Ley Lines



Are Ley Lines Real?

There is no scientific evidence that ley lines exist.

For many people that believe ley lines are real, the phenomenon is something that cannot be measured with standard instruments. It is a sense or a feeling that something about a certain area is different. Ley lines may be seen indirectly by locations or events that occur on a straight path.

What Are Ley Lines?

Ley lines have come to mean different things since the term was first coined in 1921, by amateur archaeologist Alfred Watkins. He was referring to the alignments of historical places in England, such as ancient monuments and megaliths, on a straight path. These routes in the landscape are believed to have spiritual significance.

Today, ley lines are believed by many to connect spiritual or mystical places called vortexes, that emit energy or psychic power that can harm or heal the body and spirit, and even open portals to other dimensions. Stonehenge, Mount Shasta, The Bermuda Triangle and Sedona, Arizona are good examples of vortexes. Some ley lines are believed to attract UFOs and paranormal events.

In theory, the more powerful the vortexes are at the ends of a ley line, the stronger the energy of the ley line is, and the more ley lines that intersect at a vortex, the stronger the vortex.

Where Do Ley Lines Get Their Power?

Some say ley lines produce a magnetic, energy, or psychic field that can be felt by a person in tune with these energies, or by the tools of a dowser.

The source of the energy for ley lines and vortexes (or vortices), is said to come from a world energy grid that surrounds the Earth, or the energy may come from natural formations of quartz, limestone or geographical features. Some believe that ancient civilizations were drawn to these energies and that is why they built monuments at the most powerful spots.

12 April 2018

Am I On A Ley Line?

To find out if you are on or near a ley line, you could use a dowser or medium to check the property. But use caution and common sense, since there can be no actual proof of a ley, they could feed you a line.

Try drawing a straight line between the major vortexes and see if your location is on the line.

You can put a pin on maps of local historic or spiritual spots, UFO sightings, haunted locations, etc., and check for straight lines running across your property, like in the video below.