Photo of Asheville, North Carolina, as it appeared in 1854 from Wikimedia Commons

Asheville Vortex

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North Carolina

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Asheville Vortex

Registered by: Anonymous - 11.26.13 - I am living near Asheville, NC. I've been told this area is a vortex but I don't see it on your map. Do you not think this is a vortex?

"There are twenty-four active vortices between Black Mountain and Waynesville, and many more power spots. This is one of the most concentrated number of vortices and power points anywhere in this country...over 24 major ones!

A vortex has a very high level of energy projecting in a relative small area, whereas a power spot has a larger area with lower energy. Mt. Pisgah is the major power spot of the area, where the Watcher, or Guardian Angel of this entire area resides. Clingman's Dome on the other hand in nearby Tennessee is a vortex with very powerful electromagnetic energy."

Source: Asheville Magazine

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Asheville, NC has MAJOR healing energy Nearby is Mt. Mitchell, the tallest peak East of Mississippi - Anonymous 03.10.14


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