Vortex Hunters Blog 2017

20 January 2017


Dear Friends, Colleagues, Associates and Caring Members of Society: I need your help and the help of as many people that you know to STOP the broadcasting of a US produced TV Show - Rob McConnell, Creator, Host and Executive Producer, The ‘X’ Zone Radio and TV Show Keep "Killing Bigfoot" From Being Broadcast

Keep "Killing Bigfoot" From Being Broadcast

19 January 2017


Hi, I've been shown that there is a vortex in my yard, in the shape of the flower of life, where each point is an energy center with the largest one sitting in the middle. Other people have felt the energy. Would you like to come check it out? Chris


Please send GPS coordinates or directions. - J

19 January 2017


Hello. I am writing today in regards to vorticies. I believe there is one in our area. Western NY more specific Arkwright NY. State property. We now have reseached for 5 years into sasquatch and have had encounters and videos we share on youtube. We have witnessed lights.. vooces flying things on flir. We believe this whole area is a big one. Roughly a mile or 2 sqd. Many crazy things happen. I have had time loss with team members caught what looks like alien beings on camera sasquatches . Light balls etc. Weird vibes alot of the time. If this whole hill is not a vortex than it can move and idk how? This area needs to be on a map. Near center rd over to farrington hallow rd. Western NY is not new to crazy things. Mason winfield writes many books on our region. This is a serious account and should be taken that way. Our videos are Western NY Bigfoot on youtube. Please update your sorce material adding this location. If you have questions please contact me.


Please send GPS coordinates or directions. - J

18 January 2017


An area at the end of River Road alongside the Caloosahatchee river and on the shores of Lake Hicpochee (26.797659, -81.123564 - Florida) is an area of great energy and paranormal experience. My father and I both encountered and felt this energy, and feel this site may have had some ritual purpose many thousands of years ago or was a site of great tragedy. Thank you.


Looks like a cool spot. The Caloosahatchee River Vortex has been posted on the new vortex map. - J

16 January 2017


Hi i live in Spokane WA , South Hill suburb, and work as a higher consciousness reiki teacher, energy director/healer, .. an influx of energy healers are moving here since the last 10+ yrs and already living here, the region has a v. high vibration, many forest, lakes, wildlife, and many of your vortex types on menu (above) can be found here. meditate on this and you will know. thank you Aranka / reiki golden healing


Reportedly, there is an intersection of ley lines near Browne Mountain. - J