. While I have not visited these sites myself, I find the Google Earth format useful. Have you thought of changing over your mapping to this method? It sure makes it easy to move around and zoom.

Thank you for your suggestion. That was very thoughtful of you! Google charges a hefty licensing fee for using Google Earth on web sites, which is why I have not used it. - vh1


I have been living in Armenia Yerevan for about 10 years, I have read about ley lines and I know that Yerevan has few of them has any only been to Armenia to locate some of the ley lines, and if they have could give me the locations, I know that there is a location called Echiadzin there is 7 churches build in 1/2 mile radius, most of this churches where build over Pegan temples. Echimadzin in English means God has stepped on to this place, could some one give some detail how to locate it thank you.


we are apart of a paranormal investigative team and going into a house that has a vortex in it. They are interested in knowing how to close it so we can bring peace back to this family. if you have any idea how we would go about doing this please let me know thanks!


I looked at your map of Vortexs and I do not know if any of you have been to Eureka springs Arkansas I have a photo of a ghost at the Basin hotel where there is a vortex in the corner surrounding the Apperition looking at me, been hunting ghost now and would like to understand vortexs a little more and why Apperitions appear in them.

Eureka Arkansas


Pigeon lake Alberta vortex. Whirlwinds.


Good afternoon! I have amazing news! A vortex found me as we were driving to Orkney Springs, VA – a spot with claims of vortex energy. - vh134

Thank you! The Runions Creek Bridge Vortex has been added to the vortex map. -vh1


Hi, I'm kind of new to this but I have a very strong feeling that The Hill of Tara in Ireland is a vortex site. I will add a web link to this. I would love to know what you think. Thanks. PS. There is no charge to visit the site only if you wish to use the visitor centre, which is only open for a few months in the year. - vh137

It looks magical. This location has been added to the vortex map. All we are missing is a personal experience. Anyone? - vh1


Here are some good links I found. - vh4

Ghost Hunting 101

The Shadowlands


Hi, i live in Laughlin, Nv. I believe there is a vortex located at the site of a Labyrinth here. Would be interested to have it investigated to verify it. Its been said there is a portal also, the site has a strong energy inside. - vh139

Please send more information on this location, maybe an article link, google maps, personal experience, etc.- vh1


I cannot find the GPS coordinates for Sedona vortexes on your site. What am I doing wrong?

For example on this page, scroll down and you should see... Airport Mesa Vortex #1 GPS Coordinates: N 34° 51.352 W 111° 46.755 and more... My design error, I am updating the whole site soon, - vh1


There's a vortex in WI. Observation hill in Belleville which is outside of Madison and also is a UFO hot spot. They even have an annual ufo festival. Just a FYI - vh138

Thanks, we will research this location. - vh1


please send map of USA vortexes to Sharon.

Sorry, we do not have any vortex maps available in print. The Global Vortex Map is a free online map with vortex locations sent in by visitors to this web site. - vh1

Here is a link to our friends at Vortex Maps


Triskele Vortex

My husband is driving and we are ascending a small hill through a residential neighborhood. We will eventually end up at the bottom of the hill - at the circle intersection of Wexford and Denfeld in Kensington, MD. It's about to storm: it's about 70 degrees out and cloudy at noon on 8/19/12. I noticed the houses are very close together - I'm guessing a house in this area is not too expensive.

Triskele vortex

We travel to the end of the road - at the bottom and I notice my stomach is clenched almost cramping like I ate something bad. My husband announces we are here! I look ahead and there's the circle realizing my stomach ache is a sensation and not an ailment. We circle clockwise to find a parking spot on the road next to the creek with the large tree to my left.

We get out of the car and start walking past what appears to be a mini mansion located on one of the corners of the circle. This house is amazing - it has an intercom for entry and circles for a pathway - interesting yes? It made me immediately wonder how much this person knows of the vortex. The house is so out of place in this neighborhood.

So, we're walking and now we're up to the street where we originally entered and I feel IT. IT was in the air all around me like an electric bath, squeezing my chest. I felt strange and I asked my husband if he felt it and he didn't respond. I started to record our walk with my phone as residents walked opposite of me with their dogs. I wondered how they could possibly walk the opposite direction and the dogs were fine, too.

It seemed impossible in my mind to go the other way as I was being drawn toward the sign...

- vh134

Continued on the Triskele Vortex page


I am new to Vortex hunters...and glad to find this forum and hope to learn much from others experiences around the world on this interesting issue. I would like to ask if you have any information on VORTEX IN THE COUNTRY OF PARAGUAY....south america... as when i lived in the USA a Buddhist friend told me that in Paraguay we have the strongest VORTEX of south america... and since i came back to Paraguay yr. 2000 i am wondering and kinda looking as to where i may look .... i had some experiences in two places.... one in the mountain range of the YBYTURUZU ...and in the CHACO region.. - I would appreciate any info pertaining this and look forward to continue reading member postiings - vh135

We do not have any information on these vortexes, but we would love to hear of any experiences there. - vh1


Article from The Independent - Queue here for rescue aboard alien spaceship - vh1


Have you considered the sight of the Kotel (Wailing Wall) in Jerusalem, Israel where the original main Temple was built? - vh133

Yes, right after I received your email. Excellent suggestion. - vh1


i travel with my job and have seen a vortex in downtown atlanta the wind was tottaly still yet a leaf in a confined area spun like it was in the wind i took a pic of a large stairwell i had built in an highrise building and small skulls appeared on the pic and negatives ,very strang . i heard there was a vortex on st montain ive been on the mountain and all around it and havent found yet as a child i had something strange happen to me in the park . im in mobile al is there any close in alabama ? do u have a list i can access to find the ones in ga . if i hold positive thought in vortex can i heal myself or is there a trick kundalina and the chakras ? - vh132


We are traveling to Manitou Springs, Colorado and would like to know if there are any vortexes in that area that you are aware of. Thanks! - vh131

We have no reports of vortexes in that area. Please let us know if you find one. - vh1


Thanks for a wonderful website and source: most excellent.

With information from your site I was able to visit the Tilly Foster Mine Vortex.

I am a Mystic, Metaphysical Practitioner, radio host and teacher: I had hoped to take my advanced workshop students to this vortex and was doing the preliminary ground work.

