Vortex Hunters Blog 2017

29 December 2017

I am learning and learned that this is one of tool I could use for my greatest and good purposes for life. - Joshua

Thanks Joshua, good luck on your journey, many blessings to you!

28 December 2017

I was wondering if you know where I can get a map or the coordinates of Ley lines that go through the Raleigh, NC area. I'm looking for a new home and would love to buy as close to the lines as possible. Thank you so much! - Michelle

Hi Michelle, I'm not sure if NC ley lines have been mapped out, but you can check out ley line info onVortex Maps

27 December 2017

i found some vortex point and ley line in northen vietnam - nguyen

Hi Nguyen, please let us know where they are.

23 December 2017

South Central KY energy spot. My parents farm backs up to a place called the Dry Fork Gorge, it is where 5 springs come out of caves and form the headwaters of the Little Barren River. It is now protected, a nature conservancy and owned by the city of Edmonton, County of Metcalfe in south central KY, a Limestone Karst region. The previous, private owners dug many Woodland Indian and older artifacts from out of the caves back in the 70's and 80's. Western Ky University conducted a brief archaeological survey of the site in 2006 and confirmed woodland Indian occupation of the location. I have experienced many orb photographs and one evening while hiking at dusk with several friends, as I was taking digital photos with the flash I could see orbs all around us. I have even gotten orb photos during the day from the location. At the back of the gorge there is a distinct triangular shaped area about 20 feet at the base, on the ground that can be noticed in the winter from above. there is a spot near the center of the back of the Gorge that hums with energy.There are 7 or more caves in the gorge as well. I have also experienced micro climates there in a 6 hour period where it was much warmer and sunnier than the weather and ambient temperature out side and above the gorge. Severe weather often goes around this small area. Located in Edmonton Kentucky 42129, off of Old Glasgow and (Mike) Branstetter Roads. - Lynn

Interesting! I see a triangle area in this Google satellite image, is this the spot? Can you send us some orb pics?

22 December 2017

ive been told i have a vortex on my property after having a few issues on the land. weve since noticed cell phone batteries die there and found surrounding trees with twisted trunks. what else can i do to prove or know if this is correct?! - Gigi

Hello Gigi, try testing different locations with a compass, pendulum and/or dowsing rods.

14 December 2017

Stephenson, Virginia. Historic Jordan Springs is a hotspot. I lived around the corner in a former civil war hospital. There were ghosts, alien encounters, portals that opened... Very strange place. - Jessica

Hi Jessica, sounds interesting! Please send a photo or video and we will put Jordan Springs, VA on the vortex map. In the meantime, here are some links I found on haunted Jordan Springs:

Historic Jordan Springs, Stephenson Paranormal specialists confirm estate to be undoubtedly haunted.

Jordan Springs ghost Ghost Hunters. At 8 seconds look lower left.