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  • 17 August 2019

    I am new to this concept. I live relatively close to New Harmony. Is there a specific location in town where the vortex is strongest? - Rick

    Hi Rick, the New Harmony vortex page has a post that may help answer this.

  • 3 August 2019

    Hello, I was wondering if this trail os dog friendly? I have a 5 year old golden retriever who is well behaved and a social butterfly . Could you please let me know if it's okay to bring him. Thank you! - Susan

    Hi Susan, which location are you referring to?

  • 25 July 2019

    It used to be called Plaza Bonita Mall, now called Westfield Shopping Center is National City Ca. In 1997 my girlfriend (now my wife of 20 years) and I have believed to have driven through a vortex. I was aN early psychology major at SDSU and had learned that one could lead people into experiencing what you think you are experiencing through some sort of keywords or placebo effects. So when it was occurring I applied some safeguards around my communication with my girlfriend. I felt like the atmosphere was energy charged, as If batteries were connected to the air that surrounded me. I then began to notice the living people who walked or drove past me were quote, unquote “dead.” Not in a ghoulish way, but as if they were living a lifeless existence.. like the “walking dead” but without the dramatic stumble walking or ghastly faces. I carefully and casually asked my girlfriend friend. “Do you notice anything?” And she said without a single prompting. “They’re Dead” and she described the atmosphere around us as “vibrating”. The further we drove the more and more faint we could tangible feel a difference in the two realities. We then had another supernatural and creepy experience 2 weeks later in an adjacent city called Chula Vista.... walking past a bakery and a gray haired group of ladies were sitting around a octagon window inside the bakery. As we walked past a lady with her back to us, she spun directly around in her seat, which we later discovered was bolted down to the floor with no swivel.She had the look of dark energy in her, but we picked up that we were now aware of what she was aware of and seemed threatened by us. We held hands .. I laughed and said “ what is going on” Being young and inexperienced thinking that a church was the place where people may know more about these experiences more than I... I said for the first time “ let’s find a church”. That church, with my newfound passion to share positive supernatural experiences went from 5 people to 8000 a Sunday... Almost fullfiling the vision I was shown by .... God?? That first Sunday... he showed me 10,000 people... I became excited.. surveyed my surrounding resources .. a pastor who wasn’t boring, worship singers who had no self concern but to offer up song and their life to a God that they referred to as Father. I had not been aware of the existence of mega churches but I was integral in its future success. Until that voice... told me to Go... then over a year later the voice said GO NOW.. I left what I had given my life and all of my finances to... and left.. Then had my next awakening when I was lead to study scripture in the original languages... blew my mind AGAIN.... All that to potentially point to a vortex point. Strange fact as well : hundreds of black crows descendent upon the parking lot right to the left of the road where I had experienced what I believe to have been a vortex. Whew - Chris W

    Hi Chris, thanking for sharing this experience. Some friends of mine, that are more sensitive to energies than I, have told me that they find the residents of Sedona to be like the 'walking dead' you described. Personally, I found the locals of Sedona to be wonderful, peaceful and content.

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