The property is fenced off and posted: the owner is an elder gentleman named Simon; owner of Simon Auto Wreckers, 22 Tilly Foster Road Brewster, NY 10509‎. The Vortex is 1/8 mile up the road from this address plus the gated vortex abuts public foot paths and roads. There has been so much trespassing and abuse of the property that Simon will not grant entry to any persons: an unfortunate and understandable closure.

The neighbors of the Vortex are quite friendly and regret that they are no longer allowed access the area: most had hiked, swam and played there their when they were children. The all warned that Mr. Simon will have any and all trespassers arrested and will press charges, (once again, quite understandable in today's world).

tilly foster mineThe mine does have sheer granite walls and the water is accessible at 1 point, (there is a photo of the dock/area enclosed): it is securely gated and closed to the public.

The better news is the public road does have clean views and at 1/8th of the mine/pond: these views are 6 to 10 feet from the mine pit cliff-edge and 25 +/_feet up from the surface.

Connection to the qi and communication with this vortex is fairly fast and clean: unfortunately, the spirits of the miners and others that have perished on site come up 1st.

They are not aggressive and with direct, persistent and respectful requests, the guardian of this vortex did come forward. It will not allow communication with the Universal gateway without honest explanation of self and purpose; quite direct.

This guardian is interactive and inquisitive: can and will go deep into the memories and psyche of the persons when they open up to communication with it and the Universal. Even after I received permission to bring my students, it was quite curious about who I was personally and metaphysically.

This guardian was large and seemingly male: quite calm and not hostile; a warm soft earth/forest base. I received the distinct impression that not many people have any exchange with this vortex or it.

The communication was during the daylight hours 4 days after the full moon.

As with your other eye witnesses: it was quite calming.

On a practitioner's level: non-aggressive, clean qi, no pressure on Chakras/Sfirot; good flow of energy and information. Access earth to crown but after connection was made: even flow and interchange with all Sfirot then throughout the body was achieved. When the connection was made the breeze became static and bullfrogs called, (nice touch). All in all, a very refreshing, interactive and nourishing experience.

Hope this helps others in their visit to this Vortex.


Excellent reporting. - vh1


I think I contacted you folks before and sort of invited you to a demonstration in and around the Los Angeles basin, which is covered by a 216-mile vortex. This may explain Hollywood! I am dissapointed, though that you seem to disparage "for pay" vortexes such as the absolute best of them, The Montana Vortex located on Hwy 2 E half-way between Columbia falls and Hungry Horse 13 miles West of the entrance to Glacier National Park. Come here before tackling the Oregon Vortex, or the Santa Cruz Mystery Spot so you don't get contaminated by their hype. And let us know you're on the way...we'll roll out the carpet and won't ask you to pay at all. Maybe We'll help pry you away from all this research at a distance that may be keeping you interested but a little bit ignorant. The Earth IS a Vortex!

Thank you! We are honored and look forward to visiting the Montana Vortex.- vh1


I dowsed I have 121 electromagnetic vortex's in my land, 7 which are under my house. Can you tell more about this and how significant it is to have these? thanks



The Sacred Mountain and Valley of the Vapors For thousands of years, this magnificent site was the gathering place of many nations. Tribal leaders and spiritual elders made pilgrimages to the Great Ma-na-ta-ka Mountain to sit in great councils with many tribes. Some came every seven years, others came every eleven years, and others made the journey more frequently depending on local custom. Tribal leaders prayed and made peace offerings to the Creator, the Great Manataka (Place of Peace) Mountain and each other. They danced and sang around huge campfires in the narrow valley situated between the Manataka mountain and her sister mountain, today called North Mountain. Her other sister mountain, today called Indian Mountain stood guardian to her east. Daughters of the first nations gathered rare medicinal herbs found in great abundance in a large area surrounding Manataka in the shape of a circle. Their sons found precious clear crystals, gold, silver, pyrite, and whetstones. Read more at link



I had a clairvoyant look at some magical things in my property. She saw a gold vortex . It had roman numerals from the center going outward 1-12 and repeating; What does this mean? When you reply I can send a drawing of what it looks like.



The Creepiest Haunted House in Silicon Valley - vh1


The Deception Saddle and Hoodoo Pass area between Clearwater, Idaho and Superior, Montana where in 1993 another person and I witnessed disoriented animals followed by some disorientation ourselves, and flashes of several orange sheets of light behind us over about 45 minutes, and finally one blue sheet-flash in front of us. After comparing notes with a former Malmstrom air force base military reporter who had experienced an orange light-tunnel to the North of the area, we concluded something funny is going on there. It might be worth looking into. I would be glad to come along as a guide if anyone wants to look into it, now that it's been so many years and I'm no longer chicken to go back there.



I would like to participate in discovering vortexes. Any tool, map or literature to detect vortexes will be welcomed.



Hi, I came across your site today while planning for an up coming trp to Arizona that a dear friend and myself will be taking next month. My friend has physical limitations which limit the distance she can walk, are there any vortex that are gently accessible? I have only been able to find a few that are a maybe a quarter of a mile walk, which if it is flat we could likely make stops so that she can recover. This has been a lifelong dream for her and I want to help make it a wonderful experience . Any advice or suggestions you might have please let me know.


I would say that the Airport Vortex is the shortest distance from the car to the vortex. But it has a short steep climb. The Boyton Canyon vortex has a fairly flat trail and may be best (we have not pinpointed the vortex there). The others that I know of are a pretty steep climb. We took the "free" helicopter ride which was cool for the view, but the only vibrations I felt were from the rotors. Hope this helps. Let us know how your trip goes! Safe travels! - vh1


There is a Vortex like the mystery spot in Santa Cruz at the old Pondarosa Ranch by North Lake Tahoe California. The Pondarosa Ranch is where the filmed the old TV series, with Hass and little Joe, (michael Landon). It has closed down now but the Ranch and building just sit there! It was stronger then the one in Santa Cruz! They told me more but Im too afraid to put it in writting!



This is in and around our home. Spirit activity, dreams of ET connection, portal. Possibly Cherokee Indian. Really could be all of the above vortex types. Could someone come and investigate? SC foothills, possibly same Leyline as Georgia Guide stones.



