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26 December 2016


Hello! Me and my fiancé had taken a trip to Japan. We went to mount kurama in kurama Kyoto. It was such a wonderful experience. While we were there my iPad mini took between 60 and 70 pictures of swirly trees and things. It seems to look like something someone posted before. Please tell me what you think about this and if there is anything you can help me understand about these pictures.. none of them are the same.. they are all pretty cool. I hope you guys like! thanks.


japan vortex


We LOVE the pictures!!! Thank you for sharing them! Mount Kurama is the birthplace of the Reiki practice. People have sent us similar images from other vortex locations. We have no guess as to what it might be, since it seems to happen on many different types of equipment. - J

21 December 2016


I wanted to add to your Oregon Map. There is another vortex in Oregon - The House of Mystery. I was there last year and it definitely distorted reality (as I understand it) like nothing I had ever seen. It is located between Medford and Grants Pass. Just wanted you to take it into consideration. - Joey


Thanks! The Oregon Vortex has been added to the new global vortex map. - J

13 December 2016


the cahokia vortex in illinois. there are mounds there from an old civilization and a wood stonehenge like formation. i havent been in a long time but i remember i got a weird feeling near one of the mounds. - cara


Thanks, Cara! The Cahokia Woodhenge Vortex has been added to the new global vortex map. - J


04 December 2016


Thompson Park Watertown, New York Vortex - I never found it myself. I heard the rumors about its existence while I lived in the area. Some say you will walk through it and be in another period of time. I have a growing interest in finding these vortexes. I can't explain why other than a gravitation I feel towards them and the dreams about them.

04 December 2016


I hit a vortex in Scotland with a stone circle while visiting there this fall. The healing was amazing. Was attempting to find one here so that I may take my children to receive the same healing. Would like to know where exactly on Blackmountain the vortex is so that we make hike to it.

01 December 2016


Would you happen to know concretely where a vortex is either in the Denver metro area , (my brother lived in Elizabeth , and we never saw nor felt anything out there, nor in Kiowa where i saw mentioned on the blog) we had worked out there quite a bit, but then again we were not looking. Same as castle rock, where i worked quite a bit....looking to find one. even within say 200 miles of the denver metro area, or even Colorado springs? was curious to see. much appreciated! - mike


Hi Mike, we have not received the exact location of any vortex in Colorado Springs, just general reports from the entire area. But something seems to be going on there. We receive more reports from Colorado Springs and the surrounding area, than any other location (except Sedona). - J

30 November 2016


I am just wondering if there is usually an audible sound to a vortex. I moved into a home about a year ago, and I have been hearing a specific sound that sounds like movement around my head. I hear it most of the time...just thought I would ask. thanks! :-) - bp

Audible sounds (buzzing, pressure in ears, etc.), from a vortex have not been reported until recently. Reports of sounds connected to a vortex have went from zero in the last 12 years, to nine in the last 6 months. I'm not sure why that is. - J

21 November 2016


Chapel of the Holy Cross Vortex - I visited so much that day...I felt all the energies. When I walked into the Chapel, all Mothers, Grandmothers, Grandmother and Auntie Ancestors, Angels and the Blessed Mother were with me. The voices seemed to say 'We love you. Speak for us!' Which is the work I do and I sometimes wonder what in the world am I doing? It feels as though I have their support...JOY!!! Thank You, Theresa

21 November 2016


i walked to my house and my dog did a back-flip, a normal occurrence despite he is 200lbs - Anonymous