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Gettysburg Vortex

GPS Coordinates: 39° 49' 48.0972", -77° 13' 35.8428" (click to open Google Map)
These GPS coordinates are for the general area, not for any specific vortex.

Registered by: Vortex Hunter #41 - 05.04.11

Gettysburg, Pennsylvania is primarily known because of its proximity to the site of the Battle of Gettysburg. Gettysburg is also well known for its paranormal activity. From solid apparitions of soldiers marching in a field, to paranormal hots sposts like the Jenny Wade house.

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Many monuments of unusual shapes. The whole battlefield site has a strange vibe. One site (don't remember the name) was particulary barren with unusual rock formations that made for a perfect battle site.

We were drawn to where the Address was given and found a patch of trees near a small monument that was restricted (bullet top) The psychics were overwhelmed.

hawk at gettysburg

A hawk was always present.

gettysburg hawkgettysburg rock formationgettysburggettysburggettysburg

- Text and images courtesy of vh41 - 05.04.11


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