I believe I have found a negative vortex in Graham, Wa. My nephew stayed the night at a friends house, he woke up several times stating paranormal interactions that were anything but positive. As he was telling his story it reminded me of a negative dream I had a few months earlier. I described in detail the house he stayed at, I described how the energy there was one that was based in negativity. The family that resides in the house says they wake up with headaches that last all day and are quite severe or can be in nature. The area exudes a darkness that seems to envelope light especially the wooded area behind the house, and is known to be frequented by the local druggies as a favorite spot to use, because of the lack of police presence in this particular area. After doing some investigation into this part of the county it seems that this vortex or perhaps portal? Has a range of several miles. The rough boundaries seem to go from the city of Graham to the city of S! outh Hill, down to the town of Orting located in the Puyallup river valley. This entire area has a history of Native American presence with several area tribes.



Wreck Beach BC, which is a clothing optional beach in Vancouver does have an energy that causes everyone who visits regardless of thier original mental or emotional state to become very happy or at peace within about two hours of being there. This also happens regardless of the weather, time of day or night.



I have been to ringing rocks,Pa. It is a nice place, trails, water, picnic, playing on the rocks the children had a great time and want to go back. This saturday, the triple 555, May 5th, 2012,the souls energy the divine, a great place to be and center one self. A light energy worker and teacher.



My friend, who is in Mascota right now writes.. " Got to Mascota w/friends in their SUV Fri.; we all went to the Vortex, 1 at a time, stood over the exact spot & said prayers. I FELT the energy & heard my vice echo; felt stronger & straighter. Very nice. I'm at the hotel you recommended, smelling the cookies.

I wrote...................so where exactly is the Vortex in Mascota? , and she replied "My friend was driving so I can't tell you, but it's a few miles out of town on property (a little farm, I think) on a dirt road. If you come here again, probably most anyone in town can direct you. I don't think buses go; asked a taxi driver how he charges to go there - 70 pesos - but didn't think to ask if he waited for you or if that was 1 way or R/T. Not much help I'm afraid.



Hello, I have a friend in Mexico who says SHE has a friend who told her there is a Vortex site in or near the town of Mascota, Mexico, about 2 hours inland from Puerto Vallarta. She is there now, said they did 'go to the vortex' and I have written her back asking exactly where it is, as I visited Mascota twice this winter and love it. She has not had time to write me back yet. Any info?


We do not have any information on this vortex, but we would love to hear of any experiences there. - vh1


Hello, I have a friend in Mexico who says SHE has a friend who told her there is a Vortex site in or near the town of Mascota, Mexico, about 2 hours inland from Puerto Vallarta. She is there now, said they did 'go to the vortex' and I have written her back asking exactly where it is, as I visited Mascota twice this winter and love it. She has not had time to write me back yet. Any info?


We do not have any information on this vortex, but we would love to hear of any experiences there. - vh1


Garden of the Gods., Colorado Springs, CO. Vortex type: Native spiritual

athens, ohio - Vortex type: paranormal


Please send more information on these vortex locations. - vh1


The Basye Vortex. Basye, Virginia, USA Not far from I-81 Mt. Jackson exit.


Awesome link with lots of vortex info. - vh1


I'd like to report an admission free vortex in Winona, MN 55987. What you'll see in this link is a picture of the historic landmark "Sugar Loaf". According to legend, the rock represented the cap of Chief Wahpasha and was a spiritual gathering place for many natives belonging to the Dakota, Ojibway, Cree, along with other various tribes. When I go to the top of sugar loaf I get an incredible feeling, one that many people I know can describe. My adventure comrade, has this to say about it: "Whenever I find myself atop Sugar Loaf, I feel uplifted and see more clearly what my life is about. I feel invigorated by the positive energies of this vortex, and leave there feeling ready to take on the world."


Thank you for suggesting this interesting landmark and for your excellent description. Vortex Hunters will research this location. - vh1


HI I was raised in elbow and know of the sacred rock , it was distroyed when dam was made but we did have pics of ceromonial dancing and placing gifts to the rock it, is a very powerful area ,a piece of the rock remains at the harbours point there. My father founded the museum there. and there is many artifacts there. Blessings



I am interested in more information about the vortex south of Birmingham, Alabama. I believe there is another in Shelby County, Al, on the Coosa River. I grew up there. Please email me whatever info you have. thank you and blessed be.


All the information we have is on the web site. - vh1


Village: Guarda do Embau, State of Santa Catarina, Brazil. a fisherman's village by the sea in south Brazil where I live. There is a hill by the sea with a valley and a beach almost deserted apart from summer when tourism is big. One can only access the other side of the hill on the ocean, by trail - easy walk but must have instructions.


Please send instructions to this vortex location. - vh1


lambertville, nj, a place called gravity hill, near the delaware river on pleasant valley road. do you want a map for your site?


Thank you, no need to send map. Vortex Hunters is already researching this location. - vh1


hi to anyone that reads this! hope all is in good timing. i want to communicate that here in missouri, there is what i find to be a very powerful energy vortex's @ Ha Ha Tonka, state park outside the city of camdenton on the SW side. form the square of camdenton hwy 54 west, about 2-3 miles D rd. on the left, 2-3 miles is the park, free park, very interesting history, powerful outlets. thought i would share!


Thank you for suggesting this vortex. Vortex Hunters will research this location. - vh1


1 km north of Elbow, Saskatchewan on the eastern edge of newly created Lake Diefenbaker location is 3-4 km from now submerged sacred indian rock


Please send the GPS coordinates, Google Map link or a better description to this location. - vh1


Garden of the Gods, Colorado Springs, Colorado. Free Admission Numerous Bristlecone pines and juniper trees showing evidence of vortex - twisted branches, trunk. Oldest Bristlecone Pine located on Pike's Peak at around 11,000 feet - approx 6000 yrs old. Native American - Ute Indian sacred site and spiritual site, cave dwellings west of the Park Manitou Springs underground mineral spring - soda springs.


Sounds interesting. Vortex Hunters will research this location. - vh1


At the hot springs in " Weir " idaho there is a definitely a vortex. Encounters with elemental beings are very common here. Especially "Gnomes" ( don't dismiss until you investigate yourself ). many see them, and hear there laughter. Its a very positive place indeed. It lies not far from a very large smokey quartz deposit. Interesting to note that this type of quartz never needs to be cleansed. As it repels negative energy.


