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09 February 2018

realitytunnel commented on your video "This "V" shaped object is a real UFO"

07 February 2018

By many accounts, Enchanted Rock, Fredricksburg, TX is a mystical energy location. I read about ancient energy and vortices and ascension portals. I was totally pumped for this. In the past I have been blessed with visiting several places like this, and it typically is the charge I need to get me back on track.

Enchanted Rock, Fredricksburg, TX vortex

02 February 2018

Could you please tell me the location of any vortex at crater lake in Oregon - Laurine

Hello Laurine, here is all we know about the Crater Lake Vortex

29 January 2018

Just wanted to know where the ley lines are in West Virginia - Scott

I do not know about specific ley lines in West Virginia, but Spruce Knob has the most reported activity of any vortex in WV.

26 January 2018

Electric Forest Music Festival - Located in Rothbury, Michigan. This place is absolutely magical. Look up stories about the magic of Electric Forest and you will believe. This place works with the universe. - Calvin

23 January 2018

Medicine Rock. Historical double geo-glyph..double active fault..Medicine Rock long known for wish granting has magnetic energy so strong it shows up on compass by degrees. Known as a healing place and home to powerful Skookum. - Nesika

Hello Nesika, we found info on several Medicine Rock locations. Where is the healing place that you are writing about?

20 January 2018

I live at 28 North in a gated community on the edge of conduit silas park I've been told I am in a vortex pyramid rock is probably 3 miles away as the crow flies - Carol

Hi Carol, please send us GPS coordinates or more information about how to get to the location.

06 January 2018

I am looking to locate the exact location of the Keremeos Mound in Keremeos, British Columbia. It is listed under Sacred sites of Canada on the internet and is a powerfull vortex.Would any of your members have visited this site. thanks - glow

Many people have looked for the Keremeos Mound. If anyone has any info on its location please contact us and we will post it here. Here is a video about the legend of the Lost Spanish Mound.

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