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28 December 2018

So I believe I found a vortex and didnt know it. Ive been drawn to this place I call the rock and I go there to center myself and be at my highest energy levels. Ive experienced very spiritual things here. I call it the rock. - Ellen

That's awesome Ellen. It's good to have a place to go to like that, especially if it is local and easy access.

27 December 2018

Hi, Im looking for a vortex in michigan. I read a book that have been written by you guys that said there was a vortex close to the ann arbor mi toledo oh area but im not seeing it on your website. Do you know what im talking about? Thanks a bunch! Happy holidays:) - Logan

Hi Logan, The Michigan Triangle is the only vortex that has been reported to us in Michigan.

24 December 2018

Star island. This place is definitely a vortex. I've been coming here since I was a child. It's occupied by a summer conference center that is primarily unitarian. Many people come here for a sense of spiritual renewal. There are often sightings of ghosts and spirits. It's really an incredibly magical place. The sunsets are incredible and the sunrise is even better. This is a place of incredible natural beauty and when someone has more sensitivity to subtle energies it heightens the beauty ten fold. Not many people know of this place as having spiritual significance so I'm happy to share this info with those who are interested. - Sean

We would love to hear more. Are you writing about Star Island in Miami Beach, Florida? There is also a Star Island in N.H.

20 December 2018

Chakra Wawel in Poland. - Jaroslaw

Thank you for sharing these resources to the Chakra Wawel in Poland, they are posted on the above page.

20 December 2018

Hello, I am interested in finding out more vortex locations and sharing some. - Chelby

Greetings Chelby, you have come to the right place.

15 December 2018

Can anyone tell me if there are any vortexs, or anything spiritual in St. Thomas?? Or the Virgin Islands? Thank you!! - Janene

Hi Janene, we have not received any vortex reports from these areas. If you find any, please let us know.

10 December 2018

Without a doubt this area near Guerneville CA. is active nearly all day. And all night. At least 100 years ago this area was inhabited by Russian imagrints. There are children crying, three Sisters who had no choice but to finally do away with the land owner because of his horrific punishments and cruelty. He is the main melevalent one. Most visitors won't climb the stairs to the top where the deck is that leads to the front door. Our friend is the owner of the land and myself and my best friend spend quite a bit of time there. No bother, we are 3 uniquely in tune with all that transpired. Te melevalent one will not face us. We are 3 Natural Witches that are pretty unshakable. Of course he's thrown objects at us and growled and hissed, slammed and locked the dead bolts. Anyway, here is a security camera shot of some of the activity. This is about 20' above the entry deck to the main house. - D.

Thank you for sharing this information. We could not access the security camera shot, please send it as an attachment.

5 December 2018

Chapel of the Holy Cross Sedona - These are orbs that showed up in and out of the chapel, They weren’t visible until after we loaded the files on my computer. They are from 2004. The top on is shining on the floor and casting a shadow. The sun was to the right of the church. Light doesn’t reflect on concrete. My entire family felt the profound feelings and emotions when sitting in that chapel. I will never forget it. It changed me forever. - Jeff

Chapel of the Holy Cross vortex
Chapel of the Holy Cross vortex with orb


Thanks Jeff! These are some of the most unusual photos we have seen from the Chapel of the Holy Cross vortex.