Please send the GPS coordinates, Google Map link or a better description to this location. - vh1


There is a Vortex/Nexus Point at the old Native American Burial Mounds at Mounds Park in Saint Paul Minnesota. I have known this for many years. It is a powerful location along the Mississppi river and within walking distance from Downtown Saint Paul. There is a full article about the park on Wikipedia.org.


Thank you for suggesting this vortex. Vortex Hunters will research this location. - vh1


I am sure that there are a SERIES of vortexes along the northernmost part of the Delaware River. Specifically at High Point State Park in New Jersey and further along the river up near Shohola, NY. The energy you absorb traveling along this stretch of river is tangible and lasting. I make it a point to drive it during the cool months, and lazy-river tube it during the warmer ones. I am planning a vortex hunting excursion with friends this summer and will hopefully have more "proof".


We would love to hear and see the results of your investigation. Please include vh99 in the subject line of your email. -vh1


Page Bryant has found numerious vortexes in western N.C. but nothing is shown on any info on your pages.


Please be more specific about the vortex location(s) you are referring to. -vh1


Forty Foot Hole is a natural depression located at the northwest end of the Narrows Canyon. This site, as its name implies, looks like a deep hole in the surrounding canyon. Many waterfalls are created as Cache Creek flows over the Permian-era formation, making the site a prime destination for hikers during the summer months, when they visit to bask in the cool air and the natural ambiance created by the sounds of the waterfall along the rim of the canyon. It is located at the northwest end of the Narrows Canyon in the Wichita Mountains Wildlife Refuge in Southwest Oklahoma.

GPS location: N 34.712 W 98.687


Thank you! The Forty Foot Hole vortex has been added to the Global Vortex Map. Please send any pictures, video or stories. - vh1


I have just been introduced to ley lines and vortices. I understand that there are major vortices in places like Sedona AZ. However, I'm also told that people find many in their own homes. What's your opinion about that? Thanks.


I think the theory is... if major vortices are connected by ley lines, then these ley lines might intersect each other to create minor vortices, which can be anywhere, like someone's home. www.vortexmaps.com has more information on determining local vortices. -vh1


I have an incredible picture that I took of a vortex on airport road in Sedona. I took some panoramic views from a small hike on airport road in Sedona and didn't realize I had photographed a Vortex until I uploaded the pictures onto my computer.


We would love to add your photo to the Airport Vortex page. Please send with written permission to post on our site. -vh1


My daughter & I visited Bell Rock. We knew very little about vortexes, and really had no idea what to expect. As we walked up the trail, the closer we got, the more energy I felt. We were both getting a little winded because we were walking at a good speed. But when we got close to Bell Rock I seemed to get my second wind. I actually felt energized! There were areas where I felt a pulling sensation on my fillings in my teeth. And felt a preassure in my forhead. And we would look around and noted the twisted branches on the trees! We climbed up as far as we dared on Bell Rock and we both noticed that the closer we got on one particular side the more off balanced we felt. And right below that is where we walked up the trail where I felt energetic. One side gave me energy, and the other side seemed to do the opposite. Coinsidence, I dont think so...



think the Great Lakes are a vortex? Considering all the mysterious ship wrecks? A vortex on or under water would certainly be harder to pinpoint.



Ghost Hollow, Fountain County, IN Take I-74 west from Indianapolis to US41. Proceed south on US41 approx. 1.5 miles to IN 136. Ghost Hollow road is about 1/2 mile east on 136. Numerous disappearances of small pets, and orbs on photographs.


Thank you for submitting this vortex. VH will conduct preliminary research on this area. -vh1


HI, I would like to understand the scale and abbreviations of the ranking and typing on the maps you provide on your sites. Can you help me or do you have a key online somewhere I can visit?


For most vortexes on the map, the vortex ranking starts at 5 and increases or decreases by user feedback. The vortex type is also adjusted by user feedback. -vh1


I heard there are 12 "vile" main vortexes at work on our world. I feel these are the reason behind the symbolism of the number 12. 12 Tribes of Israel, 12 Princes of Ishmael, 12 Signs of the Zodiac. I even saw a TV episode of beams seen through some special photography coming to Earth from somewhere. Where are these 12 vile vortexes? One is supposed to be in the Bermuda Triangle. The opposite side of the world The Devils Sea off Japan.





Please note that outside of Kamloops ,B.C. ,Canada there lies "the Center of the Universe"..search Kamloops/Center of the universe. best of health to you and yours



I was wondering if you had any information on a energy vortex around the Okefenokee Swamp in south Georgia, USA. The entire area around the swamp seems to have many reports of strange things that have been reported, including going back to native american legends. One of the counties (Charlton)is having reports of haunting in many locations. I work with the Lower Georgia Paranormal Group as a researcher. Any information on the swamp area or surrounding areas would be greatly appreciated.



I have just moved to Saint Petersburg, Florida from the Virgin Islands, and have heard that Saint Petersburg is a hugh Vortex. People who are drawn here, do not know why they came. Same with me. Could you explain this please? They tell me there is a hugh energy Vortex here which draws people and it is the attraction of many Swamis and Avatars. I can understand Sedona because of the Red Woods but why Saint Petersburg, Florida?



I was told by a psychic that there is a dark vortex on our farm. The farm is where the trail of tears (cherokee) ended outside of Tahlequah OK. There is an indian burial ground and a white grave yard on the property. I wanted to see if you know of vortexs in this area or if you have any information. Thank you



me and my wife are staying in a rv park in comox valley well just outside it is called seal bay rv park and it is right on the edge of seal bay nature park and we decided to go for a walk and i don't know what to call it but i think there might be a vortex i have been doing some research and found there is a ley line that runs through vancouver island and stumbbled upon your site. the place (not sure what to call it ) is in the north end of the park.it was around dusk and theres a little bench rite there it just gave me the feeling of being something. it is were the swamp turns in to a little lake, the water was so smooth it felt as though there was a whole other world just under the surface i don't have a gps so alls i can tell you is that it is on anderton 1.5 clicks passed larch ave then you walk in and the trail is one big circle around a swamp it only takes about fifteen minutes to walk around it thanks



Thankyou, ya I live here and these coincidences are just to weird. Do you think there are gateways and is it possible to go inside.I'm not a dreamer but something is telling me I have to go inside.I would rather not tell you why.


