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26 September 2017

I am a movement-mind-body researcher who has found a neurological connection to the Vortexes Energy which effects the movement-mind link. I would like to visit any Vortexes around Asheville NC on the 17 0f December if possible. Could you tell me where they are? - Betsy

Hi Betsy, no entity has submitted the exact center of a vortex in North Carolina. For general locations, here is a link to vortexes in N.C.

23 September 2017

are there any vortexes or ley lines in NC - Beverly

Here is a link to vortices in N.C.

21 September 2017

Yes I was invited years ago when I first arrived in ark to come to a prayer circle in the woods somewhere people from all over the us a came I lived in Rogers ark then I was wondering if this place might have been a spiritual cortex area I now live a road the state line in Jane mo I too was wondering if this part of mo has any such areas 1 more question do these areas affect people who get close to them what reasons do people seek these areas out and what purpose do they serve or what reason do they exist? - Cheryl

16 September 2017

I present the Afterlife Spirit Phone. I thought you might enjoy seeing this device, inspired by the victorian era attempts of Edison and Tesla to create devices to Speak to the Dead. Edison’s Spirit Phone, and Tesla’s Spirit Radio never came to market, but Professor Nightshade’s victorian marvel, the Afterlife Spirit-Phone is presented for your amazement. Yes FaceTime with the Dead!!! Watch as Professor Nightshade’s Afterlife Spirit-Phone power’s up to harness psychic energy through the crystal ball, then witness opening the portal of extraordinary communication with unquiet spirits of the bodily dead. Click this Youtube link Hi, my name is Chris Jones, an amateur artist with a home studio in Riverside, CA., and this is my Steampunk Performance Sculpture Experience. I couldn’t find anything like it on the internet, so I set out to conceive, design, engineer and build this performance sculpture as a way of expressing my deep interest in the paranormal. I’m hoping you’ll share this with your paranormal group. I’d like to ask you if you’d consider making a comment about the “Afterlife Spirit Phone” below my Youtube Video. That would certainly be awesome for a old artist like me.

Thank you Chris! Well done!

16 September 2017

Greetings: As President and CEO of REL-MAR, it is my great pleasure to send you the link to your complimentary online edition of The ‘X’ Chronicles Newspaper - August / September 2017 Edition which is 92 pages and in full colour. The ‘X’ Chronicles Newspaper has been publishing monthly since January 1991 in print and digital formats and is read around the world and was the very first newspaper dedicated to the world of the Paranormal and the Science of Parapsychology and is a published and distributed by REL-MAR McConnell Media Company in Hamilton, Ontario, Canada. The link to your inline edition of The ‘X’ Chronicles Newspaper. Read, enjoy and pass the link around! - Rob McConnell

Thank you Rob! Love the newspaper and love the show!

14 September 2017

Have you guys checked out perkins cove in Maine? Might be worth a look. - Michelle

Thank you Michelle, we will research this area and let you know.

10 September 2017

The area of the ghost town of Kosmos, WA at the East end of Riffe Lake in Lewis County along Highway 12 is said to be an energetic vortex or Earth Chakra due to its proximity between Mt Rainier, St Helens and Mt Adams, all technically active volcanos. Local stories exist of deceased people in ambulances reviving when they pass through the section between Kosmos Rd and Uden Rd. All that is left are many many Native American artifacts (this is the famous Portage connecting sections of the Columbia River using the Cowlitz River), and a historic Inn, Kosmos Inn, which was thought to be haunted for many years, the ghost town and Dog Mountain, site of US hang gliding nationals. Very very interesting indigenous and volcanic history. - Phil

Thanks Phil, we will take a closer look at this location in October when we are in Washington.

10 September 2017

Vortex manipulation - Is it possible using a singing bowl, tuning fork, or electronic means to manipulate the inbound energy to the feminine part of a vortex. Can I change the feminine to accept only energy vibrating at 528? - Adam

Hi Adam, interesting thought! Do you mean 528 Hertz/cycles? Why 528? I have never tried this so I do not know, but I would love to hear what you find out. I will also give it a go and let's compare notes in a future post.

06 September 2017

How is Jerusalem not marked on the map? - Kiera

Hi Kiera, good question! Religious locations, although highly spiritual, are not necessarily vortexes. If you have a vortex location to suggest, please send it to us.

06 September 2017

How is Jerusalem not marked on the map? - Kiera

Hi Kiera, good question! Religious locations, although spiritual, are not necessarily vortexes. If you have a vortex location to suggest in Isreal, please send it to us.

03 September 2017

El Yunque Rainforest - El Yunque Rainforest is a National Park considered by many a natural vortex in Puerto Rico. - Pablo

Hi Pablo, thank you for recommendng this vortex. El Yunque Rainforest vortex has been added to the Global Vortex Map.

01 September 2017

hello I believe we have found a vortex in our house, vibehouse. there is a powerful energy in our front garden. it is paradisic. we refer to it as paradise. it feels juicy . our house is on a straight road from a shamanic grassy heath known as "the level". we want to share paradise but do not seek fame nor riches. we will accept crystal donations and well wishes. Blessings on your heart, vibehouse

26 August 2017

Possible vortex/spirit tree combo. Hello, my husband and I purchased some land this past year along the banks of the St Lawrence River in The county of St Lawrence township of Hammond . Upon finding this amazing huge gnarled old Cedar tree - we felt a special energy and awareness there - a cedar tree had grown for decades with perfectly swirled and twisted bark on every beam - to the trunk - I'm interested in meditating there - i would love some guidance - I've brought a few close friends by to see it and they leave with an awe and deep in we peace that's enlightening. Any thoughts or guidance would be appreciated. Respectfully, Andrea

Hi Andrea, please send us a picture and detailed location of the tree (we will not share them if you do not want us to.) Generally, setting a good intention before entering, is the key to meditating in any vortex. Sample intentions resource

22 August 2017

Healing vortex on Orcas Island, WA - Shannon

Thank you for suggesting this vortex. The Orcas Island vortex has been added to the global vortex map.

16 August 2017

Vortex in the Philippines, Palawan - Edgar

Thank you for suggesting this vortex. The Palawan vortex has been added to the global vortex map.

14 August 2017

Waitsburg Vortex. There is a multi typed vortex in Waitsburg Washington State that has multiple effects. There are UFOs and aliens, sasquatch and things like that, there has been a crop circle or two, and lots of ghost and spiritual activity in the area, time shifts, missing time, etc. - William

Hi William, we were only able to find one reference online regarding ufo, paranormal or vortex energy in this location. Please send any evidence you have. A picture of the vortex area would be also helpful. UFO reported in Waitsburg

07 August 2017

Wonder if anyone skilled in the craft could confirm. I don't know if it is exactly map worthy, but I definitely feel like many others would agree, but I believe there is some kind of Vortex present in Legend Valley, OH. Not too far from Serpent Mound. I have felt similar energies in Three Sisters Park in Chilicothe, IL - Chris

Hi Chris, thanks for sending these and they may vortexes, but since they are business venues, we cannot post them on the map. There may be something to the music creating or adding to vortices, as we receive a lot of vortex reports about Red Rocks Amphitheatre.

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