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06 December 2013


Lake Meade PA near East Berlin

03 December 2013


First of all, I love your website!I live in New York City, where I had no success so far to locate a vortex. However, I read on your past posted blog, that someone - named Z - wrote in April this year, that he found a vortex in Budaors ( Budapest, Hungary). I am planning to go to Hungary for the holidays, and would like to visit this location - vortex. The person mentions a photo of the place. Is there any chance you would be able to get the picture from him? - Sylvia


Thank you for your kind words. We do not have a photo of a vortex in Hungary. Please send a vortex picture to us if you find the opportunity.

14 November 2013


Basically, I am trying to figure out how to measure the area that I recently moved to in Pagosa Springs, Colorado. We have the deepest geothermal hot mineral springs in the entire world located here. There is an amazing, peaceful energy that is similar to other vortex sites that I have been to, like Sedona and in Glastonbury England. I believe we have many vortex sites here including Chimney Rock, (may be a portal) which is an ancient lunar standstill built by the Pueblo Indians. So I want to figure out how to measure the energy in order to locate exact sites. No one seems to be mentioning this area as a vortex site, yet the residents and people drawn here will tell you that it has a special energy that you can easily feel. We are also in an area that is sparsely populated. I know this area is special and I want to figure out why. ? By the way, we are in the same region as Mesa Verde but further East.


In regard to how to measure vortex energy, I do not know. Some have used compasses, some believe that a good pendulum will work, or divining rods. I have witnessed interesting results with a pendulum and divining rods.

25 October 2013


Hello I would like to suggest Slavs Magic Mountain in Poland. The name is Mount ???. Top was the center of Slavs Solar Deity - its origins are date back to the Bronze Age. This place was one of the biggest secrets of Nazis during WWII. Now we know that over there was tested Hitler Anti-gravity Vehicles There are many reported cases of UFO in this region, strange energy's and local legends -Arturo

11 October 2013


Thank you for your valuable time and information. I recommend Runion Creek Covered Bridge for further investigation. The ride was from the North through Winchester and South 81 to Rockingham County, Virginia RT259 to RT610 turning past a Chapel and narrow Rock Formation. Our visit consisted of a short walk from a dirt road to the Bridge. No visible identification marked the Location or Structure. The secluded Structure stood suspended over Runions Creek's sacred flow undaunted by nearby children's voices and the occasional passing car. The visit lasted for nearly an hour for picture taking, foliage and wildlife observations. Fallen maple leaves were large early in the Season. The Event had been carefully planned and coordinated to coincide with the Journey home and sensory observations appear bias. The remaining Trip through Mountain Ranges was showered in moisture until the State Line, where the Sky appeared and the Rain subsided to reveal the Largest and Widest Double Rainbow covering the adjacent Valley and North Carolina State Line. Moments before Dusk, allowed a brief moment to ponder what eyes had seen and Hearts had felt.

10 October 2013


I was told there is portal on the NE face of Mt Shasta at about tree line.