I believe gateways are possible, though I have seen no evidence that they exist. I would hesitate using any "gateway" in which I did not know what lies on the other side. Can other people see it as well? Hypothetically, let's say that there is a gateway on Vancouver Island, here is what I would do. Go with at least one other person and tell others you are going and when you expect to return. Document the experience with a video camera. Measure for energy with an EMF meter. Throw a stone or crystal attached to a string or pole through, see if anything happens. Then maybe try sending a living flower through and back, then perhaps a butterfly in a box. Just some ideas, I am no expert. Good luck! --vh1


Hi, this might sound strange but I need to get my hands on a vortex map of Vancouver island. I need to find an entrance and was wondering if you could help. Thank you.


Vancouver Island is a magical place, full of positive energy in my opinion. I have been there many times, but never have pinpointed a vortex. You might try this person, whom I have contacted before regarding VI vortexes. http://www.psychicchoices.com/tours/ --vh1


Not sure if this would qualify as a vortex, but had a strange experience in the Reedley, CA cemetary yesterday. My camera (with fresh batteries), my husband's camera (with freshly charged batteries) and my cell phone all became almost completely drained of power within less than an hour of entering Reedley cemetary. We were there for a funeral service. Also, despite showing bars, I could not retrieve any phone messages, texts, or e-mails the entire time we were there.

Odd footnote - when we stopped for dinner in Bakersfield after leaving Reedley, my husband looked at his camera and the battery power had been restored. I had not used my camera at all, and only noticed that the power had been drained this morning when I checked it. Does Reedley, CA fall along a ley line? Thanks for any info!


I do not know if Reedley is on a fault line, but there have been many vortexes reported in and around Fresno and Yosemite. --vh1


Pilismarot, Hungary,in Europe. It is known by many, and it has been described in ancient times, that this place is sacred,people from all over the world went there, old writings say earths heart chakra is in this place.

Another 1 is in hungary too which i go to often, i feel a great energy and i could tell either if im somewhere else and im there with my eyes and ears closed. It is known that there are many ancient volcanoes under that place and there are hot springs from earth, the place is located in Lake Balaton,mount Badacsony, Hungary . also plenty of ufos have been reported ther, my relative have been working in the area, and in the night at about 2 he said he saw tenths of flying shiny disk flying in formation in unseen speeds and go inside the lake... lake Balaton.



The "ORB" in this photo is actually a natural occurring phenomena quite common in photography. They are caused by an internal reflection on one of the elements of the camera lens, of the existing electric light on the other side of the photo. Depending upon the lenses used there are various elements. (Some lenses have 6-8 glass elements) Each element has two surfaces, any one of which can cause a reflection of lights which are not even visible in the photo. Pointing a lens towards the sun for an example, can create even six to 9 "ORBS" in the image. Sometimes they are visible but the person attempting to make others think it is a "ghostly" image, crops the photo so that original light does not show.... Hundreds of "photos of flying saucers" are also the result of reflections on lens surfaces.



I was wondering if there has ever been reportings of the Alamogordo, Nm area. It is near White Sands missile range, the location of the first nuclear testing. I was born at Holloman AFB in 1977 and hadn't been to until my husband took me there a few years ago. It was a quite beautiful combination of mountains, desert and of course, few hour drive to Carlsbad and Roswell (not that we went to those, though.) Thx!


This is the first report of a potential vortex in Alamogordo, NM. We have several locations in New Mexico to add to the Global Vortex Map, including Roswell. -vh1


Hello, We have been working with Energy Vortexes and Crystal Emplacement for the past 6 months. We have been directed to emplant Crystals in the following Energy Vortexes to assist in the Global Energy Grid:

United States Georgia Cartersville- Etowah Indian Mounds-On Top of Burial Mound 10/28/11
Elberton- Georgia Guidestones Monument 10/29/11
Atlanta- All Saints Episcopal Church on Peachtree 11/01/11
Stone Mountain- Top of Mountain 10/27/11
Brasstown Bald- Top of Mountain 10/16/11
Augusta-Downtown-Rock wall-Savannah River- near St. Paul's Church 11/04/11
Savannah- Downtown in Christ Church-Anglican 11/05/11
Macon- Ocmulgee Indian Mounds 11/02/11
Carrollton- In St Margaret's Episcopal Church 10/30/11
Chattanooga- Inside Ruby Falls Cave 10/23/11
Europe Serbia Belgrade-Kalamagden Castle- Inside castle wall-Union of Sava & Danube Rivers 9/28/11
Belgrade-St. Sava Serbian Orthodox Temple- Inside of the wall of the church 9/28/11
Croatia Vrana- Castle Vrana- Inside of the wall of the church inside the castle 9/14/11
Kliss- Castle Kliss- Inside of the wall of the castle 9/15/11
Knin- Castle Knin- Inside of the wall of the castle 9/16/11
Romania - Paulician Catholic Church- Inside of the wall of the church 9/26/11

We are the Kalachakra Manitou Lodge and work in conjunctin with Atlantis Healing Works here in Atlanta, GA.



I visited Sedona recently ans saw when I came to the airport vortex that there were actually cairns right near the parking lot. Is it possible this is the energy that was felt in the parking lot by your vortex hunter or maybe it was just overly eager 11/11/11 people wanting to make cairns? I wasn't able to feel any energy clearly at this location but then again general it's difficult for me to easily feel energy.

airport vortex cairnsairport vortex

The only place in Sedona I could easily feel the energy was at the Chapel of the Holy Cross which funnily enough you don't have listed among your reported list of vortexes in Sedona I would definitely recommend adding it.

Has your ability to feel vortexes changed over time? also can you tell me a little bit about your background, have you done any energy work before or have you always been able to feel vortex energy?


Vh4 was the investigator that said she felt the energy at Airport Mesa Vortex 2. She is a retired psychic that owned several popular psychic hotlines. I have known her long enough (25 years), to believe her when she says she felt something at any location. It was the only spot in Sedona where she reported feeling anything. The bioscan meter supported her claim.

Personally, I felt nothing there. I have not done any energy work before and I have yet to feel "energy" at any vortex location. But I have an open mind and I will keep trying!!! -vh1


Hi there My name is ... and I stumbled upon your website. I had a meditation at my home for 11-11-11 and there is a spot on our property that is quite unique energetically. One of the ladies is quite convinced that there is a vortex here.

