Vortex Hunters Blog 2017

16 February 2017


Are there any lay lines or vortexes around Saint Augustine Florida?

I found information about an intersection of ley lines in St. Augustine and claims of vortexes and paranormal activity. Thank you!

13 February 2017


UFOS at Colle de Vence south east France - Thierry

06 February 2017


There is a paranormal vortex or portal in my home. You can see from the ley line map it goes through the town I live in. I am daily encountering the paranormal. It ranges from possible ghosts asking for help or just visitations, but there is something else, not one, but many, I do not think they are human. I was able to physically touch one, it reminded me of a reptile. But I have never seen them, only felt them upon my skin, on my bed. They have spoken three times in the last two years this has been happening. - Scott

03 February 2017


Where can I find the vortex in Joshua tree national park? Linda

We do not have an exact location. Here is a link to the spiritual center there. Some people say the vortex is there.

28 January 2017


Hi and thanks for being here. I and my husband have discovered very strange collection of boulders in circle with one in particular stone reading that this area was originally named DIANA for 3 yrs than name changed to current in the early 1800's. We have taken pictures and would very much like to communicate with anyone in our area interested in ley lines and such. We are in Birmingham Alabama.