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The Oregon Vortex is a roadside attraction located in Gold Hill, Oregon, in the United States. It consists of a number of interesting effects, which the proprietors propose are the result of paranormal properties of the area.


Prior to any construction of the area, local legend had it that Native Americans in the area referred to the site as a "forbidden" land, and travelers passing through would often find their horses refusing to go through the area.

A gold assay office was built in the area in 1904, which slid from its foundation in the early teens, coming to rest at an odd angle. Odd angles seem to create an illusion of objects seemingly rolling uphill. The same effect can be seen in The Montana Vortex and house of mystery, Pennsylvania's Laurel Caverns, and at Santa Cruz, California's Mystery Spot. Oregon Vortex is also famous for "height change" as the apparent relative height of two people varies, depending on where each stands. Most people believe that this effect is due to a distorted background that induces a forced perspective, as with an Ames room, but this has been "ruled" out by taking readings with a stick. The Oregon site also appears to exhibit phenomena similar to those perceived by visitors at the mystery spot located outside St. Ignace in the upper peninsula of Michigan. - Wikipedia


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