I am located South of Claresholm Alberta. roughly 49 degrees 57' N and 113 degrees 29' W. I am interested to know if this is correct.

I have only lately been able to sit comfortably in that area the last 2 years. Before I had always been drawn to it but couldn't stay there for very long.

I don't know anything on Ley lines, vortexes or anything of that nature but I am very curious! Thank you


I have visited many locations in Alberta, Canada and it is a special place for sure. To me, it feels different from its neighboring provinces and I experienced more energy there than anywhere, even Sedona. Arizona.

The petroglyphs in Writing-on-Stone Provincial Park, south of Lethbridge is a known energy power spot and anywhere near the Milk River Valley. The Lake Louise area is also known as a very strong vortex.

alberta petroglyphs

As far as ley lines are concerned, www.VortexMaps.com lists Buffalo Lake as a major intersection on the World Planetary Grid and it is considered one of the 10 most vile vortices in the world.

Being so close to so many energy spots, I would not be surprised if there was a vortex on your property. How fortunate!

- vh1


What great investigative work. I will be posting your reports on a special page as an example for other Vortex Hunters on partnering good vortex investigation techniques with some healthy skepticism. Thank you! - vh1


Good news is my daughter and I located the exact spot and got exact Longitude and latitude numbers on it.

Bad news is there is no Vortex. I was able to recreate it.

We tried at home, but I think the problem was the back ground wasn't busy enough. You don't need a busy back ground, but it makes it easier. Then you twist the camera to the left and then twist to the right as you are snapping the picture and you have your vortex like image - vh75

vortex 2


I can't remember the right time, but it was at dusk. Went back today and snapped shots before dusk and got nothing. And then went back when it was dark and got nothing. I think next time I am walking around there I'll try to take pics at dusk again. I originally went at dusk because like I said before rumor has it little Jennifer's ghost comes out on that portion of the road at dusk. Not saying it has anything to do with the spinning pic, but can't really rule her out as an energy source either.

For those you might know who live in the Seattle Tacoma area and might want to see if they can catch the same spinning effect on their camera, my daughter took the picture on the 5 mile drive. It was taken on the water side of the road. Some where between the picnic / bathroom area that's called the Gig Harbor Park Area and the Narrow Bridge look out.

Side note: I did get a very bright orb like thing on the same day as catching the vortex like thing in the tree line between the Narrow Bridge Lookout and Bridges lookout. I know it sounds crazy if you aren't a believer in ghosts. Sorry about that, but that is why I was there and that is why we caught the vortex like thing - vh75


An Casino Exilim You Tube Capture mode: are the big writings on the camera Along the rim of the lense top it says: Exlim Optical 3x Along the rim of the lense bottom it says: f=6.3-18.9mm 1:2:8-5.3 on top of camera it says: 10.1 Mega pixals digital camera EX-S10 It was around 4 something in the afternoon. Pacific time. No the car wasn't moving. We were at a complete stop. There was a storm coming in, but wind really wasn't blowing any of the trees or leaves...I looked on other pics that were taken around same time. Behind those bushes is a cliff that overlooks the Puget Sound....not sure if that info helps. I sent you another mail that you might think was a duplicate that answered some of the questions regarding it I have had. I put it on my FB asking anyone what they thought as I am friends with a professional photographer and know several very talented hobby photographers - vh75


What type of camera was used? What time of day? Was the car moving at the time of the photo? - vh1


Daughter thinks she may have been twisting the camera at the time and she's since tried to duplicate the illusion by doing the same move she was doing while the photo was being snapped without success. Plus, the mirror would be blurry too. We are thinking about heading out there again and hoping to find the spot to see if we can get any more of this type of thing on film. I'll let you know if we see anything interesting. - vh75


we accidently caught an interesting picture today of what looks to be a vortex. Would love to send it to you and see if you can bunk it. At first my daughter thought she just accidently swirled the camera while snapping the shot, but we noticed that everything is spinning except for the mirror of the car and the middle of the vortex like thing. It was taken at Pt. Defiance Park's 5 mile drive today around 4 something in the afternoon.

There was a rainstorm that was working it's way in,but it wasn't raining at that time and we couldn't see this with our naked eye. We had no idea how interesting this picture was until we got home and really looked at it. At first we thought it was just a blurry picture.

One other thing...did I mention what puzzles us about the photo is that the mirror is in focus and the middle of the pic and the trees behind it seem to be too? Also, we don't have photo shop. Car was at a complete stand still. And the auto focus wasn't moving. The only strange things was that my daughter said she snapped a picture and then it snapped another one right away on it's own. She says her camera doesn't do that, but keep in mind we are pretty camera illiterate. - vh75



"the healing castle" or Schloss Schochwitw is in Eastern Germany, province of Saxony-Anhalt on 17 km from Halle (nearest airport Leipzig-Halle). The castle was build by the Crussaders on a lay-line in the 12th century. Positive female energy, similar to the one in Glastonbury, England, but not that strong. The castle still bears the marks of the knight templars - vh74


i have heard that illinois sets on an energy vortex. but none of my research shows where. do you have any information? - vh73


I live in santa Barbara and for decades have always felt a lift in my heart EVERY time I come around the corner passing the mission. It is one of those energy correct spots on earth! - vh72


There is a group of people planning on camping on Mayan ruins in Mexico during December 2012 and it is a goal of mine to be there during that time. Would love to test the energies there! - vh69

Me too! That will surely be a unique experience. - vh1


Bernal's Boulder or Bernal Peak. - vh71


I just found your site. It is great. I just went to the power point in Ojai, California and it has been said that the power point is like a vortex. Have you heard of this place? I felt some energy not that strong like Mt. Shasta. - vh70

If you are referring to Meditation Mount, then yes I have heard of it and we have an investigation planned there soon and also to a vortex reported near Pyramid lake. We just finished another investigation near there in Fort Tejon. - vh1


Hello! I travel frequently and have only just uncovered the idea of the vortex. Have you been to all of them? Because if there are any you are curious about and cannot reach yourself I'd be happy to check them out if I go near them - I might even like to make a point of going near them. Which have you not been to? I think I'll be in Asia and the Pacific soon. Thoughts? - vh69


