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Eureka Springs Vortex

  • Vortex Type: Energy, Healing, Paranormal

    Eureka Springs is a city in Carroll County, in the Ozark Mountains of northwest Arkansas. Eureka Springs is a unique Victorian resort village. The city has steep winding streets filled with Victorian-style cottages and manors. The old commercial section of the city has an alpine character, with an extensive streetscape of well-preserved Victorian buildings.

  • The center of the city is in a narrow valley at the headwaters of Leatherwood Creek, a north-flowing tributary of the White River. Houses and streets climb both sides of the valley to the surrounding ridgecrests. The buildings are primarily constructed of local stone and lie along streets that curve around the hills and rise and fall with the topography in a five-mile long loop. Some buildings have street-level entrances on more than one floor. Eureka Springs has been selected as one of America's Distinctive Destinations by the National Trust for Historic Preservation.

    Eureka Springs has historically been called "The Little Switzerland of America" and "The Stairstep Town" because of its mountainous terrain and the winding, up-and-down paths of its streets and walkways. The streets wind around the town, and no two intersect at a 90 degree angle; there are no traffic lights.

    Native American legends tell of a Great Healing Spring in the Eureka Springs area, and various cultures visited the springs for this sacred purpose.

    The European Americans were another culture to consider the springs to have healing powers. After the Europeans arrived, they described the waters of the springs as having magical powers. Within a short time in the late nineteenth century, Eureka Springs was transformed into a flourishing city, spa, and tourist destination.

    Dr. Alvah Jackson was credited in American history with locating the spring and in 1856 claimed that the waters of Basin Spring had cured his eye ailments. Dr. Jackson established a hospital in a local cave during the Civil War and used the waters from Basin Spring to treat his patients.

    After the war, Jackson marketed the spring waters as "Dr. Jackson's Eye Water". In 1879 Judge J.B. Saunders, a friend of Jackson, claimed that his crippling disease was cured by the spring waters. Saunders started promoting Eureka Springs to friends and family members across the state and created a boomtown.

    There are valid reasons one might consider that a vortex exists in Eureka Springs. First, it is located in the mystical Ozark Mountains. Further, there was a very famous healing spring, radioactive springs and a magnetic spring that people claimed magnetized any metal object.

    America's Most Haunted Hotel, the 1886 Crescent Hotel & Spa, is in Eureka Springs. Ghost Hunters (TAPS) have captured some very compelling evidence at The Crescent Hotel and the Ellis House.

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