Fort Tejon Paranormal Investigation

Fort Tejon


Vortex Hunters had the opportunity to investigate Fort Tejon in California. Fort Tejon is located in the Grapevine Canyon, a major route to and from southern California. The fort's mission was to suppress stock rustling and protect settlers from attacks by discontent Californios (pre-statehood residents), and Native American tribes, including the Paiute and Mojave, and to monitor the less aggressive Emigdiano living nearby. The Emigdiano, who were closely related to the Chumash of the coastal and interior lands to the west, had several villages near Fort Tejon. Fort Tejon was garrisoned by the United States Army in 1854 and was abandoned ten years later.

The area is said to be haunted by the ghost of Peter Lebec. It is believed that he was killed by a grizzly bear on October 17th, 1837 and buried under a tree. His epitaph was originally carved into the tree.

The 1857 Fort Tejon earthquake was one of the greatest earthquakes ever recorded in the United States. The earthquake left a surface rupture scar over 350 kilometers in length along the San Andreas fault. Despite the immense scale of this quake, only two people were reported killed.


The Fort Tejon Historical Association is commited to the preservation of Fort Tejon and its history. They present Cival War reenactments and have Living History Programs, an actual living, overnight experience for children. Please visit the Fort Tejon Historical Association web site.

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