I found a vortex in my home town. It is unbelieveable .It's the head of osiris .ja and baal together with isis holding a baby in her arm also there is a mantyger between them You can only see it from google earth .also the first living monument I found is a mountian in the shape of a goose with a finger a pharoh a kokopelli and an indian cave connected to the body of a bird. - vh67


im not sure if this is considered a vortex but it may be.. thought you may be interested if so.. i live here in wetumpka and have photos standing inside the crater and can probably find out more local info if you need it.. thank you! - vh65

http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Wetumpka_crater (Alabama)


Hello, I live in Montgomery alabama. I was planning a trip this winter to Sedona and was checking your site when I noticed that alabama had a vortex outside of birmingham. I was wondering if you knew the exact location of this vortex so that I may visit this vortex. I tried some google searches on it but cant seem to find anything. Thank you. - vh64

Hello, here you go. We would love to hear about your vortex experiences. - vh1


video of a UFO over Chichin itza. - vh63


The Chichen Itza Vortex has been added to the Global Vortex Map. - vh1


The devil's sea triangle near japan is said to be like the bermuda triangle. - vh62

The Devil's Sea Vortex has been added to the Global Vortex Map. - vh1


Germany, Bavaria. Burghausen Castle courtyard. - vh61


Spruce Knob, WV. Walk counterclockwise on short marked trail circling around lookout tower. At about the 9:00 position from the start of the trail,(1/4 of the way around) locate the small tree on your left that grows in a horizontal arc. It took my breath away for a moment. Felt electricity in arms after walking away. I have a short video. - vh54

The Spruce Knob Vortex has been added to the Global Vortex Map. I look forward to visiting this vortex. - vh1


If you haven't already, check out the Bashar channeling called Vortex Vibrations. It explains so much! - vh60


I have a question that I hasn't been able to be answered and I thought maybe you could help. I have an area in my home about 3' x 3' that when " Dowsing rods" are above it, they spin. the one in my left hand will spin clock-wise a few times then stop, then spin counter clock- wise a few times. any ideas? - vh59

Sounds interesting. Do you have video of this phenomenon? I would first look for a natural explanation. For example, does it occur with another dowser or different dowsing rods? Is the area near electrical lines? Is anything else this area affected, like pets? Check the area with an EMF meter or AM radio tuned to static. - vh1


I live in WI and have found that people have reported vortexes in certain aress but I can find no maps or exact location. It appears some are on private property. Deer Park in Madison where I live is supposed to be a vortex and that is where the Dalai Lama spends his time during his frequent trips to Madison. have you had anyone report WI USA vortexes? Frustrated at the lack of information. - vh57

The only Wisconsin vortex reported to Vortex Hunters was the Wonder Spot in Lake Delton, a vortex tourist location closed in 2006. Do vortexes go away when people stop paying? Even though the crooked shack is gone, I would like to check the area out sometime.


I share your frustration on the lack of information and exact locations of vortexes. I literally want to stand on precisely the same spot as someone else that has reported feeling something at a vortex. If I cannot get to the vortex, then maybe someone else can go there and share their experience and we can build a consensus. That is why I created the Global Vortex Map. - vh1


ALL of the Hawaiian islands!! Huge power spot. Personally I have only been to the Big Island and Oahu, but I have heard that all the islands are surrounded by this energy as well. Huge vortex. - vh56


The Glenn Tavern Inn in Santa Paula, California....it is haunted. it Used to be a brothel and gambling hall....THE WILD WEST. Several ghosts have been seen or heard....a friend and i heard a woman from the past giggling and toasting above us at a table in the bar. - vh53


The Federal Building in Oklahoma City was a tragedy and many spirits don't rest there as they were caught by surprise with so many being children from the day care. The memorial is beautiful and the chairs show an eerie count of each missing soul. - vh53


Antonio....The Alamo.......heavy dreadful feelings around the site. where the massacre occurred. I would like to see a show there. - vh53


Siwa Oasis.....drive literally west out of Alexandria on the Mediteranean Cornishe. At about 8 miles before the border of Libya you would go south for several more miles. There is an oasis called Siwa. Most of the economy is based on dates, olive oil and Siwa bottled water. Most antiquities have been sold to tourists. The mud remains of a village is the most prominent feature and is a high energy vortex. There is a mountain of open tombs with skeletons sticking out of the ground...easy to see. A mystical oracle is a small hike away. - vh53


The SInai Peninsula in Egypt has always been a place to call me. Mt. SInai is a special place that must be a vortex. Another is Masada in Israel....FOR SURE a vortex. - vh53


There must be a vortex in canterbury....there is an oracle in a courtyard outside of the the Church Hotel and it has heard it all.....love, anger, etc. I could not sleep...i felt it was haunted and all were awake all night - vh53


Spruce Knob, WV. Walk counterclockwise on short marked trail circling around lookout tower. At about the 9:00 position from the start of the trail,(1/4 of the way around) locate the small tree on your left that grows in a horizontal arc. It took my breath away for a moment. Felt electricity in arms after walking away. I have a short video. - vh54

Can you tell us how to get to this vortex from a major highway? We would love to see the video. - vh1


Valley of the Kings, outside of Luxor, Egypt. You would have to be driven by a tour guide. you can walk among the buried tombs of the kings. the energy is strange and still when you sit on top of a hill to observe. To go inside is mysterious...someone should use current EMF equipment to go down into those tombs...the feeling is there.

Queen Hatsupsut temple had many people massacred outside of it and the souls and energy is easy to feel there - vh53

The Valley of the Kings has been added to the Global Vortex Map. - vh1


3 3/4 miles north of Buhl, Idaho. Located at Holesinsky Winery. Many "in-tune" friends and family started admitting that there was something different and "powerful" about the place (they eventually named one of their wines "Vortex") - vh52


Geyserville, CA. Geyserville Rd. at the privately owned property of the Isis Oasis Sanctuary. - vh51


Machu Picchu, Peru. You know, it is surprising to me that more of these sites aren't already on your map. - vh47

You wouldn't be surprised, if you knew me. The world is a big place and I like to take naps in it. Seriously though, I really appreciate the many vortex suggestions you sent in. I posted all but the paid tourist vortex locations, which I am creating a separate section for.- vh1


Devil's Tower in Wyoming. Established in 1906 by Theodore Roosevelt, it is our country's first national monument. I don't if listing it as a UFO vortex might seem hokie to some people since it was depicted in the movie Close Encounters of the Third Kind, but it is held sacred by the Sioux, Cheyenne, and Kiowa Indians. Another thing that is worth noting is that a formidable amount of red rock formations, much like those found in Sedona, AZ, can be found in the immediate surrounding areas. - vh47

The Devils Tower vortex has been added to the Global Vortex Map.-vh1


I don't know how to scientifically prove whether a site is a vortex or not. But I am going to send you a series of sites that I believe are most likely vortexes, and I will let you decide.

