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Vortex Garden

  • Vortex Type: Energy

    The Vortex Garden is a privately owned public garden in the Hessian city of Darmstadt (Germany). It is a pantheistic permaculture garden at the art nouveau area of Mathildenhoehe and alludes to Viktor Schauberger’s discovery of “levitational force” through artistic depictions by internationally renowned sculptors including John Wilkes, Jacopo Foggini, Jerome Abel Seguin and Hyesung Hyun. The garden is the private property of Henry Nold of Darmstadt, but is open to the public.


  • The Vortex Garden mirrors this desire for a place where energies operating invisibly are recollected and brought together and, when reflected upon, can manifest themselves.

    Another theme in the Vortex Garden is that of sacred geometry and cosmological numerical relationships, such as the “golden mean” and the Fibonacci number sequence derived from it, frequently found in the crop circles, often 70 meters in diameter, that mysteriously appear each year mainly in fields in England up until the grain harvest. Smaller versions of these crop circles are immortalised at Prinz-Christians-Weg 13, Darmstadt in the form of mosaics and tiling pictograms, as well as three-dimensionally in sculpture of meticulous craftsmanship. The highly complex patterns of these corn circles are drawn as step-by-step comprehensible geometric designs and have an orderly, decorous effect on the environment in which they are located—as in the case of the side entrance staircase, where a row of engraved bronze coins stands side by side interspersed at short intervals with 48 various crop circle pictograms. A photograph of Goethe’s summerhouse in Weimar showing a stone pentagram on the floor provided the inspiration for the crop circle mosaic of limestone slabs in the pavilion with sparkling glass prisms in the dome design. The 108 egg-shaped walkway stepping-stones placed around the house provide a lunar evocation, mirrored in silver precious metal with an atomic weight of 108 and reminiscent of the radius of the moon, 1080 miles. - Wikipedia


    Image by Sandra Schildwächter via Wikimedia Commons

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