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29 October 2018

Hello. I’m friends with two witches who make a point of closing vortexes and was wondering if they should be concerned about closing the Buffalo Lake, Canada vortex or “cleansing” it and “righting” ley lines? I’ve had a concern that they might not know enough to make a correct judgement. I believe the lake area may be a “good” vortex. Thank-you - Abe

Hi Abe, thank you for contacting Vortex Hunters with your concerns. The Buffalo Lake vortex is not known as a negative (vile vortex), but as a strong positive vortex. An excellent place for meditation and medicine wheels. So, I do not know why your friends would attempt to close, cleanse, or alter it. In any case, it is said to be one the strongest vortexes in the world, and as such, I do not believe it can be changed in any fashion by humans.

25 October 2018

Fairie Ring vortex near Ashland, Oregon

21 October 2018

Vortex number 18 in the Bermuda triangle. I am just curious to find out the exact location of the number 18 grid line in the Bermuda triangle and I was wondering if anybody has gone down in the water at the exact location with the latitude and longitude of number 18 in the grid of ley lines? - Buddy

Florida coast, near Miami, 26.57°N 76.80°W.

18 October 2018

Grid intersections Near Mae Sot Thailañd - Stephen

15 October 2018

Nara, Japan - S.

13 October 2018

Paranormal Vortex in Purcellvlle Va. - There is a vortex outside Purcellville Va. At or near North Fork Baptist Church. I live behind and to the right of the church. There are distinct "energies" present on my property. We'll call them that. Some with form, some without. Myself, my wife and my son have all observed these energies. My son and I have had several interactions. My wife has observed some phenomena. I could probably write a book detailing everything that has happened, but I'll leave it at this for now. - Tom

4 October 2018

A security officer sees a strange mist at a retirement home and captures it on CCTV camera.

3 October 2018

There is a problem with the Google Maps portion of the Global Vortex Map, but you can still access the vortex locations. I am working on resolving this problem. - Jack

29 September 2018

Look into Carrabelle, Florida - Tasha

I looked. I liked. Tate's Hell paranormal Vortex has been added to the global vortex map.

27 September 2018

Hallo. I would like to know if there are any important vortexez in México. I have folowed different authors in this dubject but noone speaks about México. - Nora

Hi Nora, here are the vortices that we have received reports on in Mexico. Coba Vortex, Tulum Vortex, Palenque Vortex, and Chichen Itza Vortex.

20 September 2018

Hi, there are two energy vortexes in MA that are not on your map - Salem, MA (Salem Woods in particular) and Walden Pond in Concord, MA - Katelyn

Thanks Katelyn! Of course, Salem, MA is well known for the witch trials and for paranormal activity. We will be visiting Salem in the spring and will try and check out Walden Pond while we are there.

19 September 2018

Hi there, I recently stumbled across your website when I was looking up information about Vortexes. I recently spent a few months in a small remote place called WoodBury. It is located between Ainsworth Hot Springs and Kaslo BC . I picked up on a lot of spiritual activity and have come to believe this may be a vortex. It is very interesting because it close to Cody Caves and the Ainsworth Hot Springs . I would be very interested in connecting with someone and giving more information or sharing some more of my facts and some recent findings with you. - Nicole

Hi Nicole, we have sent you an email requesting more info.

14 September 2018

An anonymous visitor sent us a great list of vortex locations in Africa, and I wanted to offer a BIG thanks, and let you know we will research each vortex location and post them individually if they pan out--which I believe many of them will since I recognized some of the locations and wondered to myself, how did we miss these? - Jack