Monterey Bay Vortex

Monterey Bay vortex


Vortex Type: Energy

I know very little about this sort of thing. However I thought I would ask if anyone has reported a vortex in the Monterey Bay Area in California. I started doing a little research after some experiences and there really isn't anything to explain it. It is a little difficult to describe so that could be why as well. I live here between Monterey and Santa Cruz and visit the shore frequently. Lately I have become aware of strong energy when I'm on the shore of the Monterey Bay. Several times recently my cell phone has malfunctioned. At first I thought it was my phone. But then I started noticing a pattern that it would work fine as soon as I'm away from the beach. Cell service is usually spotty along the coast for some reason but this had nothing to do with signal.

First, it happened in Moss Landing. The second time was at Point Pinos Beach in Pacific Grove, the area of beach in front of the lighthouse . This time my husband was with me and complained of the same issues with his cell phone, though he has never had issues before. Our phones suddenly gave an error that the battery is drained and shut down. However the batteries were not dead. The phones just simply did not want to stay on. My phone malfunctioned so severely that it reset my preferences when I continued to keep trying to get it to stay on. As soon as we left the beach, both our phones worked properly again with no glitches and have worked fine since. The fact that it was both our phones is what got my attention and got me thinking about the energy in these areas.

Other than the phones I have to say that there is an energy that seems to draw me to both these spots. I thought it was just the shore agreeing with me and the positive ions but am wondering if it is more than that. I do know there is a lot of history on those shores. I'm curious if anyone else has reported such things or if it is a possibility the energy is different in these areas.





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