Spruce Knob West Virginia,
Photo of west side of the Spruce Knob summit from Wikimedia Commons

Spruce Knob Vortex

GPS Coordinates: 38° 41' 58.9164", -79° 31' 59.1996" (click to open Google Map)

Registered by: Vortex Hunter #54 - 08.15.11

Walk counterclockwise on short marked trail circling around lookout tower. At about the 9:00 position from the start of the trail, (1/4 of the way around) locate the small tree on your left that grows in a horizontal arc. It took my breath away for a moment. Felt electricity in arms after walking away. I have a short video.

If you cannot see the video above, click here: Video of Spruce Knob Vortex

When I watch my video now, I notice I am winded after I stepped into the center of the tree's limb. Very subtle at about .08 into the video. Although I am no spring chicken, this was a very simple hike around the observation tower (it appears as a distinct square on the google map) on Spruce Knob, WV and I was not exerting much effort. I laugh in the video because I think my husband is funny giving a narrative. My arms felt electified after we left the tree as we continued on the short path around the observation tower. - vh54

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From Amy - vh134

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vh134 investigating Spruce Knob Vortex

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Spruce Knob Lake and Spruce Knob

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