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30 December 2015


Hi! We are at our cabin in Colorado. Our land is west of Trinidad between the Spanish Peaks and the Sangre de Christo mountain range. It was called Council Mesa. It was where all of the Council Chiefs met. There is supposedly pictures of them around a ring of stone. It is also said that they met here because there is an energy vortex here. They say is changed their mood and made them happy and that it also healed. We just found this out today but it totally explains why we always feel so chill here. I am part Cherokee and Choctaw so I have always been in tune with spirits of my ancestors. So now to you, please tell me how do I find that energy vortex? Thank you - Jennifer


How interesting! I suggest you follow the spirits you are in tune with to help find the vortex. I could not find any information on this location, but I am not done researching yet. I will update this post with any links I find. - J

28 December 2015


Hi, I was wondering if anyone had any information on vortex springs, florida? Great site, thank you! - Anonymous


We have no reports of an energy vortex at this location. It appears to be a divers destination. - J

23 December 2015


what kind of equipment is used to detect a vortex? thanks so much - Allan


Great question. If you are referring to energy vortexes, I have experimented with compasses, magnetometers, static detectors, EMF detectors, pendulums, and dowsing rods. You can also measure a person in the vortex, by using a heart rate or blood pressure monitor, electrodermal activity monitor (measures the conductance of the skin), or a brain wave monitor. Find out more here. - J

18 December 2015


I am glad I found your website because it shed some light on something that happened to me a couple months ago. I was driving from Maine to Cn. To visit a friend and I thought I was almost there, when I realized I was driving North on the same interstate, which I had been traveling South on and I had backtracked to within 70 miles of Boston!!! I have absolutely no recollection of exiting the freeway and getting back on again in the wrong direction. After looking at your map, I realized I was in the Bridgewater Triangle when it happened. Also, vortexes do move, or at least the healing part can and will move if it is contaminated with too much sick energy. The first time I went to Sedona I arrived at 2am and did not have a map of the vortexes. I was guided to a healing Vortex and advised to sleep in it, which I did. My guide identified herself as the White Buffalo Psychic and she told me the vortexes had moved. The next day I got a map of the vortexes and discovered I had slept near bell rock, but not where the Vortex was on the map. There was much sick energy on Bell Rock. I walked down the trail and reached out and touched a tree - big mistake!! The jolt I received felt like hitting a metal filling with a fork!! Very unpleasant!! - Mary Ann

18 December 2015


Hi, I just found your website. Angkor Wat in Siem Reap, Cambodia, ticks more than one box on Vortex type. I knew what a positive Vortex was from visits to Sedona. However, I was really surprised when I encountered such a strong negative Vortex at Angkor Wat. It is documented at other sites on the internet. This was where I first started getting the urge to check other vortexes. I am currently in the UK and came across your site and decided to contribute. I also found two small ones on the Big Island, one was a positive Vortex,but the other one did not fit my definition of a positive or negative Vortex; the energy went up my legs through my body and into my brain and made me feel very sluggish and impaired my speech in the manner of someone who is fall down drunk!!! It lasted about 10 minutes.


Angkor Wat has been added to the new Global Vortex Map. Thank you for this excellent suggestion. - J

09 December 2015


Hello, I am looking for some assistance to establish a triangulated vortex in the mid Colorado Rockies. Please let me know if there is anyone in your group that would be interested. Thank you Elaine


Long's Peak CO has been added to the new Global Vortex Map. Replies to your request can be made there. - J