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Jerome Grand Hotel

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Jerome Ghost Hunt

GPS Coordinates: N 34° 44.861 W 112° 06.893
Vortex Investigators: vh1,vh4 (2009)

The town of Jerome, once a roaring mining town, turned to a ghost town in 1899 with the fall of copper prices. It is located southwest of Sedona, off of Hwy 89A. The Jerome Grand Hotel, once one of the finest hospitals in America, was built in 1929.

The rich history of Jerome and the Jerome Grand Hotel made it an irresistible stop on the journey home from our Sedona vortex investigations. Fortunately for us, we arrived on a night when the hotel offered a ghost hunt.

After an interesting orientation on the history of Jerome and the hotel by our ghost hunt tour guide, we were provided with a EMF meter, IR thermometer and digital camera to capture any paranormal activity during the tour. All of the pictures taken during the tour, by each member of the five person team, were compiled onto a CD for us to take home and analyze.

Once the tour was complete, we were permitted to use the EMF meter and IR thermometer for the night. We conducted investigations using their equipment and our own video and digital audio recorders, throughout the hotel halls until 3:30am.

Views of the Jerome Grand Hotel

jerome grand hotel

Claude Harvey died here under mysterious circumstances.

claude harvey died here

Orb captured where another man hung himself from these pipes.

orb jerome grand hotel

Streak of light from door handle.

Orb near old piano

Two consecutive pictures taken in our room captured an interesting group of four orbs near the window in just one of the photos. Click to zoom.

During the tour and our own investigations, we encountered nothing that I would call paranormal. However, ghosts don't always appear on cue.

Check out the Jerome Ghost Hunt web page for intriguing pictures taken by guests during other ghost hunts.

The hotel and the employees were fantastic. I really enjoyed my stay and experiencing my first ghost hunt. I highly recommend the Jerome Grand Hotel for any visitors to the area.

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Here is a video on Jerome: The Town of Jerome, Arizona - Travel Channel


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