The first is Bear Butte in South Dakota. Bear Butte is located in the Black Hills region and has long been a spiritual site for the Cheyenne, Sioux, and Lakota Indian tribes. Human artifacts that date back 10,000 years have been found on Bear Butte. A Cheyenne Indian belief is that God came down on Bear Butte and gave them sacred knowledge. Also, it is notable that a herd of Buffalo roams at the base of Bear Butte. I think this is definitely worth checking out. - vh47

Thank you. This vortex has been added to the Global Vortex Map. -vh1


We are currently living in Duncan, BC on Vancouver Island and have found a vortex on our property. Whatever is placed on a certain layline, the vortex makes it bent. We had three wooden posts put on our property as part as a fence line and they all bent while the others don't. Trees following a certain line also grow bent and twisted, which is not the case for the rest of the property.

A few weeks ago, I have also spotted a UFO close to Mount Provost, which to me is a major force of nature over there too and being intuitive makes me feel that energy force whenever I go. My testimonial about the UFO can be seen on UFOBC.COM - vh50

Thanks for the link and the info. Can you send pictures of the wooden posts and twisted trees on the ley line? -vh1


In the town of West Glacier Park in northern Montana there is a vortex that is a tourist attraction. I think its called the "House of Mystery" or something like that. Its not on your global vortex map yet. - vh46

Thank you for sending this vortex location. We do not have the House of Mystery on the Global Vortex Map because it is a paid tourist location and Vortex Hunters has not investigated there ourselves yet. Here is the link to their site The Montana Vortex and the House of Mystery.


The Supernatural is a topic that has interested people for thousands of years. I spent countless hours opening up my mind to figure this stuff out. The best way to get people interested in topics like these is to start with the basics.

To get to the Supernatural you must be fully dedicated in trying to understand your own reality. IT IS NOT NATURAL TO FOCUS ON SOMEONE ELSE'S REALITY. You can never get in touch with your Emotional Guidance System if you always try to understand others.

The voyage to reach the Supernatural level is difficult for a reason. The basis of everything in life is feeling good. When people hear words like "Supernatural" or "Vortex" their first reaction (typically) is to become a naysayer. Do you honestly think the Supernatural is going to welcome you with open arms if within 5 seconds of hearing it about you deny it? Will you ever reach The Vortex if you think it is delusional and impossible? The answer is No. When someone shares out-of-this-world information you should feel good about it. It's interesting.

I urge people to open up their mind a little bit. There are parts of the human mind that I have tapped by just sitting around and thinking. I turn off the TV...shut down my computer...and just sit around. I lose track of time frequently. When you watch too many TV shows your life turns into a TV show.

When you turn off the TV...focus on how you feel...and purposely direct your thoughts to your desires...whatever you imagine will manifest into the "physical world." You won't need TV. You become a movie.

Remove the barriers in your mind. Tap the parts of the brain that have never been tapped before. Feel at ease with figuring out your purpose in life. Enjoy every crazy new invention and every future Christopher Nolan movie that comes out. And have fun with all of this.

We are at the leading edge of thought. You have free will now. Connect with Source Energy and you'll be gliding through life in no time.

Your life is a struggle when you paint it as a struggle. It's time to start writing instead of painting.

We Are The Infinite



The Gaynor Ranch in Montana. The trees are all growing in . . . when you ride in there, there is a different feeling. I know nothing about this. . . it is just a feeling and I want to find someone to tell me if it is or not. The Vortex is up on the mountain. . . there is too much snow to get up there until mid to late April. . . so will get back to you on the pictures after that. - vh44


I am new to vortex hunting but very interested in the concept. I live in the Atlanta, Georgia area near a site that may be a vortex site. That site is Stone Mountain which is the world's largest piece of exposed granite, and is the centerpiece for 3,200 acres. How could get a pendulum to check the energy there or do you already know? Please advise. - vh43

The Stone Mountain vortex was added to the Global Vortex Map for its unusual geological properties. - vh1



The chakras of the planet are:

Root chakra: Lasa, Tibet
Second chakra: Giza Pyramids
Third chakra: Stonehenge
Forth heart chakra: Machu Picchu
Fifth throat chakra: Los Angeles Olivera St. Farmers Market Gazebo
Sixth third eye chakra: Oska, Japan Tin Reed City
Crown chakra: Earth not part of galactic community, but coming soon!

Information on planet chakras from Sean David Morton.



Hi and thanks for being here. I and my husband have discovered very strange collection of boulders in circle with one in particular (plaque) on the stone reading that this area was originally named DIANA for 3 yrs than name changed to current in the early 1800's. We have taken pictures and would very much like to communicate with anyone in our area interested in ley lines and such. We are in a bedroom community of Birmingham Alabama. - vh38


I have been trying to research "spiral vortex" ever since a very strong dream I had in May 2010. I dreamt I looked out the window and saw thousands of tiny stars in a (DNA) formation spiralling up into the sky and screamed out "It's the DNA spiral Vortex !!" as if I knew what it was and was expecting its coming. A great thundering noise was then heard and bright blue lights flashed across the sky and two massive space ships.....now please can anyone fill me in ? (I had never even heard the term DNA spiral or spiral vortex before this dream). - vh39


You should check out the Montana Vortex in Columbia Falls Montana. We were there last summer and that place is crazy with energy. We talked to Joe Hauser the owner and Nick Nelson the head researcher and they said the place had tons of paranormal stuff going on. We got some crazy pictures and so did a lot of other people. Well worth checking out. My friends and I are vortex junkies. We just love the energy and the mystery.  - vh37

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