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17 December 2014


Could it be a possibility that the UFO'S use the vortexes as energy stations for refueling? I have just recently heard of vortexes but would it be a possibility that since they are aligned so perfect and all containg that ISO 26 thing or whatever it is that that could be what the UFO'S not only use as magnetic navigation but also to refuel. Almost how we take oil from the ground and over time it replenishes itself could the magnetic energy be used like that and if so is that why there are so many so that each has sufficient time to recharge to the needed level? I don't know much about this I'm really a newby but I'm very Interested - Austin


Hi Austin, I agree that this is one plausible reason why UFOs might be seen at some vortex sites. Although the magnetic field strength at vortex points can be low, alien technology might use the energy more efficiently or have the ability to store it. I've also read that vortexes and ley lines could be used by interstellar travellers for portals, location markers and directional beacons. -J

07 December 2014


A friend of mine told me he bought property in Lake Country, British Columbia Canada because of a vortex energy field being on the property. So I went in the backyard to sit by the campfire site and took off my shoes to be barefoot to find out if it was magnetic and I felt a magnetic energy on my feet so it was a vortex energy field. Harald said they wanted to try to get a alien to land and were practicing a summoning at the same time the worldwide lightworkers groups and new age groups and others were doing the great invocation prayer for light and love and something landed where the vortex energy field was or it could have come up from the ground from another dimension but it was invisible so I don't think it was a alien that landed there. The man who told me about the vortex energy field built a bed and breakfast resort near it and has a store on the property. He allows others to use it including Harald who wanted a alien to land in Lake Country.

30 November 2014


I've heard a lot about ley lines. How are they detected and intersections found? I doubt a compass is of much use. There's dowsing like water dowsing, but would that work? How can a leyline or node be identified? The body has such energy sources and flow, It'd stand to reason the earth would. Even biblical reference speaks of the earth as if it's a life cell itself? As in, "the earth will spue thee out". Where funny enough, the galaxy with the sun as a nuceus and planets like electrons is much like an atom. Where I'd appreciate what you can tell me. As I'd like to grasp the concept and identify it. I've also read ley lines travel out the earth and into from space. Similiar to maybe energy transfer of electricity in a transformer. Thank you for your time. - Bert


Hey Bert, thank you for writing. I've thought about these things as well. I am not aware of a definitive method for identifying the location of ley lines, though I have seen dowsers do some amazing things. My main question is that if ley lines are related to the Earth, wouldn't they change as the Earth changes? Some claim that ley lines intersect at vortex locations, like Stonehenge, and that these vortex points are connected to each other via a straight line, linking Stonehenge to The Great Pyramids for example, creating a World Energy Grid. But the continents have been moving for thousands of years via Plate Tectonics. Are the vortexes still in the same place? If ley lines were related to the Earth's magnetic field, woudn't they have moved, as the the magnetic north pole is currently drifting by about 10 miles a year? As you, I, and everything in the known universe is made up of atoms, I like to think that the Earth is a living organism that we do not yet fully understand. Perhaps ley lines, if they exist, are part of that life force. -J

26 November 2014


Do you know of any vortex locations (or similar) near the City of San Fernando, in California? Any reports of unusual occurrences, images, cloud formations, visions of angels, etc., in said area?


No reports in that area, but just north of you is where we captured a daytime UFO. Pyramid Lake is claimed to be an energy spot. There is also a place in Gorman/Lebec where the San Andreas fault is closest to the surface that is said to contain energy. -J

12 November 2014


Hello, I visited Edgar Allen Poe's grave site in Baltimore, MD over the past weekend and took some pictures. Not until I got to my computer and downloaded them, did I see this one. I posted it on Facebook and a friend responded with "That's a vortex!". I googled Vortex and found your site. Now I've had this cell phone for a few years and have taken a LOT of pictures. Never, EVER has one come out like this before. Thank you, Jacki from Plantsville, CT


edgar allan poe's grave site vortex

11 November 2014


hi there are there any energy vortices near montreal (even if small)?


Oui. According to the book "Anti-Gravity and the World Grid", there is an energy vortex somewhere just south of Montreal. The hand drawn map is not clear about the exact location. Perhaps Pointe-des-Cascades? - J