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Pyramid Lake vortex


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Pyramid Lake is a reservoir formed by Pyramid Dam on Piru Creek in the eastern San Emigdio Mountains, near Castaic, Southern California. It is a part of the West Branch California Aqueduct, which is a part of the California State Water Project. Its water is fed by the system after being pumped up from the San Joaquin Valley and through the Tehachapi Mountains. The 386 foot tall earth and rock dam was built by the California Department of Water Resources.


In 1843, gold was discovered near Pyramid Lake and in the Santa Feliciana Canyon, just south of what is now Pyramid Dam. But the small find failed to trigger a rush to the mountainous countryside. Only Francisco Lopes, owner of Rancho Temescal, a Mexican land grant, and a handful of ranchers attempted to settle the region. This lake was created in 1972, and completed in 1973, as a holding reservoir for the California State Water Project. Travelers between Los Angeles and Bakersfield christened the landmark "Pyramid Rock," which still stands just adjacent to the dam. Completed in 1973, the lake was named after a pyramid-shaped rock carved out by engineers building the Old Highway 99.

Registered by: Nicola - 04.14.15 - Hi there! I was looking for info on Pyramid Lake in Los Angeles...there's no doubt in my heart that it's a vortex. I feel it every time I drive by and literally have to stop and get out the car and go spend time with the lake!! Just wondering if you have any more information on it? Energetically, it feels very similar to another lake i stumbled upon in Peru...I have no information beyond my intuition that there is some kind of connection and would love to hear if you know anything else about Pyramid Lake! Thank you for all the beautiful work you do.


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